Briton Ferry
Parish of Briton Ferry  - St.Mary`s
This is what the church of St.Mary`s, Llansawel, looked like in an artists impression in the first half of the 19th century. By the end of the Century it had fallen into bad repair and was rebuilt. Unfortunately the new nave was enlarged and dwarfed the old tower.
Old St. Mary`s
This is St.Mary`s as March 1999.
The older of the two Road Bridges passes above it casting a large shadow.
St. Mary`s Today
This photo was taken from the site of the old Ferry looking upriver towards the wharves at Giant`s Grave.
Skewen can be seen in the distance. St. Mary`s church is less than 100m to the right. 
Towards Giant`s Grave
This view of Briton Ferry from the hill which overlooks the older Bridge looking North.
Neath Hospital is centre picture.
Neath Town is located in the hollow beyond and the main valley runs in a NE direction from the Town.
The River runs behind the hill on the left.
Briton Ferry

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