Our claim to fame is through THOMAS WELLES, 4th governor of the colony of Connecticut, before the Revolution

It was Elijah Welles, born 1776, in Wethersfield, Connecticut, who changed the family surname to WELLS. Elijah was a wheelwright, carpenter, and skillful workman living in Leeds/Catskills, Greene Co., New York. He was well liked, witty and a jovial companion according to his children. He was the first of his family to write his name as WELLS instead of WELLES. Elijah died March 26, 1829 in Leeds/Catskills, Greene Co., New York

  • Alanson Wells born 1799
  • Almern Wells born December 25, 1800 and died April 1873 in Cairo, New York
  • James Wells born January 2, 1803 and died June 07, 1886 in Vergennes, Kent, Michigan
  • Ransford Wells born September 6, 1805 and died March 04, 1889
  • Elijah W. Wells born August 28, 1814 and died abt. 1879
  • George Wells born abt 1816 and died 1887
  • Laura Wells born August 1818 and died 1832

  • Mary E. Wells born 1820
  • Jane Wells born April 29, 1822
  • Catherine Wells born abt 1824

  • 224/350Benford Deacon 50 yrs cabinet maker 1000 100 born England
  • Jane Wells wife 39 yrs born NY
  • Alfred 16 yrs
  • Mary Elizabeth 13 yrs
  • Sophia J. 8 yrs
  • George B. 6 yrs
  • Ruth R. 4 yrs
  • Lucy E. 2 yrs

  • 266/492Benford Deacon 60 cabinet maker 200 personal born England
  • Jane Wells wife 48 yrs keeping house born NY
  • George B. 16 yrs
  • Ruth R. 14 yrs

  • Alfred Deacon b. 1843 to Benford and Frances Morgan but I am most certain that Jane raised Alfred since he was only 3 years old when Jane and Benford married. Alfred was born in England and married in America to Eliza J. Barnett. Three children were born to them : Fanny, Emma and Thomas Deacon
  • Mary Elizabeth Deacon b. January 23, 1848 and married Arthur P. Curtiss of Lafayette, New Jersey
  • Sophia Jane Deacon b. November 20, 1851 and married James Stanley born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in New York. George J., Harriet May, and James R Stanley were their children growing to adulthood. See their pictures below
  • George Benford Deacon b. July 23, 1853 and married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavinia Beach of Dover, New Jersey, June 17, 1882. Benford W. and Lilian R. were their children
  • Ruth Rose Deacon b. October 09, 1855 and married Charles Stewart October 09, 1874. Arletta, Ella, Charles, and Arthur Stewart were born to them. Jane Wells Deacon was living with Charles and Ruth in 1900. Jane died in the Bronx, November 29, 1907
  • Lucy E. Deacon b. September 02, 1857 and died October 20, 1864


    DEACON/STANLEY/WELLS GIRLS with Dorothy Stanley Steele?





    Anyone know about the following Deacon?
      1880 Census Bedford, Westchester, New York
  • Edward Deacon 48 yrs. piano maker born NY, parents England
  • Amelia Deacon 48 yrs. keeping house
  • Henry Deacon 11 yrs. son
  • Mary A. Deacon sister 35 yrs

    • Katonah, New York list the following
  • Mrs. A. Deacon, Widow Bedford Ave
  • Henry B. Deacon, Clerk Bedford Ave
  • Are the above names some of our Deacons?

    I have a picture of Dorothy, Harriet, Billy and Jimmy Steele posing with cousins/friends in KATONAH, NEW YORK. It looks like they are standing in line at a drinking fountain; most likely at a park; perhaps a picnic after church? On the back of the picture is written "Miss Ruth Schoenjahn, Aug. 3, 1909 ; compliments of Mattie E?????Katonah, NY"


    I have Daisy in my database but do not have a clue who her parents were. Any help would be appreciated in finding Daisy's relationship to Harriet Stanley Steele

      1880 United States Federal Census
  • Name: Charles Rodenburg
  • Home in 1880: New York (Manhattan), New York City-Greater, New York
  • Household Members:
  • John Rodenburg 57 coal dealer Germany ger ger
  • Meta Rodenburg 47 wife Germany ger ger
  • Meta Rodenburg 23 daug new york
  • John Rodenburg 20 son coal dealer says born Germany?
  • Doris Rodenburg 12 daug at school
  • Charles Rodenburg 7 son born 1873

    • 1900 United States Federal Census
  • #188 live West 44th... St John Rodenburg 77 married March 1823 47 yrs ger coal dealer us citzen 1845
  • Meta Rodenburg 67 wife Feb 1835 8 children 4 living ger citzen 1848
  • Doris Rodenburg 32 dau Sept 1867 ny
  • Charles Rodenburg 27 son Feb 1873 civil engineer ny
  • Meta Rohrs 39 servant Sept 1860 s Germany
  • #204 John Rodenberg (Jr.) June 1859 marr 15 yrs ny coal dealer West 44th St borough of Manhattan
  • Henrietta wife June 1860 1 child ny ger
  • John T. son Dec 1886 ny at school
  • Freda Behrens servant Sept 1878 21 Germany

    • Census for 1910 Manhattan, New York
  • Charles Rodenburg 37 yrs. married 7 yrs. Civil Engineer for state of NY born NY City ; parents born Germany
  • Daisy I. Rodenburg 34 yrs. 2 children, 0 living. No occupation born NY; parents born Brooklyn and England

    • 1920 United States Federal Census
  • Charles Rodenberg 46 ny city ger ger civil engineer
  • Daisy Rodenberg 43 wife ny city Brooklyn england physician

    • 1930 United States Federal Census
      • Charles Rodenburg 57 civil engineer board of transportation widower; Residence; W 159th St

        • January 13, 1930 New York Times Obituary .... died January 12, 1930

        Dr. Daisy Isabelle Rodenburg, wife of Charles Rodenburg, died yesterday at her residence 575 West 159th St. She received her medical degree from the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women in 1902 and for many years was an officer of the Alumnae Association

          Wills for Probate--Manhattan --- March 01, 1930
      • RODENBURG, DAISY W. (Jan. 12) Estate, more than $10,000. to Charles Rodenburg, husband, 575 West 159th Street

      • Deacon