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David William Waldock (1798-1875) was the seventh child of William Waldock & Anne Marshall.  He marrried Frances Lucy Marriott (c1808-1847) at Tetworth, Huntingdonshire on 1 Jan 1829.  David and Anne had two sons - William Marriott and Henry David.

William, the eldest, went to Australia in 1853 with his first wife Frances Roberts and began a dynasty in Queensland.  William & Frances had 9 children.  After Frances's death he married Elizabeth Spicer and they had 7 children.  The youngest was born after William was killed in an accident while trying to stop his horse team that had bolted.  Photos of he and his descendants are below 

Henry stayed in England; two of his sons later migrated to Texas, USA, where they married and raised families.

Click here for Henry David Waldock & his descendants

14. Henry David Waldock - Riseley 22.4.1859.jpg (84331 bytes)

David William Waldock 
(1798 - 1875), 
Riseley, Huntingdon, England. Taken 22.4.1859

Courtesy of J. P. Waldock

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William Marriott Waldock & his descendants

William Marriott Waldock snr.jpg (47550 bytes)
William Marriott Waldock (1830-1894)
Courtesy of R.A.L. Waldock

Marriott Waldock, his second wife Elizabeth Spicer and their eldest son Thomas.
Courtesy of D. Christensen

Descendants of William Marriott Waldock & Frances Roberts

Descendants of William Marriott Waldock & Elizabeth Spicer

Frances Lucy & John McKewen.jpg (135858 bytes)
Frances Lucy Waldock (1854-1934)
& her husband John McKewen  (1843-1918)
Courtesy of R. Bennett

For the children of Frances & John click here

William Greer & Sarah Ann McKewen.jpg (113206 bytes)
William Greer McKewen (1852-1925) and his wife Sarah Ann Waldock (1856-1919) at Kilkivan Q.
Courtesy of R. Bennett

For the children of William & Sarah Ann click here

Thomas, Kate & family
Standing at back from left: George Arthur (1903-1988), Maud Elizabeth (1900-1985), William Thomas (1901,1977)
Standing in centre: Zillah Frances (1908-1997) and Ethel Catherine (1904-1993)
Seated: Kate nursing Herbert Peter (1913-2002), Joseph James (1910-1984) & Thomas
Taken 26 Aug 1914
Courtesy of M. Franz

Thomas & Catherine Waldock.jpg (28762 bytes)
Thomas Waldock
& his wife Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Wilson (1877-1955)
Courtesy of D. Christensen


6. Harry & Flora - Before 1903.jpg (99219 bytes)  
  Left: Henry Waldock  (1857-1917) with his first wife Flora Mitchell (1866-1903)

Right: Eric Alexander Waldock (1897-1918).  Only child of 6 to Henry and Flora to survive to reach adulthood. Died at Abbeville France WWI.
Courtesy of M.M. Franz & D.G. Kyte

Left: Henry's second wife, Henrietta  nee Fittell (1871-1949) and their children Doris Miriam (1905-1987), Charles Henry (1908-1977) and Arthur Colin (1910 - 1982)
Doris Miriam married William Henry Kyte (1902-1982) at Gympie 24 November 1926
Courtesy of M.M. Franz & D.G. Kyte

George & Mary Jane Woodman.jpg (120277 bytes)
George Woodman 
& his wife Mary Jane Waldock (1882-1954)
married 14 August 1901
Courtesy of D. Reinhardt
George & Mary Woodman & family.jpg (92737 bytes)
George & Mary Woodman nee Waldock & family
Back row from left: Ivy, Mark, Frances (Fanny) Trigger (Mary’s step sister),   & Dorothy 
Front row: George Woodman, Samuel, Edward (sitting), Mary Jane nee Waldock holding Rhoda 
Circa 1916

Courtesy of D. Reinhardt  

Charles William Waldock.jpg (103212 bytes)
Charles William Waldock
Courtesy of J.C. Waldock

For the children of Charles & Rose click here

George & Eliza.jpg (84653 bytes)
George Waldock
& his wife Eliza Ingham
Taken Murgon early 1920s

For the children of George & Eliza click here

Lizzie Jones nee Waldock.jpg (250768 bytes)
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jones  
nee Waldock 
( 1885-1971) with daughter Hilda

Fred & Lizzie Jones & Family.jpg (54475 bytes)
Frederick (Fred) William Jones (1871-1925), his wife Lizzie & children
From left: Fred, William Frederick (1907-1989), Eric Daniel (1911-1983), Arnold Roy (1916 - 1989), Gertrude Jean (1913), Lizzie and Hilda Elizabeth (1909-1987)
Taken about 1917
Courtesy of M. Franz

William & Ada.jpg (101123 bytes)
William Marriott Waldock
 (1862-1901) & his wife Ada Australia Nichols (1865-1920)
Rocky Springs Q 26.2.1885

Dorothy Joan Waldock "Dolly"
(1899-?) youngest child of William & Ada Waldock
Courtesy of R. Bennett

Joseph b.16.5.jpg (96393 bytes)
Joseph Waldock 

Courtesy of D. Reinhardt

Herbert & Dora Waldock.jpg (111037 bytes)
Herbert Waldock  
& his wife Selina Dora Brett

Courtesy of D. Reinhardt

David Waldock - WA.jpg (50906 bytes) 
Left: David Waldock (1867-1824) taken in Boulder WA
Courtesy of R.A.L. Waldock
Right: Harry Waldock (1901-1997) & Iris Jean Sanders on their wedding day in WA, 1933.  Harry was the 5th child of David & Alice.
Courtesy of M. Valentine

Martha Angel nee Waldock.JPG (24977 bytes)
Martha Angel
nee Waldock 
(1865-1936) at Murgon Q.
Courtesy of C. P. Goodchild

For the children of Martha & Joseph click here

TriggerWaldocks[2].JPG (177435 bytes)
Children of William Marriott Waldock 
& Elizabeth Spicer
Standing from L to R - Joseph & Thomas  
Seated: Mary, Elizabeth nursing Frances (her daughter to her second marriage to George Trigger) Herbert and Lizzie
About 1897
Courtesy of B. Mehrag

emma waldock.jpg (309180 bytes)
Emma Waldock  
Taken Maryborough circa 1891


Kitt family.jpg (75031 bytes)
Emma Kitt,
nee Waldock, and her family
From left: Emma, her son Donald Cameron Fraser, daughters Mabel and Lucy Kitt and second husband Harold Kitt.
At an Anzac Buffet, Sydney,
 Late 1918

ds_WaldFamNo2.jpg (140083 bytes)
Elizabeth's children and grandchildren
Back row from left: George, Zillah & William Waldock, Fred & Lizzie Jones nee Waldock, Herb & Dora Waldock  
Middle row:- Ethel Waldock, Kate nursing Esther & Thomas WaldockElizabeth Trigger nursing Muriel Jones, Joseph, Florence & Amelia Waldock. 
Front row: Joseph,  Wesley & Herbert Waldock.
Circa 1920s
Courtesy of D. Reinhardt



Headstones in Australia

William Marriott Waldock.jpg (505949 bytes)
William Marriott Waldock's memorial
 erected by descendants on the occasion of the centenary of his death
Tiaro Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of D. Robinson
Frances Roberts.jpg (309859 bytes)
Frances Waldock (nee Roberts) first wife of William Marriott Waldock
Tiaro Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of D. Robinson
ElizTrigger01.JPG (70596 bytes)
Elizabeth Trigger (Waldock) nee Spicer, second wife of William Marriott Waldock & her granddaughter Rhoda Woodman.
Degilbo Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of D. Reinhardt
Thomas01.JPG (41302 bytes)
Thomas Waldock
Degilbo Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of D. Reinhardt


Thomas02.JPG (66134 bytes)
Catherine Elizabeth Waldock (nee Wilson) (wife of Thomas)
 Degilbo Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of D. Reinhardt


George & Eliza's  gravestone.jpg (57881 bytes)
George Waldock & his wife Eliza Ingham
Murgon Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of M. Rail
MICWaldock.jpg (43175 bytes)
Charles Waldock & his wife Rosa Ann Crane
Polson Cemetery, Hervey Bay, Queensland
Courtesy of J. Martin
2004maid&fredwaldockkilkivan.jpg (37249 bytes)
Alfred Marriott Waldock & his wife Elizabeth Louisa Palfrey
Kilkivan Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of J. Martin
2004ewaldockkilkivan.jpg (25429 bytes)
Ernest Edward Waldock
Kilkivan Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of J. Martin
Myrtle Waldock - Gayndah.jpg (55386 bytes)
Myrtle Waldock nee Berrie
First wife of Ernest Wesley Waldock
Gayndah Cemetery, Queensland
Courtesy of J. Martin
Henry & Henrietta - Gympie.jpg (155709 bytes)
Henry Waldock, his second wife Henrietta May (nee Fittell) and their granddaughter May Teresa Waldock
Gympie Cemetery, QLD
Doris Mariam Kyte - Gympie.jpg (157095 bytes)
Doris Miriam Kyte (nee Waldock) daughter of Henry & Henrietta
Gympie Cemetery, Queensland
Arthur & Imelda - Gympie.jpg (85282 bytes)
Arthur Colin Waldock (son of Henry & Henrietta) and his wife Imelda (nee Ramsey)
Gympie Cemetery
Charles George Waldock - Gympie.jpg (227344 bytes)
Charles George Waldock, son of Charles William Waldock
Gympie Cemetery

Walter Henry Waldock, son of Charles William Waldock 
Collinsville Cemetery, QLD
Courtesy of F. Laetsch

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