I have a picture of Dorothy, Harriet, Billy and Jimmy Steele posing with cousins/friends in Katonah, New York. It looks like they are standing in line at a drinking fountain; most likely at a park; perhaps a picnic after church? On the back of the picture is written "Miss Ruth Schoenjahn, Aug. 3, 1909 ; compliments of Mattie E???tt Katonah, NY"

  • 224/350Benton Deacon 50 yrs cabinet maker 1000 100 born England Bentor?
  • Jane wife 39 yrs born ny
  • Alfred 16 yrs
  • Mary Elizabeth 13 yrs
  • Sophia J. 8 yrs
  • George B. 6 yrs
  • Ruth R. 4 yrs
  • Lucy E. 2 yrs

    • US Census June 29, 1870 Jersey City 3rd ward Hudson Co
  • 266/492Benford Deacon 60 cabinet maker 200 personal born England
  • Jane wife 48 yrs keeping house born ny
  • George B. 16 yrs
  • Ruth R. 14 yrs

    • 1880 Census Bedford, Westchester, New York
  • Edward Deacon 48 yrs. piano maker born NY, parents England
  • Amelia Deacon 48 yrs. keeping house
  • Henry Deacon 11 yrs. son
  • Mary A. Deacon sister 35 yrs

    • Katonah, New York list the following
  • Mrs. A. Deacon, Widow Bedford Ave
  • Henry B. Deacon, Clerk Bedford Ave
  • I am not totally sure about the two families listed above? They may or may not be kin to Sophia and her family

      US Census June 4, 1880 New York New York
  • 80/118 Benford/Beuford Deacon 70 yrs cabinet maker
  • Jane wife 58 yrs
  • George 27 yrs son mason builder
  • Mary 23? yrs daughter
  • This DEACON family is living next door to Simon, James, Sophie, George J. and Harriet Stanley

    1900 next door to James and Sophia was William Wetterer and wife Shelia? ages 36 born NY parents Germany William worked in law office. Mrs. Wetterer gave Dorothy three gold pins when door to Wetterer was William Saul and family, Mabel and Elsie the daughters

      1920 census New Jersey Essex Nutley living Centree Street
    George B Deacon 66 yrs machinist
  • Lizzie Deacon 54 yrs
  • Benford Deacon 36 yrs son clerk in bank
  • Lillian Bellows daughter 34 yrs
  • Chester Bellows son in law 30 yrs
  • Ruth Bellows grandchild 7 yrs
  • Betty Bellows grandchild 6 yrs
  • Percella Bellows grandchild 3 mths

    • Obituary for Jane Deacon
  • DEACON---at 809 East 156th St. Nov. 29, (1907) Jane Deacon, aged 88
  • Interesting History Facts:
    After New York incorporated the boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island in 1898 decades after the Civil War. People led quiet, hard-working lives on their farms or in their villages, their normal routine relieved only by occasional visits to the larger towns. But change was in the air, and by 1914 the lifestyles in Westchester had changed so completely that an 1865 resident would have felt completely out of place. By then railroads, trolleys, automobiles, and paved roads had ended the isolation of Westchester's rugged countryside and opened up the county.

    Our Stanleys, Steeles, and Mathews were living in in Manhattan, New York in the mid 1800's to the 1900's
    Our DEACON family was living around Jersey City, NJ as well as Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have found lots of DEACONS living in Burlington, New Jersey in the 1800's. I have yet to confirm Sophia Deacon Stanley kin to the Burlington Deacons
    1920 New York Directory list Rodenburg Daisy I physician living at 575 W159th, New York, New York 1930 Census for Manhattan, New York list; Charles Rodenburg, a widow 57 yrs. living alone, and a civil engineer occupation Dr. Daisy Isabelle Rodenburg, wife of Charles Rodenburg, died yesterday at her residence 575 West 159th St. She received her medical degree from the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women in 1902 and for many years was an officer of the Alumnae Association New York Medical College and Hospital for Women (19 West 101st Street) - 1885-1901
    In Dorothy Stanley Steele's baby book I see Aunt Daisy as being connected in someway with Harriet Stanley Steele. Aunt Daisy stood up with Dorothy when she was baptized as a baby, she was at Dorothy's first birthday party in BelMar, New Jersey. She seems prominent in baby Dorothy's life. What kin is she to the Stanley or Deacon?
    I have a photograph of Dorothy about 3 years of age with two women whom I think are DEACON relatives. I think the one standing just might be Daisy?