Unidentified Photos

Unidentified photos found in family picture boxes and photo albums of people, events, and places in the history of Washington County, Tennessee. Please email me if you can identify any of the people in these photos


Photo found in Aunt Amy Walker Bowman box. Written on the back is "Ralph Hicks" Is Ralph the son of Nora?


On the back side it says "Nora Hicks....granddaddies old girl"


Could this be a graduation picture?


On the back side of the picture is handwritten "This is me, What do you think?" Electric Post Card Studio 1309 B. Main St. Fort Worth, Texas. Both photos found in the Jo Walker Keys box


On the back of the picture is handwritten "Howdy to everybody, will write some if I don't forget it" 1309 B Main St Ft Worth, Texas


...must be a Campbell?


Collection of "Sissy" Ruth Walker ...



This young man had his portrait made at Keebler Studio 208 1/2 E. Main St. Johnson City, Tennessee. He looks like a Keebler ; The photographer of the Keebler studio was William F. Keebler son of Henry Clay Keebler ; grandson of Benjamin Franklin Keebler & great grandson of Jacob A Keebler III ; In 1918 William was employed by C E Cargille, possibly William Franklin Keebler?



Made at a studio in Engstrom - Lewiston, Idaho ... Now that I have had time to think about this picture it just may be William P and Blanche Carson Morrow ; found in Aunt Amy Walker Bowman files


Made at O. L. Hensley Studio, Jonesboro, Tennessee



This young lady is Nannie Sue Hunt Walker, wife of Robert Andrew Nelson Walker, daughter of James M and Sarah Martin Bacon and mother of Onnie, Dean and Ruth Walker?



Erma Walker and her mother Tennie Mitchell Walker ; daughter and wife of William H. Walker


Written on the back "In boarding house yard - Tampa 3/26/06?" . I see a Jewish star on the church in the background, could that be a synagogue?


Written on the back "In memory of Lillie?-Freddie? who came to live with us April 15, 1904 and went away Nov 27, 1904. The light has gone out of our home-But our lost is his gain -- {signed} mama"


Another work of photography from Hensley's Art Studio - Jonesboro, Tennessee


Mystery boy seated in front of Samuel and Delilah Keefauver Martin? The photograph was probably made about 1880's?


I love these family pictures, they seem to speak to us ; notice the nice looking house and the young boy may still be living somewhere in the USA today....come out and identify yourself


This picture caught my eye and what a story they tell...are they moving or just arrived to a new home. Would you call this a modern covered wagon?


Is this the Sulphur Springs Cemetery? Beyond the fence is the two story white frame school building


I have been told the girl looks like Jo Walker Keys. Is it possible the young lad is Jackie Walker half brother to Jo Walker? The picture was in a box of Jo Walker Keys pictures



Picture found in Aunt Vertie Martin Walker files by Marilyn Hunt Chambers. I have been told this may be Laura Etta Kitzmiller (b. 1861), daughter of Rev. Martin V. Kitzmiller and Mary Nancy Crouch. The Rev. Kitzmiller and family moved to Girard, Macoupin Co., Illinois in 1856. Laura Etta Kitzmiller married George A. Post in 1880


I would love to know who this family is....mother and five daughters or mother with four daughters and a granddaughter. Picture found in Nancy Ruth Walker Cross photos. She looks so familiar and so do the daughters. Is she a MARTIN or WALKER or HUNT


A Walker mother and daughter? The girl looks like a Campbell? This photo was also found in Nancy Ruth Walker Cross collection


Photo found in Aunt Amy Bowman files ; it most likely is a Bowmantown School


This is the Bowmantown School that set near the Bowmantown Baptist Church. William Aaron Keys is the teacher in the center of the picture wearing a suit and bowtie


Photo found in Aunt Amy Bowman collection. Bowmantown School? Notice the men's hats on the window seal


Anyone recognize the 4 guys and 11 girls graduating from Sulphur Springs High School? Would the nice looking young man at the top be John Bayless?


Does anyone know who THADDEUS is? That is the name on the back of the picture. Jessie Diehl dated Thad/Thaddeus while dating Herbert....could this be him?


Mary Etta Walters, a friend of Jessie Diehl. Anyone out there related to Mary Etta? Whatever happened to Mary Etta, did she get married? Where was this picture taken? I use to think that was Sulphur Springs School in the background but now I think it is someone's home?


John Bayless, wife and daughter in the center but who are the other people? Is that an older Nora and William Newton seated in chairs next to John and family? John W. Bayless was son of William Newton and Nora Osborne Bayless. Grandson of John Winton Walker and Mary Matilda Bayless ; great grandson of Susannah Walker Bayless and Zachariah Walker and great great grandson of William and Susannah Graham Walker


John Bayless, wife and daughter Linda Kaye Bayless all in the William Newton and Nora Osborne Bayless family and descendants of Susannah Walker Bayless of John and Lucretia Martin Walker


This photo was found in Jessie Diehl's diary. Who are the three couples? Is that the Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren in the background?


This photo was in the collection of Aunt Amy Walker Bowman. Sellers family was neighbors in the Bowmantown Community. The name Sellers is connected to the William and Mary Brown Walker family from Blakely/Blackly Creek and Bowmantown Community. Sellers also married into the Andrew Walker family. Effie Sellers may be the daughter of Robert Perry Sellers living in the 16th District Washington County, Tennessee according to the 1900-1910-1920 census

  • Perry Sellers Aug 1858 41 married 10 yrs. farmer VA VA VA
  • Mary wife Jan 1859 3 children 2 living TN TN TN
  • Susan Ophie daug Nov 1893 6 tn
  • Effie L. daug Feb 1897 3 tn
  • Susan A McLin mother in law April 1837 65 widow 1 child 0 living tn
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    Thanks to Neil Ferguson for the picture of Effie & Ophie

  • Elihue H. Graybeal son in law 22 NC farming found in the 1920 census. next door is George Sellers VA Farmer 1845 55 single. Neil Ferguson confirmed the picture of Effie Sellers and she married Elihue Graybeal.


    Sulphur Springs Basketball for 1916-1917...Front Row: Robert Bowser, Range, Jess Bayless, and Herbert Walker...Back Row Center: Coach Robert Andrew Nelson Walker or Heber Thomas? Bowser, Bowser and unknown. Still need help in identifying the unknown players and the coach


    Found in a collection of Ruth Walker of Elmer Walker ; this nice looking young man looks like Billy Bacon brother to Bruce H Bacon?


    Aunt Amy Walker Bowman had this picture in her collection. I say the guys on the right are Herbert Walker sitting on the shoulders of a Range. The boy on the left sitting on the shoulders of the other boy may both be Bowsers'. Picture taken in the yard of the Sulphur Springs dormitory


    This is a real mystery picture. Which SHIPLEY out west. The picture was made in Denver, Colorado at the Electric Studio Geo. Carsh. Prop. 1406-17th St. Does anyone know if this studio is still in existence? I also have a picture of Maynard Walker just like the Shipley picture. I would say that Maynard and the Shipley were near the same age born 1900 and were traveling out west when they decided to have their pictures taken. They were most likely cousins through Jesse and Elizabeth Shipley Hunt


    UNSOLVED PHOTO! The photograph was made at Elite Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix was originally surveyed with east-west streets named for presidents and north-south streets named for Indian tribes. In 1893 the north-south streets names were changed to numbered streets and avenues. 22s 3rd Ave. NE Washington St Phoenix, AZ The photo was certainly made after 1893. Most likely between 1900 and 1920. I have been told that some people do have a prominent vein that juts out in the neck

    The address in the corner is 22s 3rd Ave. NE Washington St Phoenix, AZ. When we looked on line that area of Phoenix is all hospitals and medical centers. He may have been visiting a hospital to check out the vein. This man is a handsome guy and obviously an intelligent man with a great sense of humor. My Aunt Amy Walker Bowman had the picture in her photo box and I want to say he may be in the family of HUNTS. There was handwriting on the back of the photo that had been erased. Thanks to Tracey Devault she could make out some lettering; this is the best we can make out...."Please do me a favor......T...June 22..... please don't regret....with it. On 2nd date.....Please mail to 1116E esthes ... No. 147 W. Park (or Parkland) Decatur, Ill"


    I have found the names of the graduation class of Sulphur Springs 1916 ; if there are mistakes in the names please let me know. Front row: Leona Bacon, Blanche Sherfey, Stella Deakins, Louise Campbell, Mary Brown, Julia Cox, and Hazel Jobe ; Back row: Earl Bowman, Hazel Bayless, Onnie Walker, Mary Sue Squibb, Matt Hunt, Jesse Galloway, Ralph Odell and Mamah Sherfey


    Can anyone identify this nice log cabin in the Bowmantown Community near the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Cemetery on the CD Williams Rd which at one time may have been Carson and Campbell land? Recently I was told a Jones woman lived there until about the 1960's ; but who did it originally belong to?


    This lovely portrait found in Nancy Ruth Walker Cross picture file ; is she a Hunt, Martin or Walker cousin?


    Marilyn Hunt Chambers had this photo in her files ; is he a Martin, Leab, Hunt, Walker, Shipley or ?? ; was he in the Spanish American War? He looks really young


    Is this young man Thomas J. Galloway who died in 1868 or ; his family were neighbors to John Thomas Walker family on Douglass Chapel Rd


    Another great picture that Marilyn Hunt Chambers has in her picture file. I think I have solved the 7 brothers. Sons of Richard B and Acsah Hunt Martin. I believe they are standing in order of their births ; Uriah, Henry, James, Nathan G., William C., Richard H., and Samuel P. Martin


    Another great picture that Marilyn Hunt Chambers has in the collection from her grandmother Vertie Martin Walker. Is this Elbert S. Douglass who married Mary Bacon or one of their sons; James R., Dock, or Samuel T. Douglass?


    Another great picture that Marilyn Hunt Chambers has in her picture file. I love the picture of the young girl holding a BIG book on her lap. Did she like to read and later became a librarian like so many in our family?


    Another great picture that Marilyn Hunt Chambers has from the collection of Aunt Vertie Martin Walker pictures. Who are the two ladies?