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Each daughter had a son named WILLIAM who inherited the sum of ten dollars from their Grandfather William Walker ;William Rector, William Hartman, William Deakins, William Hunt but no William Jones; however, I do not think that Nancy Walker Carson Jones had a son William to live past 1840. It is now time to give each daughter her own separate page since much information has been found and many cousins found as well


ANNA WALKER, born December 15, 1803 and died August 14, 1858 was described as being small with brown hair, blue eyes and very Irish. She married JAMES Y. DEAKINS, August 21, 1825 in Washington Co., TN

James Y. Deakins' will was dated March 1872. In his will he mentions the new family Bible given to Grandson George K. Brown. Granddaughter Achsah Brown side saddle formerly belonging to deceased Grandmother Deakins. Granddaughter Clarissa Brown and Granddaughter Margaret Brown, all children of deceased mother Suzanne Brown. Henry and RMK Deakins to remain at domicile as well as grandchildren. John and RMK to be Henry's guardians. 250 acres of land is still owned by the DEAKINS descendants

James and Anna are buried in the Old Hunt Cemetery Sulphur Springs, Jonesborough, TN. along with Thursa Nelson Deakins, second wife of James Y. Deakins. I could use help on finding Thursa/Thersa Nelson Deakins parents ; there are several Nelsons buried nearby Thursa in the Old Hunt Cemetery


painting of deakins house.jpg This painting hangs in the Deakins home

hall and stairs deakins house.jpg Oh if only this hallway and stairs could talk of the past...what stories they would tell

argil a and lula j deakins.jpg Very nice picture of the children of RMK and Elizabeth Deakins now hangs in the Deakins home

lula j deakins bacon.jpg Beautiful picture of Lula J Deakins daughter of RMK and Elizabeth Bachman Deakins ; she married Robert Nelson Bacon son of Joseph and Elizabeth Duncan Bacon

old deakins house.jpg Land across from the present house is where the James and Anna Deakins house stood and later a store was there





sulphurspringsschool board.jpg Robert Nelson Bacon standing back road second from the left ; he died not long after the picture was made and Argil A Deakins his brother-in-law took his place on the board

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