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  • 15th generation...William Murray b. 1520 Tullibardine, Perthshire, Scotland d. 1583 married Lady Agnes Graham b. 1528 Scotland d. 1583
  • 14th generation...John Murray b. 1550 Tullibardine, Perth, Scotland d. 1613 Tullibardine, Perth, Scotland married to Catherine Drummond b. 1555 Perth, Scotland d. 1576?

  • 13th generation...William Murray b. 1574 Tullibardine, Perth, Scotland d. January 1628 London, England married September 28, 1604 Atholl, Perth, Scotland to Dorothea Stewart b. 1581 Atholl, Scotland d. 1605? ; Children: John Murray b. 1605 and Mary Murray b.1607? d. Dec 1650

  • 12th generation...John Murray b. 1605 Tullibardine, Perth, Scotland d. 1642 Scotland married June 6, 1630 in Glenorchy, Argyllshire, Scotland to Jean Campbell. Children; John, Anne, Mungo, Jean and James Murray
  • 11th generation...John Murray b. May 2, 1631 Perthshire, Scotland d. May 6, 1703 Atholl, Scotland married to Jane Mclean May 5, 1659 Scotland ; children; James, John, Charles, William, Amelia and Jane Murry

  • 10th generation...James Murray b.1665 Tullibardine, Perth, Scotland d. July 1704 Baltimore, Maryland USA married 1685 Baltimore/Frederick Co., Maryland to Jemima Morgan. Children; Zipporah, Josephus, Jabez, JEMIMA, Kezia, MORGAN and Melchizadek Murray

  • 9th generation...Morgan Murray b. 1689 Baltimore, Maryland d. May 24, 1741 Baltimore, Maryland married January 15, 1717 to Sarah Hawkins b. 1698 d. 1748. Children; Morgan, Thomas, Joseph, Sarah and James Murray

  • 9th generation...Jemima Murray b.1687 Baltimore, Maryland d. 1725 Baltimore, Maryland married Phillip Jones May 29, 1723 Baltimore, Maryland. Child; Margaret Jones and stepsister to Margaret--Henrietta Maria Jones

  • 8th generation...Thomas Murray b. 1715 Baltimore, Maryland d. 1805 West Sinking Springs, Washington Co., Tennessee married 1761 Baltimore, Maryland to Margaret Jones b. 1723 in Baltimore, Maryland d. abt 1780 Baltimore, Maryland? Children; Shadrach, SARAH, Morgan, Thomas, Ureatha, Elizabeth, Ann, Christopher, Mary, and Ruth Murray

  • 7th generation...Sarah Murray b. February 9, 1760 Baltimore, Maryland d. aft 1830 Campbell Co., Tennessee married abt 1774 in Montgomery Co., Virginia to Joseph Elias Barron Jr b July 30, 1752 Talbot Co., Maryland d. aft 1800 Campbell Co., Tennessee. Children; Thomas, Rhoda, Nancy, John, Joseph and James

  • 6th generation...Thomas Barron b. Feb 6, 1776 Virginia d. January 24, 1863 Washington Co., Tennessee married October 31, 1794 West Sinking Springs, Washington Co., TN to Phebe Jobe b. September 3, 1777 Virginia d. August 17, 1858 Wash. Co., TN

  • 5th generation...Sarah Barron b. August 15, 1805 Wash. Co., TN d. December 12, 1871 West Sinking Springs, Wash. Co. TN married December 15, 1823 Thomas Bacon b. November 1, 1793 Berks Co., Pennsylvania d. September 5, 1871 West Sinking Springs, Wash. Co., TN. Children; Jesse, Phebe Ann, Charles, Mary, Daniel, John N., James, Isaac, Thomas H., Sarah Ann, Jonathan, Amanda Jane and Jacob W. Bacon

  • 4th generation...Amanda Jane Bacon b. March 18, 1844 Wash. Co., TN d. January 22, 1908 Douglass Shed, Wash. Co., TN married March 22, 1863 Wash. Co., TN to Henry Martin Walker b. September 4, 1833 Wash. Co., TN d. February 17, 1918 Douglass Shed, Wash. Co., TN. Children; Laura Elvira, John Thomas, William Martin, Florria Belle, Ida, Henry Andrew, Richard Carr, James Arthur, Sarah Lucretia, Mary Etta and Elmer Guy Walker

  • 3rd generation...Henry Andrew Walker b. March 18, 1876 Douglass Shed, Wash. Co., TN d. November 30, 1955 Wash. Co., TN married December 23, 1897 Wash Co., TN to Mary Adelaide Hunt b. December 24, 1829 Buffalo Ridge, Wash Co., TN d. January 21, 1960 Wash. Co., TN. Children; Herbert Carter, Maynard Buren, Lois Amanda, Robert James, Amy Glen, Henry Martin, Baby and Mary Ann Walker

  • 2nd generation...Herbert Carter Walker b. December 10, 1898 Wash. Co., TN d. October 2, 1979 Wash. Co., TN married (1) Jessie Pauline Diehl (2) Lucille Morrow b. December 21, 1909 Telford, Wash. Co., TN married June 29, 1929. Children; Jacqueline Kay and Janelle Morrow Walker

  • 1st generation...Janelle Morrow Walker married Cyrus Ely Warden, Jr December 22, 1962 ; sons Carter Ely and Graham Ingersoll Warden

  • Thomas Murray will
  • In the name of God Amen To all persons whom it may concern greetings.
    I Thomas Murry Senr. of Washington County in the State of Tennessee being weak of body but of sound and discerning mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of this life through the infirmity of old age do make and put in writing my last will and testament in manner and form following:
    First, my will and desire that all my just debts be paid and funeral charges fully satisfied out of my estate.
    Secondly, I give and bequeath fo my grandson Thomas Murry, son of my son Shaderack, the plantation I now live on containing one hundred and forty five acres and the appurtenances thereto belonging at the time of my death.
    Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my grandson Jabez Murry, son of my son Thomas, one horse and my bridle and saddle I may die possessed of.
    Fourth: To my son, Morgan Murry, having heretofore given him what I intend to be his wrights of my estate expect that I now give and bequeath to him my best suit of clothes that I die possessed of and no more. Fifth: to my daughter Elizabeth Philips, having heretofore given her what I intend to be her wrights of my estate, I hereby bequeath and ratify unto her forever all that I have heretofore given her and no more.
    Sixth: to my daughter Ureth King, having heretofore given her what I intended to be her wright of my estate, I hereby bequeath and ratify unto her forever all that I have heretofore given her and no more.
    Seventh: To my daughter Ann Doty, the wife of Joseph Doty, having displeased me, I give and bequeath her the amount of twenty cents in money out of my estate and no more.
    Eighth: To my daughter, Mary Barron, wife of William Barron, having heretofore given her what I intended to be her wright of my estate I hereby bequeath and ratify unto her forever all that I have heretofore given her and no more except twenty cents in money to be paid to her of my estate.
    Ninth: to my daughter Sarah Barron, wife of Joseph Barron, having heretofore given her what I intended to be her wrights of my estate I hereby bequeath and ratify unto her for ever all that I have heretofore given her with the sum of twenty cents more in money to be paid out of my estate and no more.
    Tenth: To my son Christopher Murry, I, having heretofore given him out of my estate what I intended to be his wright I now bequeath and ratify to him forever and no more.
    Eleventh: To my two sons Shaderack and Thomas Murry I give and bequeath to them all the residue and remainder of my estate that I may be possessed of to be equally divided between them share and share alike to theirs forever and I do hereby institute and appoint my said two sons, Shadarack and Thomas Murry both of Washington County to be executors of this my last will and testament hereby acknowledging this and no other and revoking and making void all other will or wills heretofore by me made. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and affixed my seal this fifth day of September one thousand eight hundred and two.
    (Signed by Thomas Murry, his mark and seal) Witnesses: Joseph Brittan, Enoch Kincheloe and Jerimam Kinchelow (signed with her mark) {Jermima Murray Kinchelow}
    The forgoing will was proven in court by the oath of Joseph Britten, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto at May session 1805 and ordered to be recorded. Shadarack Murry qualified as executor to the foregoing will

    While researching Campbell County, Tennessee I found several Murray names. Does anyone know who they are?

  • Murray, A. T. 5-8-1865 10-17-1915
  • Murray, Ruth Juanita 5-5-1915 12-14-1973 Lester
  • Murray, Thomas 78 years old 7-10-1918
  • Murray, William 11-25-1914 12-10-1914
  • Murry, Sarah 6-10-1834 No date W.
  • Murry, W. 6-13-1824 6-30-1901 Sarah


  • Murray, Leah 2-3-1786 5-1-1862
  • Murray,? ? Apr. 1832
  • FORREST STREET CEMETERY, LaFollette, Campbell County, Tennessee Located on Forrest Street in. An old cemetery with numerous unmarked graves and the following marked graves. Surveyed by Sheila M. Collins Fuhr, August 10, 1993. Typed by Mildred Collins Wasser January 13, 1998

    Joseph Barron and wife Sarah Murray Barron 150 acres in the county of Campbell and state of Tennessee in the Powells Valley December 22, 1806 ; recorded June 3, 1807. Sarah the daughter of Old Thomas Murray ; which Murrays traveled with Joseph Barron to Powells Valley?

  • Murray, Joshua; 5, 6
  • Murray, Martha; 33, 34, 35
  • Murray, Thomas; 179, 182, 211
  • Proffit, Wm.; 60, 104, 159, 161 {this Wm Proffit is most likely Nancy Barron Proffit's husband}

  • The Tennessee General Assembly created Campbell County on September 11, 1806, from land taken from Anderson and Claiborne Counties. The twenty-sixth county was named in honor of Colonel Arthur Campbell, a Revolutionary War soldier and Indian fighter. Jacksboro is the county seat

    The primary attraction for early settlers was the wide, fertile Powell's Valley. This lovely valley, coupled with wide navigable rivers and numerous tributaries, provided an ideal setting for the settlers. Although farming was the first organized activity, numerous coal and iron deposits began to attract attention in the early 1800s. The harvesting of timber also provided an early boost to the local economy. Most early settlers clustered in Powell's Valley, but a few hardy pioneers ventured into the more remote mountain areas of the county. Town locations reflect these early concessions to geography

    1813...The petition contained 249 names and was filed to locate the county seat closer to the Claiborne County line. The petitioners complained that, "They said seat having been unjustly settled within four miles.of Anderson County, where as the distance to Claiborne County is seventeen miles"

    No doubt the petitioners were mostly, if not all, located in Powell's Valley. The petition was referred to committee and went nowhere. It is significant, however, by revealing that in 1813 there were 249 residents of Powell Valley wanting to bring the county seat closer to them. Most importantly to us it shows the names of some of the early settlers in the area. The reader may want to look at the names listed on the petition to identify ancestors who were among the county's earliest residents

  • Isaac Murry
  • Jabes Murry
  • Josua Murry
  • David Murray
  • Thomas Murry
  • Christopher Murry

  • Name: Christopher Murray
  • Type of Document:Will
  • Page Number: 136-137
  • Date: May 30, 1823 W
  • Wife's Name: Martha
  • Other Information: Brothers: Thomas Murray, Shadrack Murray
  • ESTATE RECORDS 1806-1841 transcribed by Rick Chambers

    Christopher Murray Page 31 ;State of Tennessee )Campbell County )

    Know all men by these presents that I Christopher Murray of Campbell County & State aforesaid doth bargain Sell and Deliver unto Jabash Murray a Certain negro Girl named Lettie Seven Head of horse beasts Thirty nine head of Cattle fifteen acres of Corn Three feather beds and all my hous-hold furniture for the in Consideration of Two hundred and fifty dollars for which in hand paid I do warrant and forever defend all of the sd. property named from any persons or manner of persons whatever Given under my hand and and seal and dated this 11th day of November the year of our Lord

    Page 32 1813. Test Jno. Newman John Owens Joseph Robinson Nancey Owens Christopher Murray (seal) Martha Murray (seal) A True Copy Test David T. Strong Clk. By Jos. Hart his Deputy

    State of Tennessee Campbell County. May the 30th 1823

    Be it remembered that I, CHRISTOPHER MURRAY, of the County and State aforesaid, being this day and date above in my right mind and having my proper senses, and knowing myself to be in a low state of health and not knowing the day of my death, or the time of my departure this life and having a mind to make my will, thanks be God for this priviledge. Thereford I do hereby certify that the instrument of writting contains in substance the full amount of my last will and testament, respecting my estate and effects as follows to wit:
    In the first place it is my will that all my just debts shall be paid out of my Estate with my burial and funeral expenses if any------- Secondly I will and bequeath my brother Thomas Murray and Shadrack Murray one dollar each out of my effects, after the above is satisfied. Thirdly, I will and bequeath unto my true and beloved wife Martha my land and estate in full of every discription whatsoever, containing my horses, cattle, hogs and sheep with all my household furniture, with every article too tedious to mention during her life time, or during the time of her widowhood, but in case she marry it is my will and desire that my brother Thomas Murray have all except her right of Dower agreeable to law, and be it further remembered that I do hereby appointe and anominate my wife Martha and my relation William King as Executor and executrix to see that this last will and testament is faithfully executed

    In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 30th day of May A. D. 1823, afore mentioned. his CHRISTOPHER MURRAY (SEAL) ATTEST: JAMES X MURRAY mark UNICE MURRAY State of Tennessee, Campbell County. A true copy Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 14th dune 1824 Test; Jo Hart. Clerk

    Last Will and Testament State of Missouri County of Cole County Court in vacation This day personally came Thomas Murry administrator of Thomas Murry Sr. deceased and made oath that thus are to the best of his knowledge the following heirs of the said deceased (to wit) Elizabeth Murry widow of said deceased, and following children (to wit) Isaac Murry residing in Arkansas Territory, Polly Smith, Grand daughter of said deceased living in Campbell County State of Tennessee, Jabash Murry, Joshua Murry, Jonathon Murry, Thomas Murry, James Murry, Richard Ledgerwood Murry, Shadrach Murry, Christopher Murry, Absolum Murry, Martha Hunter, and Anna McKinny. Sworn to and The State of Missouri Before me this 3rd day of September 1834 Jaron Harrison Clerk Thos. Murray

    Submitted by: Debra Anderson



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     Thomas Murray deed from North Carolina grant


     Janelle Morrow Walker Warden




     Janelle Morrow Walker Warden