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Day Dreams, book of poems written by Joseph A. Nunez ; Philadelphia, 1863. A copy of this book was placed in the Philadelphia Free Library by Miss Elizabeth Kirkbride. Was Elizabeth a friend of Joseph Nunes and his siblings?

New information found that names two sons and two daughters of Abraham and Sarah Nunes.

  • ABRAHAM ISRAEL NUNES,(known as A.I.) born about 1750? London, England and died May 1815 and buried in Kingston, Jamaica. Believed to be the grandson of Rodrigo Lopes Joseph Nunez the eldest son of Dr. Samuel Nunez. A I Nunes was a limner and member of the Fine Arts Society of Philadelphia in 1810. Abram and Sarah were the parents of 20 children with 7 sons and 7 daughters surviving... He married Sarah Unknown and I do have her picture, many thanks to Great Aunt Sue Esther Nunez who had written on the back "Cy and Shreve's great, great grand ma" so she would be our great, great, great grandma

  • ggggrandmother nunes.jpg

    Abraham I. Nunes' widow, Sarah, died on the 12th December 1832 aged 67 years and 11 months and was buried at the Orange Street Jewish Cemetery, Kingston, Jamaica (row 3, no.64). Her M.I. stated that she was "the mother of 20 children of whom 7 sons and 7 daughters surviving...". (Information from Stephen Porter)

  • 1. Abraham J. Nunes born about 1788, in London, England and died December 24, 1867 in Philadelphia, PA. He was a physician and most likely also a merchant into exporting goods.
  • 2. Mary Ann Nunes born July 28, 1796 in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies and died April 29, 1869 in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies married Moses Delgado Spanish, Portuguese Synagogue, Kingston,Jamaica, West Indies May 13, 1819
  • 3. Rosalind-Rosa 'Abraham' Nunes September 7, 1803 in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies died September 20, 1846 in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies married Aaron 'Raphael' deCordova Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue,Kingston,Jamaica July 9, 1831

  • 4. Jacob Nunes born abt 1807 in Jamaica or Philadelphia?

  • Joseph's paternal grandfather, ABRAM I. was an artist of prominence and one of the earliest members of the Academy of the Fine Arts; he was in fact, a member when that society was organized, in 1805 located at N Broad & Arch Streets. An art book of the Academy of the Fine Arts has some portraits by an unidentified artist. GGG Grandfather Abram I Nunez and JB also a miniature portrait artist may be the unidentified artist of some of those paintings posted at PABA. I would love to give acknowledgement to them for their art work. My reason for delving into this is pertaining to the two miniature art that is now in our family today. Little is know about their identity, only from what I can gather from our family genealogy.

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  • Academy of the Fine Arts
    Philadelphia History, 1609-1884 32 Art and Artists Abram I Nunes was a Portrait-Painter in 1810

    Thanks to death records I have found the burial of Abraham and Esther Benham Nunez with their daughters and two sons buried in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Laurel Hill Cemetery near the Schuylkill River. Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia has no record for Abraham J's father Abram I Nunes being buried there

  • A.J. NUNES, born about 1788, in London, England and died December 24, 1867 in Philadelphia, PA. He was a physician and most likely also a merchant into exporting goods. He bought up plantations of sugar, coffee and copper in Cuba totaling a half-million dollars
  • Esther Benham, born 1794 in Jamaica, West Indies and died September 1, 1872 in Philadelphia, PA. It has been recorded that both Esther Benham and Alfred J Nunes had ancestors from Spain and Portugal
  • Obituary for A. J. Nunes Public Ledger Philadelphia, 1866

    NUNES -On the 24th inst...A.J. NUNES, in the 78th year of his age. His friends and those of the family are invited to attend his funeral, without further notice, on Wednesday morning, December 26th, from his late residence, No. 1930 Chesnut

    Prominent and Progressive Pennsylvanians "Mr. (Henry) Nunez's father was a physician and practiced his profession in Philadelphia for a few yeas, but went to Cuba about 1847 and invested a very large sum (a half-million dollars) in copper mines and sugar and coffee plantations. He remained in the "Gem of the Antilles" until 1861, when, upon the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion, he retired from active business and returned to Philadelphia, dying six years later in this city" Source: Henry Nunez bio found in the Philadelphia Free Library
    A.J. Nunes and Esther Benham were married about 1816. Esther was born in Jamaica, West Indies. A.J. was born in London, England. The following are a list of children brothers and sisters to Joseph A. Nunes. On our trek to the Philadelphia Free Library in June 2003 I found some great sources for the Nunes/Nunez family

  • 1.Albert A. Nunes, born abt. 1818 married Eliza Loring of St Augustine, Florida. He was editor of the SUN newspaper in St Augustine and was an attorney in St Augustine, San Francisco and New York. Uncertain where Albert & Eliza are buried but their 3 daughters are buried in St Augustine, Florida

  • 2.Joseph A. Nunes, born 1824 in Philadelphia married Juliette Ann Shreve of Louisville, Kentucky ; he is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery

  • 3.Horatio Nunes,another brother, a merchant. Horatio and 2nd wife, Margaret or Regetta, and daughter Esther were living in Perry Co., DuQuoin, IL in 1870 as a merchant. Henry and Joseph were also living in DuQuoin, Illinois as well. I found Esther married to Charles Loring and she names a son Vasco Loring (living in Westchester, New York) Esther's children kept in touch with Sue Esther Nunez in Long Island. Horatio is buried in Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia with first wife Annie & baby daughter
  • 4.Leonora Nunes, born abt. 1825 married George Marsden in Charleston, SC ; one son George Marsden, II born 1846 ; Leonora died March 04, 1865 in Philadelphia with burial at South Laurel Hill Cemetery

  • 5.Maria M. Nunes born abt 1827 and died April 1869. Joseph A Nunez dedicated a song to Maria M. Nunez. She is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery

  • belle
    When I first saw this photo which I have in my possession I thought immediately it was a picture of Grandmother Belle Nunez Warden ; but after much studying about the family I believe it is truly a picture of Joseph's sister Maria. He wrote a poem that he dedicated to Maria Nunez who must have died young and later the poem was set to music. Could this be Maria Nunez? Speaking of music in the tax assessments for 1850-60 in Philadelphia there was listed a piano in the home of A.J. Nunez

  • 6.Hester Helen Nunes born 1830 in Philadelphia and died June 11, 1897 in Manhattan, New York City. Helen wrote a poetry book dedicated to her mother, in 1873 and published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia; LEISURE MOMENTS by H. Helen Nunez. Many literary comments were made about her poetry book. One reviewer said "leisure years would be required if any one should attempt to read it." The Boston Globe called it a "somewhat bulky volume of poetry. While there is nothing of particularly striking merit in the pieces of which the book is composed, they are all marked by tender feeling and a devotional spirit." Helen was living in New York City. As you can see below there was contesting of her will; she had brothers, Joseph and Henry, living in New York City at this time. Helen is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery
  • New York Times..... August 16, 1897 Will for probate at 10:30 A. M.---Hester H. Nunez--October 20, 1897 Surrogate's court--trial term--Arnold S.--opens at 10:30 A. M.--1312--contested will of Hester Nunez
  • Thanks to Geo. Robertson Warden, II for the found photo of Aunt Hester H. Nunez

  • 7.Sarah Nunes born about 1829 ; 1860 census shows Sarah in a hospital for the insane and in 1870 and 1880 she was living with her sister Hester Helen Nunes in Philadelphia. I also found passports for Sarah and Hester who traveled abroad in 1874-75. Sarah is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery

  • 8.Eliza Nunes, born abt. 1832 married Frederick Loring as young girl but she was back home in Philadelphia in 1850 census and had attended school during the year. Fredrick Loring was a younger brother to Eliza Loring Nunes. Frederick was in California with his parents and siblings and died there by 1853; it sounds like Eliza returned to Philadelphia after the marriage to continue school rather than going to across country to California? In 1860 she was listed as E. S. Mattingly. In 1870 she was living with her mother and sister. And in 1873 she got a passport to travel abroad but do not believe she traveled with her sisters Hester and Sarah. Have no idea where she is buried

  • 9.Henry Nunes, born September 05, 1840 and married Adeline Bratton in Philadelphia, 1858. He may be the Uncle Harry that John Milton Shreve mentions and Henry may be the one who provided a car with chauffeur at George and Belle's wedding. No issue for Henry and Adeline. Henry volunteered for service in Company F 81st Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers but was not mustered in because of a serious illness. Later he became an assistant paymaster. Henry's obituary in New York Times : "June 4, 1880 reads as follows:

  • Census for Louisville, Kentucky in 1860

  • Henry Nunez 40 lawyer/druggist
  • A Nunez 36 wife
  • Servant Anna White 19

  • July 1870 Census Du Quoin, Perry Co., Illinois
  • Henry Nunes 30 yrs. 500 real estate / 5000 personal value Merchant
  • Adaline Nunes 28 yrs. Boarding both born Pennsylvania ; Boarding with J. M. Blakemon 41 yrs. who was keeping Hotel

  • Horatio, Regetta and daughter Ester Nunez are living in Du Quoin, Perry Co., IL the same year as Henry and Joseph A. Nunez. Horatio is a drygoods merchant. Interesting fact is that Ester Nunez marries Charles Israel Loring, a great grandson of Reuben Loring, father of Eliza Loring Nunez. Ester names her second son NUNEZ V. LORING; did she name him for Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean? Later I found the name Nunez Vincent Loring on his WWI draft card. I think that Horatio Nunez, father of Ester, is a brother to Joseph, Alfred and Henry. Horatio was suppose to be born in Jamaica, West Indies about 1830. More information to ponder
    2. Albert A. Nunes married Eliza Loring May 13, 1844 in St. Augustine, Florida. The marriage was performed by the Rev. A. W. McClure. Public Ledger Philadelphia, 1844 : "At St. Augustine, Florida on the 13th inst., by the Rev. A.W. McClure Esq.,to Miss Eliza M. Loring, all of this city. Three daughters were born to Alfred and Eliza

    Children of Albert and Eliza Loring Nunes

  • Hanna Eliza Nunez born March 1845 and died May 9,1845 in St Augustine, Florida. Rev. Rutledge gave a private baptism for Hanna Eliza on May 2, 1845
  • Mary Catharine Nunez born April 1846 and died November 27, 1919 in St Augustine, Florida. She is buried at the San Lorenzo Cemetery, St Augustine, Fl. She married Herbert Royston and lived in Chicago, Illinois. No issue for Mary Catharine
  • William Loring Nunez b. October 1848 and died May 13, 1921 in St Augustine, FL. She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in St Augustine. She was an actress and writer and the second wife of George E. Spencer, governor of Alabama. She had one son George E. Spencer, II born 1878 and died Bet. 1894 - 1916 in Nevada in an mining accident. W. L. was known as "Major" or "May" with her masculine name which was taken from her Uncle Gen. William W. Loring. May was known for her Spanish beauty. She was also a cousin to Vice President Garrett Augustus Hobart
    Notes about Albert A. Nunes
  • Albert living 1859 in San Francisco, CA
  • Nunes, Albert (J.A & A.A.N) bds Hotel International
  • Nunes, Joseph A. & Albert A. attorneys at law and agents 34 Montgomery Block, bds Hotel International
  • 1865-1866 New York:
  • Nunes, Albert A. attyn at law, 29 St Paul St
  • Nunes Albert A. lawyer, 39 Wall, h 212 W. 34th. In his later years between 1880-1890 he was stricken with paralysis. He was living in New York
  • 4.Leonora Nunes married George Price Marsden as read in the "Public Ledger Philadelphia", 1845: At Charleston, SC, on the 2d January 1845, by the Rev. Mr. Elliot, George Price Marsden of Georgia to Leonora daughter of A.J. Nunes, Esq. of Philadelphia. One known son, George Marsden was living in Philadelphis in 1860 with his mother and the Nunes family, but where was George the father? Leonora was working as a clerk in a store ; a neighbor owned a store and could she have been working in the neighbor's store?

  • Obituary; Public Ledger, Philadelphia March 6, 1865 MARSDEN - On the 4th instant. LEONORA R. MARSDEN, relict of GEORGE P. MARSDEN, and oldest daughter of A.J. NUNES, Esq. The relatives of the family are invited to attend her funeral, without futher notice, from the residence of her father, No. 1930 Chestnut Street on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock
    7.Eliza Nunes married Frederick Loring. Marriage announcement: Public Ledger, Philadelphia July 31, 1849. Married On the 30th inst., by the Rev. Kingston Goddard, FREDERICK R. LORING, Esq, of St. Augustine, Florida, to ELIZA, daughter of A.J. Nunes, Esq. of this city (Philadelphia)

    Rev Kingston Goddard Sr was born April 20, 1814 and died October 24, 1875 in Pennsylvania and buried in Woodland Cemetery, Philadelphia ; the Church of Atonement, at Seventeenth and Sumner Streets, Philadelphia, was erected for him and he was a pastor of the same for many years preceding his demise, which occurred October 24, 1875. He was a man of broad mind and unusual intelligence and in his religious work accomplished a remarkable amount of good for humanity at large

    George and Belle Shreve Nunez Warden, Sue Nunes, Harriet Stanley Steele and Cyrus Warden

    Sue Nunez, maiden aunt, sister to Belle, and oldest daughter of Joseph A. and Juliette Shreve Nunez; photo taken at 7 Rugby RD., Brooklyn, NY. Thanks to Geo Robertson Warden II for the 1950's picture of Sue as shown below

    George and Belle at home on 7 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn, New York in the 1920's

    Joseph A. Nunes, admittance to the bar in 1841

    Another great fine by Geo Robertson Warden, II ; here is Juliette A. and Joseph A. Nunez. Could this be on their wedding day, ca 1865?

    Belle Shreve Nunes, most likely an engagement picture

    George Robertson Warden perhaps an engagement picture too

    I love this picture but would love to find out more about the gentleman in the front seat riding with his chauffeur ; I really think the gentleman is Uncle Henry (Harry) Nunez and the car a Willys Overland Touring Automobile that has been imported from London, England and he attended their wedding - so when Belle's first son is born she names him Harry Nunez Warden for Uncle Henry New York Times for September 21, 1897 -- WARDEN-NUNEZ WEDDING

    Miss Belle Shreve Nunez, daughter of Col and Mrs. Joseph A. Nunez, was married last evening to George Robertson Warden. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. David G. Wylie, D.D., in the Scotch Presbyterian Church, Ninety-Sixth Street and Central Park West. The bride wore a gown of white satin and mousseline du sole, and a veil of tulle caught with a wreath of orange blossoms. She was attended by her sister, Miss Sue Nunez, the maid of honor, who wore a costume of yellow Dresden silk, trimmed with yellow chiffon
    John Wall, Assistant District Attorney of Brooklyn, was best man, and the ushers were Thomas Beattie, F. H. Whittemore, Thomas Van Orden, Frank Close, Ernest Mihar, and J. S. Larbig. The music was under the direction of Dr. S. N. Penfield, and a small reception followed the ceremony at the residence of the bride's parents, 46 West Ninety-third Street. Many beautiful presents were received by the young couple, who left at midnight for Old Point Comfort, Va, where they will spend their honeymoon

    Thanks to all the research I have done in the past five years I have now gotten a nice picture of Joseph A. Nunes' life. I see him as an intelligent and remarkable man. His daughters Sue Esther and Belle remembered their father as being a brilliant man. In my first research of Joseph A. Nunes I located a written biography in "The House of Beadle and Adams" page 216; today I find that very same biography on the internet

  • 1818 : Joseph A. Nunes was born in Philadelphia, PA
  • January 9, 1841 : Joseph was admitted to the bar in Philadelphia
  • 1841 - 1854 : Practiced law in Philadelphia, PA
  • 1855 : Joseph removed to California where he became a founder of the Republican Party.
  • September 1856 : JA Nunez Esq delivers speech before 11th District Republicans Club in San Francisco, CA
  • 1859 : Nunes, Joseph A. & Albert A. attorneys at law and agents 34 Montgomery Block, boards Hotel International, San Francisco, CA
  • March 30, 1861 : Joseph spokesman of about 55 Californians concerning California appointments
  • 1862-1865 : Payroll Master Civil War serving in Nashville, TN as Col. Joseph A. Nunes
  • 1864 : Col. J.A. Nunes listed in the city directory of Louisville, living at 728 Main St. which happens to be the home of J.M.V. Shreve in Louisville, Kentucky. James Simpson Shreve, the brother of Juliette A. Shreve also boarded there
  • December 6, 1865 : Publication of "The Green Mountain Boys. A Tale of the Revolution"
  • 1865 : Joseph A. Nunes marries Juliette Ann Shreve in Louisville, KY
  • 1866-69: Joseph's father dies in Philadelphia. Obituary for A. J. Nunes in Public Ledger Philadelphia, 1866

  • "NUNES -On the 24th inst...A.J. Nunes, in the 78th year of his age. His friends and those of the family are invited to attend his funeral, without further notice, on Wednesday morning, December 26th, from his late residence, No. 1930 Chesnut" Also found in the biography of Henry Nunes, brother to Joseph A: "Prominent and Progressive Pennsylvanians/ "Mr. Nunez's father was a physician and practiced his profession in Philadelphia for a few yeas, but went to Cuba about 1847 and invested a very large sum (a half-million dollars) in copper mines and sugar and coffee plantations. He remained in the "Gem of the Antilles" until 1861, when, upon the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion, he retired from active business and returned to Philadelphia, dying six years later in this city"
  • 1866 : J.A. Nunes listed as an attorney living outside Louisville, KY
  • 1866 : Susan Esther Nunes was born in Louisville, KY
  • August 14, 1867 : Belle Shreve Nunes was born in Louisville, KY
  • 1870 : J.A. Nunes, Juliette, Susan and Belle were living with J.M. and Susan Shreve, at 45 Broadway, at 2nd St
  • June 1870 Census : Joseph, Juliette, Susan and Belle were living in Perry Co., DuQuoin, Illinois. Joseph was a lawyer with a real estate value of $1,000
  • November 10, 1871 : Joseph was in Louisville, KY writing a letter to the President of the United States, U.S. Grant asking for an appointment as consul to Rio Janeiro
  • 1872 : Joseph appears in the directory as General Agent, Chicago Life Insurance Company
  • 1875 : Louisville Directory has Joseph listed as a partner in Edwards, Shreve and Co., wholesale wine and liquors
  • 1880 : Lessee and mgr. of Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati, Ohio, ; however, living in Louisville, KY
  • 1880 : Joseph appears as a lawyer with an office in the same address as Henry Nunes (Stoever & Nunes, Commission and Forwarding Merchants)
  • J.M. Shreve 70, retired merchant
  • Susan L 59 wife
  • J.A. Nunez 50 lawyer
  • Juliette 24 wife
  • Susan E 14 daughter
  • Belle S 13 daughter
  • Servant Anna May
  • Servant Georgia Yates?

  • 1881, J.M. (John Milton) Shreve moved to 6th and St Catherine, Louisville, KY and so did Nunez. March 23, 1885 Susan Luckett Shreve, wife of JM dies and is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery
  • 1881 : Joseph listed as a lawyer, and here for the first time, his name was spelled "Nunez"
  • 1882 : Joseph leaves Manhattan Island, New York for Cuba on the first class steamer the "Newport" Joseph was appointed Consul to Havana, Cuba by President U.S. Grant
  • September 30, 1883 : Returned from Cuba to write a book; dedicated to Hon. Benjamin Harris Brewster, secretary of the United States
  • 1885 : Published "A Song of the Isle of Cuba : as sung by the estrangero to the tune of Hiawatha " by Joseph A. Nunez with illustrations. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1885
  • 1886 : J.M. Shreve and J.A. Nunez moved to 702 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY.
  • February 12, 1886 : JM Shreve dies and is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery
  • 1887 - 1888 : Listed in the New York City directory as lawyer
  • 1890-91 -1896-97 : Hester Helen Nunez, sister, appeared at the same address as Joseph. H. Helen Nunez' "Book of Poetry" was published in Philadelphia in 1873
  • 1898-99 : also living with Joseph Nunez, was Henry Nunes, a lawyer, and he remains in the directory until 1901-1902
  • Bef. April 11, 1904 : Joseph dies in New York City
  • April 4, 1904 : Juliette Ann Shreve Nunez received a widow's pension from the Civil War
  • 1907 : Juliette Ann Shreve Nunez, widow of Joseph A. Nunez, appears and remains until 1920. Juliette is living with son-in-law, George Robertson Warden and wife Belle Shreve Nunez Warden on Rugby Rd. Brooklyn, New York. Sue Esther Nunez is also living there

  • Aft. 1920 : Juliette Shreve Nunez dies and is buried in the Amityville Cemetery Long Island, New York
  • One time a man poked fun at Joseph and Joseph took his cane and shook it at the man. Today I have a cane that may have belonged to Joseph; it has a silver cap on it and the reddish wood on the end is slightly split. I also have a black onyx inkwell with the name NUNEZ imprinted into the onyx which most likely adorned Joseph's office desk

    "The House of Beadle and Adams" page 216 biography of Joseph A. Nunes"

  • Aristocracy; or, Life among the "upper ten" : a true novel founded on the fashionable society of Philadelphia; Philadelphia, 1848
  • Day Dreams ; poems ; Philadelphia, 1863
  • A diplomat on diplomacy. Philadelphia, 1863
  • Fast Folks; or, the early days of California. A comedy, in five acts, by Joseph A. Nunes, esq. Philadelphia, 1861
  • The fragmented "Maine" shatters proud Spain. A dramatic sketch in one act. By Col. Joseph A. Nunez. 1898
  • The Green Mountain Boys; a tale of the revolution. New York, Irwin P. Beadle. 1865
  • "Let us have peace" A poem ; Philadelphia, 1869
  • The patriot scouts; or, The Green-mountain boys. A tale of the revolution. New York, Beadle and Adams, 1869. Beadle Dime Novels
  • A song of the Isle of Cuba. As sung by the Estrangero to the tune of Hiawatha. Philadelphia, 1895
  • The president, (in his Day dreams. Philadelphia, 1863. Poetry
  • Speech...delivered before the Union league, of Philadelphia, August 31st, 1869
  • Speech of Col. Joseph A. Nunes, an anti-Harrison republican. Delivered before the Pontiac club, September 23, 1892. Joseph was an eloquent speaker
  • The Trial. A poem. 1889

  • George R. Warden

  • nunez

  • VascodeBalboa



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      Abraham J Nunez, physician & merchant

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

     Janelle Warden


      Esther Benham Nunez

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

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      Leonora Nunez Marsden

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

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      Maria Nunez

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      Hester Helen Nunez

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      Sarah A Nunez

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

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      Henry & wife Adaline Bratton Nunez

      lAUREL Hill Cemetery

     Janelle Warden


      Abraham J Nunez with Cyrus Ely Warden Jr at Laurel Hill Cemetery

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

     Janelle Warden


      Nunez family and great great grandson Cyrus Ely Warden, Jr

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

     Janelle Warden


      Schuylkill River and the Nunez family

      Laurel Hill Cemetery

     Janelle Warden