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INGERSOLL a very interesting family to work with and I am certainly proud to be a descendant. My source for the Ingersolls was found in the Godfrey Library FIRST GENERATION

In the year 1629 during the reign of Charles I, RICHARD INGERSOLL and his brother JOHN INGERSOLL came from Bedfordshire, England and settled in Salem, Massachusetts. Richard the elder brother brought with him to the new continent his wife Ann and a family of two sons and four daughters. A third son was born in Salem about 1632. Richard died in Salem in 1644 shortly after making his will of which the following is a copy


I Richard Ingersoll of Salem in the County of Essex in New England being weake in boddy but through God's mercy in perfect memorye doe make this my last will and testament as followeth, viz.

I give to Ann my wife all my estate, land, goods & chattels whatsoever except as followeth, viz.

I give to George Ingersoll my son six acres lying in the great meadow

I give to Nathaniel Ingersoll my youngest son a parcell of ground with a little frame thereon which I bought of John P-----but if the said Nathaniel dy without issue of his boddy lawfully begotten then the land aforesaid to be equally shared between John Ingersoll my son and Richard Pettingell and William Haines my sons-in-law.

  • I give to Bathsheba my youngest daughter two cowes
  • I give to my daughter Alice Walcott my house at town with 10 acres of upland and meadow after my wife's decease

    His Mark (R I) - Witness is Townsend Bishop - I read this will to Richard Ingersoll & he acknowledged it to be his will. Jo Endicott ; inventory taken 4 Oct 1644 ; proved in court upon oath 2 Jan 1644-5

    Ann wife of Richard Ingersoll married fir a second John Knight of Newbury. He was the father of John Knight Jr who married Richard's youngest Bathsheba. Ann was his second or third wife

  • 1. Lieutenant GEORGE INGERSOLL born 1618 in England died 1694 Salem, Massachusetts leaving two sons George and Samuel Ingersoll
  • 2. JOHN INGERSOLL born 1623 England died 1716 married Judith Felton ; John was admitted as a freeman at Salem April 29, 1668. He was a mariner
  • 3. ALICE INGERSOLL born England married JOSIAH WALCOTT
  • 4. JOANNA INGERSOLL born England married RICHARD PETTINGELL In 1643
  • 5. SARAH INGERSOLL born England married (1)WILLIAM HAINES 1644 Salem (2)Joseph Houlton of Danvers
  • 6. BATHSHEBA INGERSOLL born England married JOHN KNIGHT, JR 1647 Newbury

  • 7. DEACON NATHANIEL INGERSOLL youngest son born 1632 Salem married Hannah Collins ; he was admitted as a freeman at Salem March 22, 1689 ; he died 1719

  • OUR LINEAGE: JOHN INGERSOLL born 1615 England came to America with his older brother RICHARD INGERSOLL ; John was about fourteen years of age when he left England with Richard and he seemed to be under the protection of Richard at Salem. We next hear of him in Hartford, Connecticut where he settled after his brother's death after 1644

  • 1. Dorothy Lord born 1629 daughter of Thomas Lord one of first settlers of Hartford ; she was age 22 yrs - he was 36 yrs ; Dorothy died January 1656 giving birth to third child (1) HANNAH INGERSOLL 1652 Hartford (2)DOROTHY INGERSOLL 1854 Hartford (3)MARGERY INGERSOLL January 1656 Northampton, Massachusetts

  • 2. ABIGAIL BASCOM daughter of Thomas Bascom one of first settlers of Windsor, Connecticut later settled in Northampton married December 12, 1657 (1)ABIGAIL INGERSOLL January 11, 1658 (2)SARAH INGERSOLL October 30, 1660 (3)ABIAH INGERSOLL August 24, 1663 (4)HESTER INGERSOLL September 9, 1665 all born in Northampton and made the move to Woronco (Indian name for Westfield) Abigail died in April 1666 at Woronco or Westfield, Massachusetts

  • 3. MARY HUNT born Westfield, daughter of JOHN HUNT and sister to JONATHAN HUNT of Northampton married 1667 ; Mary's mother was MARY WEBSTER daughter of JOHN WEBSTER one of first settlers of Hartford and Governor of Colony of Connecticut in 1656. John Webster, wife AGNES and several children were from County Warwick and settled in Connecticut in 1636 ; NOAH WEBSTER author of WEBSTER's DICTIONARY was a descendant of JOHN WEBSTER

  • 1666 land was granted to JOHN INGERSOLL and others in Westfield, Massachusetts. In 1679 he was one of the "Seven Pillars" or "Foundation Men" who united with the church at Westfield

  • 1. THOMAS INGERSOLL March 28, 1668
  • 2. JOHN INGERSOLL October 20, 1669
  • 3. ABEL INGERSOLL November 11, 1671
  • 4. EBENEZER INGERSOLL October 15, 1673
  • 5. JOSEPH INGERSOLL October 16, 1675
  • 6. MARY INGERSOLL November 17, 1677
  • 7. BENJAMIN INGERSOLL November 15, 1679
  • 8. JONATHAN INGERSOLL May 10, 1681

  • JOHN INGERSOLL DIED IN WESTFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS died September 3, 1684 in the seventieth year of his age and his grave may be found in the Westfield Cemetery. John was the father of fifteenth children. Mary died August 18, 1690 in Westfield. The land granted to John and on which he built his house has always been in possession of the Ingersoll family and known as the "INGERSOLL PLACE"

  • 1. HANNAH INGERSOLL born 1652 in Hartford, Connecticut married Stephen Kelsey of Hartford November 15, 1672 ; Stephen son of William Kelsey a first settler of Hartford was born 1647 baptized November 7, 1647 died November 30, 1710 at age sixty three yrs
  • 1. HANNAH KELSEY 1675
  • 2. STEPHEN KELSEY September 20, 1677
  • 3. JOHN KELSEY January 20, 1680
  • 4. DANIEL KELSEY September 14, 1682
  • 5. WILLIAM KELSEY February 19, 1685
  • 6. JAMES KELSEY August 1, 1687
  • 7. CHARLES KELSEY June 15, 1692 died July 1, 1777 aged eighty five yrs. living in Hartford

  • 2. DOROTHY INGERSOLL born 1654 in Hartford, Connecticut married Jacob Phelps of Westfield, Massachusetts May 2, 1672. Jacob was born February 7, 1649 and died in Westfield October 6, 1689. Son of George Phelps of Windsor, Connecticut later Westfield, Mass and Frances his second wife widow of Thomas Dewey
  • 1. DOROTHY PHELPS December 18, 1673 died February 2, 1674
  • 2. DOROTHY PHELPS May 10, 1675 married EDWARD KIBBE of Enfield, Connecticut November 13, 1693
  • 3. HANNAH PHELPS November 26, 1677 married John KIBBE of Enfield, Connecticut August 18, 1698
  • 4. ISRAEL PHELPS April 3, 1681
  • 5. BENJAMIN PHELPS January 8, 1683
  • 6. JOSEPH PHELPS August 5, 1685
  • 7. JEDIDIAH PHELPS December 7, 1688
  • After the death of Jacob Dorothy married a Mr. ROOT. No children by the second marriage
  • 3. MARGERY INGERSOLL born January 1656 married JACOB GOFFE of Wethersfield December 5, 1679. He died October 21, 1697 in the forty ninth yr of his age
  • 1. JACOB GOFFE November 5, 1680 died December 14, 1680
  • 2. MOSES GOFFE March 10, 1682 died before 1708 so he is not mentioned in his father's estate
  • 3. MABEL GOFFE October 31, 1690 married DANIEL ANDRUS of Wethersfield October 30, 1707. They had seven children
  • 4. MARY GOFFE November 15, 1693 married JOHN ANDRUS of Wethersfield June 26, 1712. He died June 16, 1740. They had two children
  • After the death of JACOB GOFFE Margery married JONATHAN BUCK of Westfield. There were no children by the second marriage
  • 4. ABIGAIL INGERSOLL January 11, 1658 born Northampton, Mass married THOMAS RIZ of Wethersfield. He died May 21, 1690. About 1696 she married LT JOSHUA WILLS of Windsor, Conn ; she was his third wife. Joshua died January 6, 1721 in the seventy fifth yr of his life and his grave may be found at the old burial ground in East Windsor
  • 1. ABIGAIL WILLS only child of this marriage married JOHN BURT JR of Springfield, Mass October 1710. They had six children. Abigail died in childbirth February 17, 1727. John Burt then married MARY SIKES December 22, 1727 with no children by this marriage

  • 5. SARAH INGERSOLL born October 30, 1760 Northampton
  • 6. ABIAH INGERSOLL born August 24, 1663 Northampton married JEDIDIAH STRONG, JR of Northampton January 1, 1688. Jedidiah moved to Lebanon, CT about 1695 and lived there until his death October 12, 1709. Abiah died November 2, 1732 in the seventieth yr of her age. Seven children were born ; three in Northampton and four in Lebanon
  • 1. AZARIAH STRONG October 7, 1689 died October 30, 1689
  • 2. STEPHEN STRONG November 24, 1690 died February 2, 1785 in Lebanaon , his widow died October 24, 1788 in her eighty seventh yr
  • 3. DAVID STRONG June 19, 1693 died May 21, 1712
  • 4. SUPPLY STRONG October 10, 1697
  • 5. JEDIDIAH STRONG January 15, 1700
  • 6. EZRA STRONG March 2, 1702 married Abigail Caverly January 12, 1731 ; six children are recorded
  • 7. FREEDOM STRONG May 16, 1704 married JOHN BUEL of Lebanon, May 19, 1726. Eight children are recorded
  • 7. HESTER INGERSOLL September 9, 1665 born Northampton married William Gurley of Northampton 1684 ; he died May 1, 1687
  • 1. SAMUEL GURLEY May 6, 1686 Northampton. Samuel settled in Coventry but moved to Mansfield, Connecticut. He married EXPERIENCE RUST abt 1712. Samuel died February 23, 1760 and was known for his piety and was eminently useful in the cause of religion and humanity. Hester married a second time to BENONI JONES of Northampton January 23, 1689 and went to live at Pasccommock north end of Mt Tom, Northampton
  • 1. JONATHAN JONES born January 4, 1695 and died in childhood
  • 2. BENJAMIN JONES born 1696 lived Coventry ; nine children recorded
  • 3. EBENEZER JONES born November 12, 1698 and killed May 13, 1704
  • 4. JONATHAN JONES March 3, 1703 and killed May 13, 1704
  • On May 13, 1704 the French and Indians made a descent and killed BENONI Jones and his two youngest sons ; one being 5 years and the other 14 months. Hester was captured and taken to Canada as a prisoner. She was obliged by her captors to make the journey on foot and suffered many hardships and was treated with much cruelty. She eventually died in Canada after enduring many tortures by the French priests in their vain endeavors to convert her from the Puritan faith to the Roman Catholic religion
  • 8. THOMAS INGERSOLL born March 28, 1668 in Westfield, Mass ; on the town records of Westfield is the following entry: "Thomas Ingersoll and Sarah Ashley was joined in marriage July 22, 1692"
  • ROBERT ASHLEY the settler established himself with his wife Mary in Springfield, Mass 1639 ; DAVID ASHLEY son of Robert and Mary resided in Springfield and later moved to Westfield 1673. His daughter SARAH ASHLEY was born September 19, 1673
  • 1. THOMAS INGERSOLL November 27, 1692
  • 2. MOSES INGERSOLL February 10, 1694
  • 3. MERIAM INGERSOLL June 4, 1697
  • 4. DAVID INGERSOLL September 30, 1699
  • 5. ELEANOR INGERSOLL March 12, 1704

  • After the birth of Eleanor, Sarah died and Thomas married (2)ABIGAIL BLAKEMAN DICKINSON daughter of SAMUEL BLAKEMAN of Stratford, Connecticut and widow of HEZIKIAH DICKINSON of Springfield. Abigail's grandfather was Rev. ADAM BLAKEMAN first minister of Stratford. There were no children by tis marriage Marriage record for THOMAS and ABIGAIL Blakeman Dickinson reads; "December 6, 1707 Mr Thomas Ingersoll of Westfield enters his intention of marriage with Abigail Dickinson of Springfield and ye publishment was posted the same day. Thomas Ingersoll and Abigail Dickinson both of aforesaid were married January 21, 1708" ; "Abigail Ingersoll ye wife of Thomas Ingersoll was sick and died March ye 30th 1719"
    For a third wife Thomas married RUTH CHURCH MADDOCKS CHILD OF Watertown, Connecticut. No children were born to this marriage. "April 30, 1720 Thomas Ingersoll of Springfield hath entered his intentions of marriage with Ruth Child (Church-Maddocks) and ye publishment. Thomas Ingersoll of Springfield and Ruth Child of Watertown were married May 17, 1720" Thomas died in Westfield November 14, 1732 in the sixty fifth year of his age and his widow Ruth died January 10, 1746 RUTH CHURCH MADDOCKS CHILD was the daughter of CALEB CHURCH ; granddaughter of ELIZABETH WARREN CHURCH and great granddaughter of RICHARD WARREN ; she was married two times before marrying Thomas Ingersoll

    Ruth Ingersoll wrote a letter to her loving son JOHN MADDOCKS Watertown
  • 9. JOHN INGERSOLL born October 20, 1669 Westfield married Isabell Brown April 13, 1699 ; one daughter Isabell Ingersoll born March 18, 1701 married Samuel Merrick Springfield November 23, 1725 ; John died May 18, 1750 in his eighty first year and Isabell died January 26, 1772 in her ninety sixth year ; her tombstone is found in West Springfield
  • 10. ABEL INGERSOLL born November 11, 1671 Westfield and settled in Northampton until he died June 18, 1745 in his seventy fourth year. He never married
  • 11. EBENEZER INGERSOLL born October 15, 1673 Westfield and died March 4, 1681 Westfield
  • 12. JOSEPH INGERSOLL born October 16, 1675 Westfield was killed in battle February 29, 1704 Deerfield, Massachusetts during Queen Anne's War ; he never married
  • Record found in town book of Hatfield: "An account of the desolation of Deerfield the last day of February 1704 --Four hundred of French and Indians, as is thought assaulted the fort, took it and killed and captured 162 of the inhabitants and consumed most of their estates into flames" Among those killed in defending the fort was JOSEPH INGERSOLL and such fact is noted on the town record
  • 13. MARY INGERSOLL November 17, 1677 Westfield died September 1, 1690 Westfield in the thirteenth year of her age
  • 14. BENJAMIN INGERSOLL born November 15, 1679 Westfield was either killed in battle or died in service 1704 during Queen Anne's War ; he never married
  • 15. JONATHAN INGERSOLL May 10, 1681 settled in Milford, Connecticut where he resided until his death. His wife Sarah died February 14, 1748 sixty second year of her age ; Mr Jonathan Ingersoll died November 28, 1760 in the eightieth year of his age. Six children were born in Milford
  • 1. JONATHAN INGERSOLL born 1713, graduated Yale College 1736 ; he was a minister of Ridgefield, Connecticut. He married November 10, 1740 to DORCAS MOSS daughter of Rev JOSEPH MOSS of Derby, Connecticut. Dorcas Moss Ingersoll died September 29, 1811. Ten children born
  • 2. SARAH INGERSOLL born June 16, 1716 died in childhood
  • 3. MARY INGERSOLL born December 14, 1718 died in early life
  • 4. DAVID INGERSOLL born September 4, 1720 married MEHITABLE BRYAN daughter of RICHARD BRYAN JR., born August 15, 1721 ; David Ingersoll died February 14, 1742 in his twenty third year. Mehitable Ingersoll died June 7, 1798 in her seventy seventh year. One child born ; DAVID INGERSOLL December 11, 1740 Milford, Connecticut
  • 5. JARED INGERSOLL born June 3, 1722 married August 1, 1743 HANNAH WHITING of New Haven the daughter of Hon. JOSEPH WHITING of New Haven ; Hannah Whiting born February 21, 1712 ; two sons JAMES and JARED INGERSOLL born. JARED INGERSOLL graduated Yale College 1742 settling in New Haven as a lawyer
  • In 1757 he was appointed agent for the colony in England but accepting the office of Distributor of Stamps in Connecticut under the "Stamp Act" he lost his popularity. August 24, 1765 the people of New Haven compelled him to resign. Not deeming the resignation explicit a large company from eastern Connecticut set out on a journey to New Haven. They met Mr. Ingersoll at Wethersfield when they compelled him again to resign and cry out three times "Liberty and Property" The next day 500 men escorted him to Hartford. About the year 1770 he was appointed Admiralty-Judge of the Middle District and removed to Philadelphia but in consequence of the Revolution he returned to New Haven where he died August 25, 1781 Mr JARED INGERSOLL's resignation written Wethersfield September 19, 1765--"I do hereby promise that I never will receive any stampt papers which may arrive from Europe in consequence of any Act passed in the Parliament of Great Britain nor officiate in any matter as Stamp Master or distributor of stamps within the colony of Connecticut directly or indirectly. And I do hereby notify all the inhabitants of his majesty's Colony of Connecticut (not withstanding the said office or trust has been committed to me) not to apply to me ever hereafter for any stampt papers hereby declaring that I do decline said office and execute these presents of my own free will and accord without any equivocation or mental reservation. In witness whereof, I have here unto set my hand. J. INGERSOLL"
  • 6. SARAH INGERSOLL born 1729 married JOHN WHITING November 7, 1751 New Haven ; he was brother to HANNAH WHITING INGERSOLL. Sarah died July 24, 1769 and was the mother of six children

  • 1. ESQUIRE THOMAS INGERSOLL November 27, 1692 - October 10, 1748 age 56 years married SARAH DEWEY and lived his entire life at "INGERSOLL PLACE" that he inherited from his father JOHN INGERSOLL the settler ; burial in the old cemetery at Westfield ; the house was so arranged that it could be used as a fort against Indian attacks ; Thomas killed Indian chief and warrior Greylock on the grounds of the Ingersoll estate when Greylock was about to surprise and scalp Mrs Sarah Dewey Ingersoll as a retaliation against the esquire
  • 1. JONATHAN INGERSOLL January 24, 1715
  • 2. DANIEL INGERSOLL May 26, 1718
  • 3. SARAH INGERSOLL January 27, 1720
  • 4. MIRIAM INGERSOLL November 4, 1723
  • 5. MARGARET INGERSOLL February 1, 1727
  • 6. JOHN INGERSOLL February 26, 1731
  • 7. MARY INGERSOLL November 16, 1733
  • 8. ANN INGERSOLL June 21, 1737

  • 2. MOSES INGERSOLL February 10, 1694 Westfield ; he resided for a while in Springfield but moved to Great Barrington, Massachusetts about 1727. Moses was the proprietor of two and one-half rights and owned the land on the west side of the highway from the north end of Edward Manville's premises to the Sheldon land a distance of ninety four roods and on the east side of the main street from John Brewer's northerly to the Miss Nancy Kellogg place including Mount Peter and the meadow north of it. Mr Ingersoll's residence was apparently where the brick house built by his son Captain Peter Ingersoll in 1766 and owned by the Pope & Wainwright families and today a bed and breakfast lodge. Afterwards Moses had a dwelling on the east side of the street. He was the "inn keeper" in this part of the town, a large land holder in comfortable circumstances, a prominent man among the settlers and held the office of Parish Treasurer. Mr Moses Ingersoll died in 1751. The distribution of his estate is dated July 31, 1751. His wife Catharine (Van Slyke) survived him and died March 9, 1772. Three sons and five daughters born
  • l. THOMAS INGERSOLL born June 7, 1720 died November 6, 1742
  • 2. ELEANOR INGERSOLL born November 11, 1722 married Capt Stephen Gunn in 1751 died 1772
  • 3. JOANNA INGERSOLL born February 1, 1725 married Rev. Samuel Hopkins 1748 died August 31, 1793
  • 4. LYDIA INGERSOLL born October 1, 1727 married WILLIAM INGERSOLL 1746 ; the son of her uncle DAVID INGERSOLL. Lydia died June 2, 1804
  • 5. ELIZABETH INGERSOLL born October 9, 1729 married 1758 Rev Noah WADHAMS of New Preston, Connecticut
  • 6. PETER INGERSOLL born May 11, 1733 died 1785
  • 7. DAVID INGERSOLL born March 1, 1736 died in early youth

  • 3. MERIAM INGERSOLL born June 4, 1697 Westfield
  • 4. CAPTAIN DAVID INGERSOLL born September 30, 1699 Westfield died March 23, 1773 in his seventy fourth year. David was married twice. His fist wife was LYDIA CHILD of Springfield and daughter of JOSEPH CHILD and RUTH CHURCH (Ruth daughter of CALEB CHURCH and JOANNA SPRAGUE) whom he married in Springfield March 13, 1721. She is supposed to have died before his removal to Great Barrington. His second wife was SUBMIT HORTON daughter of Thomas Horton of Springfield whom he married in Springfield July 9, 1739. Submit died November 23, 1770
  • The first mention we find of David Ingersoll is as a trader at Springfield at which place he remained until about 1732 when he removed to Brookfield. In about 1735 he removed to Great Barrington. In that year his house on the road to Stockbridge is mentioned in the records of the Upper Propriety but it is not certain that he was then living there. He was one of the most enterprising men of Great Barrington and perhaps exercised a wider influence than any of its inhabitants. His first appearance as a prominent man in the settlement is in 1739 and from that time on for a period of fifteen years his name is connected with most of its business interests. He became the owner of five rights in the Upper as well as a large landholder in the Lower Township. With an eye to business Mr Ingersollearly in 1739 under a title of extremely doubtful validity obtained possession of the water power which of recent years has been occupied by the Berkshire Woolen Company where he built a dam, erected a saw mill and grist mill and also a forge and trip-hammer for the manufacture of bar iron. These works which were on the east bank of the river, below the bridge were soon completed and in 1740 he made iron at his forge from ore obtained from the bed east of Lubben M. Pixley's. He had also a store and small stock of goods near by and was for the time quite extensively engaged in business. Mr Ingersoll built is house in 1739 on the west side of the way in Water Street. This house a low ond and one half story building with a porch in front formed by a long sloping roof stood directly in front of the site of the dwelling house next north of the old Gorham Tavern and partly within the present highway. It was taken down about 1828 by the late Charles W. Hokins, Esq who built the present house standing nearly upon the site of the old one. Here Mr Ingersoll resided for ten years until 1749 when he sold the house to Deacon Timothy Hopkins and removed to another part of the town. Mr Ingersoll was the first clerk of the Upper Propriety chosen in 1741; one of the committee for building the meeting house and for providing a minister and is reputed as having donated the land on which the meeting house was erected. He was the first magistrate residing within the bounds of the parish having been commissioned a Justice of the Peace September 8, 1749 -- an office at that time of honor and trust which conferred dignit and importance upon its incumbent and entitled him to consideration and selectman of the town of Sheffield. Mr Ingersoll was not permanently successful in his business enterprises and in 1755 his mills and other property were taken on execution to satisfy the demands of creditors. At about the same time August 15, 1755 in consequence of some iregularities in his transactions with the government in his official capacity as selectman of Sheffield tradition says in a matter of bounties on wolf scalps David Ingersoll was by order of the General Court removed from the offices of Justice of the Peace and Captain of Militia and thereafter disqualified from holding any office of honor or profit under the government. From this time his influence waned and his name seldom appears in parish or town history. He afterwards for a time resided upon the farm lately David Leavitt's south of the village which he owned in connection with a large tract of land to the southward ; the whole embracing some five hundred acres was commonly known as "Ingersoll's Great Farm"
    David and Lydia Child married in Springfield March 13, 1721>/T>
  • 1. WILLIAM INGERSOLL born April 1, 1724 Springfield died August 10, 1815. William became a prominent man of Great Barrington and after 1769 an influential citizen of Lee, Massachusetts. William married his cousin Lydia Ingersoll 1746. He left behind him 149 descendants

        David married Submit Horton in Springfield July 9, 1739
      • 1. THOMAS HORTON INGERSOLL born June 30, 1740
      • 2. DAVID INGERSOLL born September 26, 1742 ; graduated from Yale in 1761, he was a lawyer and magistrate in Great Barrington. In 1775 he was proscribed and banished as a Tory. He removed to England and married Frances R Ryley, England in 1783
      • 3. DEODAT INGERSOLL born April 18, 1744
      • 4. STEPHEN INGERSOLL born September 17, 1745 died July 1, 1755
      • 5. SARAH INGERSOLL born January 24, 1747 married Dr. BARNARD of Deerfield, Massachusetts
      • 6. LOUISA INGERSOLL born October 14, 1751 married William Schemershorn
      • 7. OLIVER INGERSOLL born December 10, 1752 resided in Seekonk
      • 8. STEPHEN INGERSOLL born July 24, 1755

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