• 1. Anna Mathews born abt 1852 New York marries Henry B Tucker in 1880 ; children Albert "Bert" Mathews, Joseph, James E., Daughter who died young, Irwin Lowe, Charles F and Daughter who died young
  • 2. Catherine Mathews born abt 1854 New York never married
  • 3. Sarah J Mathews born abt 1856 New York
  • 4. William James Mathews born November 1858 New York married Mary Allison Foster ; children Eleanor Allison, William James II and Jackson A
  • 5. Robert Hendre Mathews born October 1859 New York married Frances C ; children Florence, William, Stella and Marjorie
  • 6. Andrew Wallace Mathews born February 1862 New York married Mary F McHale ; one son Robert Andrew II

  • James Mathews 28 yrs Tinsmith $35.00 Ireland
  • Bridget Mathews 23 yrs Ireland
  • Anna Mathews 9 yrs NY
  • Catherine Mathews 7 yrs NY
  • Sarah Mathews 5 yrs NY
  • William Mathews 2 yrs NY
  • Robert Mathews 8 mths NY

  • James Mathews 41 Coppersmith $500 Ireland
  • Bridget Mathews 45 Ireland
  • Anna Mathews 19 Flower Maker New York
  • Catherine Mathews 17 Flower Maker New York
  • Sarah Mathews 15 attended school New York
  • William Mathews 13 at school New York
  • Robert Mathews 10 at school New York
  • Andrew Mathews 8 New York attended school

    • US Census 1880 New York District 625 New York City Manhattan Greater NY
  • James Mathews age 50 widower Roofer b. Ireland
  • Catherine Mathews daughter 26 home head of house b. NY abt. 1854
  • Sarah Mathews daughter 24 home b. NY abt 1856
  • William Mathews son 22 Roofer b. NY abt. 1858
  • Robert Mathews son 20 Roofer b. NY abt. 1860
  • Andrew Mathews son 18 drug clerk b. NY abt. 1862
  • James Mathews nephew Roofer age 18 b. NY about 1862
  • George Steele grandson born July 1879 NY

  • The following photograph was found in Dorothy Steele's baby book. I am most certain this is the Mathews brothers....Right to Left: William James Mathews [Teddy Roosevelt hat], Robert Hendre Mathews [poker hand] and Andrew Wallace Mathews [cap and mustache] The young man to the side might be William T. Mathews born 1888 and the only son of Robert H. Wallace

      June 1900 US Census New York, Manhattan
  • Andrew Mathews head born February 1862 38 yrs NY Roofer
  • Catherine Mathews sister born January 1855 45 yrs NY flower designer
  • Sarah J. Mathews sister born July 1858 42 yrs NY no occupation
  • George Wm. Steele nephew born July 1879 21 yrs NY Law student

    • 1920 US Census New York, Manhattan
  • Andrew Mathews age 56 born abt. 1862 building
  • Mary F. wife age 40
  • Andrew, Jr. age 10
  • Catherine Mathews age 66 Sister flower maker own home
  • Mary McHale mother in law 70 widow born Ireland
  • All members in the household were born in New York. The parents of Andrew and Catherine and Mary were born Ireland

  • US Census 1930 census Queens New York
  • Andrew Mathews, Jr head 21 yrs. single bookkeeper in office
  • Mary Mathews mother widow
  • Thomas O'Donnell 26 yrs lodger from Connecticut works in Telephone Co

    • March 23, 1898 NY Times ; Legal notices

    New York Supreme Court--The Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, plaintiff, against WILLIAM J. MATHEWS and Mary, his wife; Robert H. Mathews and Fannie C., his wife; Andrew W. Mathews and Lottie, his wife; Anna M. Tucker and Henry B. Tucker, her husband; Catherine M. Mathews. Sarah J. Steele, William J. Mathews, as administrator of the goods, chattels and credits which were of James Mathews, deceased


    born July 1879 - February 11, 1955 George W. Steele family as related to the George R. Warden family. A lot of family history hidden away.

      1930 CENSUS NEW YORK
    George was a lawyer in New York City. George graduated from New York College about 1901. George and Harriet Stanley were married in 1902
  • Steele, George W. age 47 Rent home married at age 23 New York City Ireland
  • Steele,Harriet S. age 51 wife married at age 23 Ireland New York City
  • Warden Harriet S. age 22 daughter married at age 21 secretary Food Stuff
  • Warden Cyrus E. age 23 son in law married at age 22 bn. Brooklyn, a Student of Medicine at Columbia Cyrus Ely Warden
  • Steele Geo. W Jr. age 20 son at home bn. New York City
  • Steele James S. age 18 son at home bn. New York City

  • The above is a letter of recommendation for Cyrus Ely Warden, written by George W. Steele when he was secretary to the American Locomotive Company

    Cy and Harriet were living with her parents in 1930 after their marriage in 1929. I was told by Cy and Harriet that her parents the Steeles thought the Warden was not good enough for her

    If you are related to any of these families send me mail janellewarden!

    Great Grandmother Sarah J. Mathews, 1904, sitting on the front porch somewhere in White Plains or Manhattan or Westchester, New York

    NYC Deaths has the following

    Steele, Sarah J 59 yrs May 29, 1916 16769 Manhattan S340 1856 - 1857

    November 11, 1906 the death date for a George Steele. Maybe the father of Grandfather George W. Steele?

    NY TIMES April 27, 1958

    STEELE-Col. George W., on Thursday, April 24, husband of Olive, father of Dorothy S. McCrea, Harriet S. Warden, James S. Steele and the late George W. Steele, Jr. Service and interment private

    July 9, 1944 New York Times

    Steele-Harriet Stanley, wife of George W., mother of Dorothy S. McCrea, Mrs. Harriet S. Warden, George W. and Lieut. James Steele. July 8, 1944, after a long illness. Funeral notice later

    July 10, 1944 NY TIMES

    STEELE, Harriet Stanley, July 8, 1944, after a long illness; wife of George W., mother of Dorothy S. McCrea, Mrs. Harriet S. Warden, George W. and Lieut. James Steele. Services at Frank E. Campbell "The Funeral Church" Inc. Madison Ave. at 31st St. Tuesday, 11 A. M.

  • Dorothy Steele McCrea - December 18, 1966
  • Mrs. Dorothy Steele McCrea a partner in the law firm of Delafield, Hope, Linker & Blanc 342 Madison Avenue died here of a heart attack Sunday. She was 62 years old and lived at 315 East 68th Street. Her husband James A. McCrea, Jr a consulting oil geologist died in 1948. Mrs McCrea a native of New York, was graduated from Barnard College and from the New York University Law School. She was a member of the Florida bar and the New York bar. She specialized in wills, estates and trusts. She was counsel to the Virginia Day Nursery here and was a member of the Barnard College Club and West Side Tennis Club. Surviving are a brother, James Steele of New York and a sister Mrs. Harriet Warden of Melbourne, Fla

  • Harriet Steele Warden - October 1981
  • Harriet S. Warden 73 of 222 Chalet Ave. Indialantic, died Oct 9 at Holmes Regional Medical Center, Melbourne. A native of New York she came to South Brevard in 1953. She was a homemaker. Surviving are: sons, C. E. Warden, Jr., Jonesboro, Tenn. and William S. Warden, M.D. Indialantic; and five grandchildren

    Florence M. Steele died in New York City in 1948. A Florence Mathews lived on Old Mamoroneck Rd in White Plains, New York in 1904. Could there be a relationship here? Florence Mathews living at Old Mamoroneck Rd., White Plains, N.Y wrote a note to Harriet May Stanley Steele congratulating them on the birth of Dorothy Stanley Steele, August 1904

    Sarah Mathews was Aunt Sarah to Elinor/Eleanor Matthews who was the daughter of William J. Mathews older brother to Sarah. Elinor wrote to jmwwarden that Sarah sang in the church choir. She never married the Steele, but he let her use the Steele name for George William Steele. Elinor had a niece and a nephew. She was working on the family records in the 1970's. Elinor's/Eleanor's address at that time was Miss Eleanor A. Mathews, 840 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10451 and the year was March 31, 1975. Niece Leslie Phillips and Nephew William James Mathews III are you out there? Please get in touch! I would love to see what Elinor was working on

      1920 US Census Elmhurst Queens, New York City January 16, 1920
  • Bryan W. O'Hara 45 yrs. Born Ireland; parents Builder English and Ireland [associate of George W. Steele]
  • Lilly J. O'Hara 43 yrs. Born NY parents Holstein, Germany Bryan H. O'Hara 10 yrs. Son
  • Lisa Cook 30 yrs. Sister in law stenographer for public works born NY parents Holstein, Germany
  • Peter Schouck ? 35 yrs. Roomer Germany / parents occupation m? auto born Prague

    • 1920 US Census Manhattan, NY
  • Florence Mathews 37 yrs. Widow housewife born NY father Ireland mother Ireland speak English
  • William E. Sur??? nephew 25 yrs
  • George W Mathews son 13 yrs
  • Eliz xxx daughter 10 yrs All born NY
  • May be related?