Life in Lyme


From Clouds of War
To Dawn of a Century

By Adeline Wright

History of Lyme Series, Book III

Published by the
Historic Lyme Village Association


Lyme Congregational Church (p. 39)
The Rev. W. T. Hart
To Be or not to Be? Presbyterian or Congregationalist?
Facts Financial at the Lyme Church
Social Activities - Somewhat Church Related
Trinity Episcopal (p. 47)
The Second Church in the Township
Difficult Days
German Evangelical Reformed Church at Hunt's Corners (p. 55)
A Church is Organized
A Church Building is Created
Strict Standards
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (p. 57)
A Church Building, a Must
Lightning Strikes
Ties with the Bellevue Lutheran Church

I would like to thank Bill Drown and the Historic Lyme Village Association for granting me permission to publish the churches section of this book to the web. This book as well as the first two books in the series are available for $3.50 to $5.50 from the HLV Gift Shop

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