Thanks to Stephen Vallilo for the Brabson Coat of Arms ; the art work was done by Lyle E Brabson, Jr son of Lyle & Sarah Ruth Anderson Brabson

Brabson supposedly dates back to Wales and before to Western Europe. The name may have been Brabant. The Brabson family is first listed in East Nottingham, PA in the early 1700s. The migration path was then to Frederick County, VA, in the mid-1700s, then into Berkeley, Virginia in the late 1700s and East Tennessee in the 1800s. In the mid 1800s, some family members moved to Ohio and Illinois. By the early 1900s the family started spreading all over the United States. I did a lot of genealogy research Xmas 2014, gathering information & photos from cousins so please remember the sources of the photos and give where credit is due ; Wanda Jenkins Lambert, Carla Brabson McLain, Luann Brabson, Charlie Campbell, Margaret Brabson, and cemetery stones from my walking around Washington County

    JOHN BRABSON born abt 1710 and wife Margaret Bowen and one known son JOHN BOWEN BRABSON born .... There is a will for John S. Reese M.D., unknown relation to Mary Reese Brabson, dated Philadelphia 21 July 1852, proved 30 Oct 1853 Baltimore Co., Maryland. Still uncertain if this John S Reese is a brother of Mary Reese Brabson since both Mary and John Brabson died by 1790. I welcome any input and corrections on the early generation
  • 1. THOMAS BRABSON 1763-1844 Wash Co., Tennessee married Jane Miller died in Washington Co., Tennessee
  • 2. ELIZABETH BRABSON 1769 - (unknown)
  • 3. JOHN BOWEN BRABSON 1775-1848 died in Sevier Co., Tennessee
  • 4. EPHRAIM? BRABSON (unknown)
  • 5. MARGARET? BRABSON (unknown)
  • 6. ROBERT? BRABSON (unknown)

  • 1. JOHN MILLER BRABSON 1798-1847 married Mary S Noel
  • 2. ALEXANDER WASHINGTON BRABSON 1805-1888 married (1)Eliza Ernest (2)Emily Maria Stevens
  • 3. ALFRED B. BRABSON 1811-1882 married MARY ELIZABETH RUSH
  • 4. Margaret? BRABSON 1813(may have married a TOLLE)
  • 5. LUCINDA BRABSON 1815-1850 married WILLIAM DUGGER 14 May 1835 Greene Co., Tennessee

  • Thomas Brabson, of Berkeley, lived in Tennessee, June 11, 1804. Source:* Virginia Records. It was old Thomas Brabson sometimes spelled "Brabston" who sold land to Valentine and Frederick DeVault where they built the famous DeVault Tavern in Leesburg, Washington Co., Tennessee. The name Brabson was spelled "Brabston" in 1860 census records for Washington Co., Tennessee ; however, our family spelled the name Brabson ; due to different accents perhaps some who said the name Brabson made it sound like it had a "t" in it thus causing the enumerators/registrars to write the name with a t

    The genealogy of Alexander Washington Brabson family 1805-1977, was compiled by Fred Solomon and Pearl Irene Morrow Garst and the Thomas Doughty Brabson book gathered from Katherine Brabson Vallillo who lived in Port Charlotte, Florida

    ALEXANDER WASHINGTON BRABSON, born September 06, 1805, married 16 September 1834 in Greene Co., Tennessee to EMILY MARIA STEPHENS, born February 19, 1817; three sons, Thomas Melvin, ETHELBERT DUDLEY, and Benjamin Ernest Brabson and five daughters Emily Jane, Eliza Caroline, Matilda Adelade, and Julia Katherine "Kate" Brabson were born to this union. Alexander W. Brabson was a physician, having been educated at Washington College Academy and elsewhere. Thomas Melvin Brabson married Margaret Ann Miller and Benjamin Ernest Brabson married Pearl Biddle. Alexander W Brabson was married first to Eliza Earnest 3 February 1831 and had a daughter June Brabson buried with her mother at the Old Ebenezer Methodist Church located on the Nolichuckey River where the Earnest family settled in early days. There may have been a son born to Alexander and Eliza Ernest?

    ETHELBERT DUDLEY BRABSON married September 1876 to KATHERINE JANE BARKLEY. His wedding suit is in the Jonesborough Historical Museum in Jonesborugh, Tennessee. Ethelbert's occupation was a Miller. Ethelbert was also a Justice of Peace. He operated the Brabson Mill at Carson Creek and Bowmantown Road in Washington County, Tennessee. Gray Family were the last to operate the mill ; 2012 the mill was demolished except for the foundation...

    Across Carson Creek road from the Brabson Mill

    Across the road from the Brabson Mill

    South on Hwy 75 below the creek and Brabson Mill ; today the Stafford home is near ; it has been said a house was torn down to build the Stafford home which would have been Dr Brabson home

    On Sam Aiken Road, with a spectacular view

    Ethelbert Dudley Brabson was the first miller to operate the Brabson mill. Brabsontown later Millwood was the area where the Brabson's settled in Washington Co., Tennessee and Milltown became Telford

    The following Brabson Mill photos made December 2013

    Uncle William Barkley & niece Katherine Jane Barkley before her marriage to Ethelbert Dudley Brabson

  • 1. MABEL INGERSOLL BRABSON born June 18, 1877

    Mabel Ingersoll Brabson Morrow, wife of Drury Lemuel Morrow. Mabel was a schoolteacher in 1900, just before her marriage to Drury Lemuel Morrow in 1904.

  • 2. CARL WALTER BRABSON, MD born December 24, 1878. He married Blanche Fulkerson ; he was a physician in Telford, Tennessee. When I was a school librarian in Melbourne, Florida I went to Orlando to visit Aunt Blanche ; I later visited with Aunt Blanche in Johnson City when she was living at Asbury Center before her death and never realized her Fulkerson family had a connection to my Bacon, Martin & Hunt families

  • 3. FLORENCE PRUDENCE BRABSON born December 01, 1880 ; she died December 26, 1969 ; Florence married Archie McMillan Blount and lived in Parkton, North Carolina

  • 4. NORA BRABSON born December 20, 1882 and died 1885

  • 5. SAMUEL ROSCOE BRABSON born December 07, 1884 died July 29, 1951 in Jewel, Blaine Co., Montana married to Maude E Campbell and had two sons James Ethelbert and Roy Samuel Brabson ; descendants still live in Montana

  • Ancestry trees of Luann Brabson & Charlie Campbell
  • 6. ALMOR ALEXANDER BRABSON born July 09, 1887 died October 16, 1958 married to Lula Mae Mongold and lived in Washington Co. ; Evelyn Mae, Marshall Alexander, Helen Harvey, Charlotte Marie, John Thomas and Wilma Charlene their children ; Evelyn living in Washington Co., today 2015

  • Vernon Brethren Cemetery Oakland Road

    Vernon Brethren Cemetery Oakland Road

    Evelyn, Marshall, Helen, Charlotte, John & Wilma (order of birth reversed)

    Vernon Brethren Cemetery Oakland Road

    Margaret Brabson has told how Katherine Barkley Brabson had nandina bushes and I am thinking this bush may have come from Katherine's yard

  • 7. Lyle Ethelbert Brabson born November 03, 1889. He married Sarah Ruth Anderson ; Katherine, Lyle II and Margaret were their children

  • 2. SAMUEL P BRABSON 1842-1892
  • 3. OSCAR MINOR BRABSON 1846-1906
  • 4. JOHN MILLER BRABSON 1848-1912

  • Mary and sister Alice Noel were born in Tazewell, Tennessee. They attended school at Salem Academy, North Carolina which, with no railroad facilities, required a journey on horseback of seven days accompanied by a negro servant, Julia. Mary Noel Brabson was very good to her black servants and would not even sell them for a lot of money. The mother Catherine Noel was born in Virginia

    John Miller Brabson II in his balmy days, he assumed the name of John Marlborough after the English Duke of that name, from whom he claimed descendancy, about which we older children use to tease him. As a young man he was ambitious and obsessed with the necessity of an education. He married Julia Maria Harmon. One of their sons George Dana lived 102 years, 1896-1999

    • 1. WILLIE E. BRABSON 1877 (daughter)
    • 2. FAY WARRINGTON BRABSON 1880-1970 (Military)
    • 3. THOMAS DOUGHTY BRABSON 1881-1965 (Banker)
    • 4. JOSEPH R BRABSON 1884
    • 5. MARY NOEL BRABSON 1888
    • 6. KATE C BRABSON 1888
    • 7. RUTH I BRABSON 1890
    • 8. SAMUEL MILLER BRABSON 1894 (Military)
    • 10.GEORGE DANA BRABSON 1898-1999
    • The Bank of Greeneville was established in 1887 by Judge Hacker & Bro. and John Brabson

    • 1. THOMAS A BRABSON 1847
    • 3. JULIA F BRABSON 1852
    • 4. MARGARET C BRABSON 1853

    • It was Alfred B Brabson who sold Uncle Samuel Keebler some additional land in Bowmantown where he earlier had a home built on land purchased from Solomon Good and where he raised his niece Mary Ann Prudence Ingersoll who married Daniel Burgess Barkley. The land owned by the BRABSON Family in Washington Co was located between Leesburg and Carson Creek and at one time named "BRABSONTOWN" because of all the Brabsons who lived there in the 1800's. The mill operated by the Brabson family was still standing but not in operation and December 2011 we found the building gone and just the foundation remaining

      Most of the BRABSON family members are buried at Oakland Cumberland Presyterian Cemetery and some like Old Thomas Brabson are buried at Providence Presbyterian Cemetery on Carson Creek. Oak Grove Cemetery in Greeneville, Tennessee is another burial place for John M. Brabson family and the Ebenezer Methodist Church and Cemetery is where Eliza Ernest Brabson and daughter June are buried

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    • Telford Methodist Cemetery
    • Salem Cemetery



    • Lyle Ethelbert Brabson