Hartland Township Churches
Hartland Township Churches History
from Williams History of Huron County, Ohio


The first sermon preached in Hartland was by the Rev. Lot B. Sullivan, a Congregational home missionary. The first regular religious services were held at the house of Joseph Waldron, in the summer and fall of 1821, at which the Revs. True Pattee and James McIntyre, Methodist circuit preachers, officiated.

After the school house was built, on the ridge, in the fall of 1821, the meetings were held there. There was at this time but one Methodist family in the township. In 1824, a few Free Will Baptist families moved into the township, among which was that of Allen Mead, a preacher of that denomination. They soon after began to hold meetings, and, under the preaching of Mead, Elder Wheeler of Greenfield, and Rev. Mr. Carlton, quite a revival followed, resulting in the organization of a church in Clarksfield, with which the Baptists in Hartland united. The Free Wills thus took the' lead, and maintained it for a number of years.


of West Hartland was organized at the house of Perez Miner, in the year 1832, by Rev. Leonard Hill, and consisted of four members, as follows.- Mrs. Perez Miner, James Read, F. M. Kilbourn and wife. Daniel Stratton, of Norwalk township, was appointed cIass leader.

This was the first church organized in the township. The earliest preachers who officiated for this church were Edward Thompson (afterwards bishop), Diem, Disbro, Kellum, Barkdull, Heuster, Jones, Wells, Breckenridge and Gurley. The church has now a membership of about fifty. The Rev. George A. Weber, resident at Townsend center, is the pastor. The church buildiug was erected in 1873, and cost about two thousand three hundred dollars.

A Sabbath school, the first in the township, was organized by Rev. True Pattee, in 1834. It is now in a flourishing condition. D. E. Chaffee is the superintendent. There was a class formed in the fourth section at an early date, and subsequently another at the center of the town. The former did not continue long, the members going to Olena, and the latter, after a few years, disbanded.
In about the year 1852 or 1853, a Wesleyan preacher, by the name of Royce, came in and formed a class, but not being able to sustain preaching, the class existed but a few years.


at the center was organized by Rev. Mr. Davis, in the spring of 1865, and consisted of the following members, to-wit: Elon Done and wife, Joseph Briggs and wife, G. W. Patchen and wife, James Blakeman and wife, J. B. Darling and a few young members, whose names cannot now be recalled. They held their meetings at the center school house until 1867, when the present church building was erected at a cost of about twelve hundred dollars. In 1877 the church enjoyed an extensive revival, the number of conversions being about one hundred. The membership for a year or two has been diminishing, and the society is not at present in as prosperous a condition as formerly.

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