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The surname KEEBLER is a Washington Co., Tennessee name that I grew up with and never knew I was related ; there were Keeblers in school and in Gray and Sulphur Springs and Limestone - then when I got interested in genealogy I found my kinship is through my mother's families. The Barkley-Ingersoll side where I found lots of cousins. The name Kubler began in Winterthur, Switzerland and into Plaidt municipality (Germany) -VG Pellenz, Mayen-Koblenz county, Rhineland-Palatinate - with some found in Nassau, Siegen, Germany and making their way to Rotterdam (Netherlands) where they sailed to America. Not a lot is known about the early Kubler-Kibler-Keebler so there is a lot of speculation for now

From the Infoplease.com website: Emperor Frederick I bestowed (1156) the title count palatine on his half-brother Conrad, who was in possession of territories on both sides of the Rhine. More extensive than the present Rhenish Palatinate, these territories also included the northern part of modern Baden (but not the bishopric of Speyer and other enclaves in the palatine lands west of the Rhine). When Conrad's line died out, the Palatinate passed (1214) to the Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. The Wittelsbachs enlarged their holdings along the Bohemian border, which were constituted as the Upper Palatinate. In 1356 the German princes were granted the Golden Bull, which gave them the right to vote in the election of the Holy Roman Emperor. Their territories were henceforth called the Electoral Palatinate (Ger. Kurpfalz). The Rhenish Palatinate flourished in the 15th and 16th cent., and its capital, Heidelberg, was a center of the German Renaissance and Reformation. The election (1619) of Elector Frederick V ('the Winter King') as king of Bohemia precipitated the Thirty Years War, in which the Palatinate was ravaged both by the imperial forces under Tilly and by the Protestant army under Mansfeld. The Upper Palatinate and the electoral vote were taken from Frederick and transferred to Bavaria, but at the Peace of Westphalia (1648) a new vote was created for Frederick's successor, Charles Louis, and the Rhenish lands, devastated in the war, were returned to his control. The Upper Palatinate remained a part of Bavaria. The region became involved in the War of the Grand Alliance with Louis XIV, who ordered the destruction (1688–89) of the Rhenish Palatinate. In 1720 the capital was transferred to Mannheim

The palatine lands west of the Rhine were conquered by France in the French Revolutionary Wars. In 1803, Maximilian ceded the palatine lands east of the Rhine to Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt, and Nassau, but in 1806 he became king of a much-enlarged Bavaria, and at the Congress of Vienna (1815) he recovered part of the Rhenish Palatinate west of the Rhine, including Speyer and other enclaves. Several districts, however, were awarded to Prussia, Hesse, and Oldenburg. The Upper Palatinate was increased by the addition of Regensburg, which replaced Amberg as capital. Both the Rhenish and the Upper Palatinate became integral parts of Bavaria. After World War II the Rhenish Palatinate became (1946) a district of the newly created state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Santiago Dotor, 17 Oct 2001

Palatinate (of the Rhine). A gold lion on a black field. In use from 14th century until the late 18th century. Norman Martin, Apr 1998

What does this "Palatinate 14th-18th century" flag really stand for? We do not have an explanation. Is it the flag of the count palatine? Of the territory? Or what? (...) The depiction of the Palatinate lion in the flag of the Bezirksverband Pfalz is just the variant that is used by Pfalz today. It is not really medieval in style, rather baroque. Marcus Schmöger, 20 Oct 2001

The FIRST JACOB KIBLER/KEUBLER/KEEBLER swore oath of allegiance 1733 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New visions and update on the KEEBLER family : The Kubler name is Switzerland descent who may have lived in Winderthur in Northern Switzerland making their way to Germany which bordered Switzerland. The FIRST JACOB KIBLER may have been born either in Switzerland or Germany most likely marrying in Germany to Katherine ARMAY whose family may have lived in Turkey making their way to Germany ; Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, vol XIV states that Jacob Keebler of Germantown paid an effective supply tax of 12. This is in the County of Philadelphia in 1779. He was still there in 1783 and paying a federal supply tax on 90 acres, 5 horses and 3 cattle (ref: Pennsylvania Archives 3rd Series vol XVI) The SECOND JACOB KEEBLER lived in New Castle, Delaware then Chester Co. Pennsylvania, then to Berkeley Co., Virginia and on to Kendrick's Creek, Washington Co., Tennessee where I believe he is buried probably on the family farm where they first settled

Generation No. 1 : JACOB2 KEEBLER (KEUBLER1) was born abt. 1710 in Seigen, Nassau Principality or some say Plaidt, Germany. He married KATHERINE ARMAY abt. 1727 in Germany before making their way to America and their home in Philadelphia where they are most likely buried
Children of Jacob and Katherine Armay Keebler
  • 1. Jacob Armay Keebler born 1728 Pennsylvania married Catherine Fagin
  • 2. Unknown Keebler abt 1733 (I suspect more children)
  • 3. Unknown Keebler abt 1735 (other children made their way to other places)
  • 4. John Keebler born January 29, 1737 Pennsylvania (went his own way as well)

  • Generation No. 2 : JACOB ARMAY3 KEEBLER I (JACOB2, KEUBLER1) was born 1728 in Pennsylvania, and died September 1, 1815 at Kendricks Creek, Washington/Sullivan Co., Tennessee and buried at Kindricks Creek, Washington County, Tennessee. He married CATHERINA FAGIN. She was born abt. 1741 and most likely died in Rockbridge Co., Virginia. Only known child of Jacob Jr and CATHERINA FAGIN was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War ; there may have been a daughter Mary living in Rockbridge, Virginia
  • Birth: (CIRCA) 1728
  • Death: September 1, 1815 Kindrick's Creek, WASHINGTON CO TENNESSEE
  • Service Source: PA ARCH, 2ND SER, VOL 13, PP 436, 444
  • Service Description: 1) TOOK OATH OF ALLEGIANCE, 1778

  • Child of Jacob Armay and Catherina Fagin Keebler
  • 1. Jacob Armay Keebler born October 22, 1765 Pennsylvania married Mary Barbara Young born September 17, 1765
  • 2. Mary Keebler believed to be in Rockingham Co., Virginia ; yet to find her family

  • Generation No. 3 : REV. JACOB ARMAY4 KEEBLER II (JACOB ARMAY3, JACOB2, KEUBLER1) was born October 22, 1765 in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania and died June 01, 1839 buried in Keebler Cemetery, Big Limestone Creek, Washington County, Tennessee. He married MARY BARBARA YOUNG March 11, 1785 in Chestertown, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of JAMES YOUNG. She was born September 17, 1765 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and burial July 03, 1842 in Keebler Cemetery, Big Limestone Creek, Washington County, Tennessee
  • 1. SARAH ELIZABETH KEEBLER born April 16, 1786 Pennsylvania died February 10, 1867 Washington Co., Tennessee married John Kincheloe
  • 2. JOHN KEEBLER born 1787 Pennsylvania died 1882 Tennessee married ANNA HAWS and lived in Cleveland, Bradley Co., Tennessee ; he was a soldier in the War of 1812
  • 3. JAMES KEEBLER born 1789 Virginia died 1859 Tennessee married SARAH HAWS (1794-1888)
  • 4. MARY ANN KEEBLER born 1796 Virginia died 1880 Telford, Washington Co., Tennessee ; never married but lived with brother Samuel Keebler
  • 5. ELIZABETH KEEBLER born April 21, 1797 Virginia died October 1870 married Jacob Bacon
  • 6. CATHERINE KEEBLER born May 15, 1799 Tennessee died September 15, 1823, Washington Co., Tennessee married Moses Ingersoll, III
  • 7. CELINDA KEEBLER born October 14, 1801 Tennessee died December 13, 1839 Tennessee married William Haws and had daughter Marietta Haws ; William Haws married second to Matilda Unknown and had two sons William Harrison and Shaderick Haws
  • 8. SAMUEL KEEBLER born August 26, 1804 died May 8, 1892 Telford, Washington Co., Tennessee ; it was Uncle Sammy Keebler who was quite prosperous and so many nephews were named for him but only one nephew received his inheritance and that was Samuel Keebler Barkley son of Mary Ann Ingersoll Barkley; Mary Ann was raised by Uncle Sammy and Aunt Polly
  • Jacob A Keebler I (father) and II (son) were on the tax list of Washington Co. Tennessee in 1819

    Transcribed by Janelle Morrow Walker Warden

    This Register, from the family bible, was started September 1, 1815 when Jacob A Kibler the first died. Handwriting changed throughout, but I am most certain that grandson Samuel Keebler/Kibler wrote many of the notes in the book. Note also wife of Jacob Keebler is referred to both as Mary and later as Polly, and that Jacob A Keebler the second is sometimes referred to as Jacob Keebler senior, while his son, the third Jacob A Keebler, is referred to as Jacob Keebler junior

    Chris Womack Morris had copied this from the family of her grandfather William Burgess Barkley. William Burgess was the son of Daniel Burgess and Prudence Mary Ann Ingersoll Barkley

    Page 1

    Jacob Keebler Family Register

    Taken at his habitation

    on Kindricks Creek

    Washington County Tennessee

    Page 2


    Page 3

    Jacob Keebler, grandfather of this succeeding family deceased at his

    son Jacob's on Kindrick's Creek on this first day of September AD 1815

    aged about 87 years an half

    Jacob Keebler his Son was born on the Shore of the River Delaware in

    Newcastle County near Naaman's Creek, upon the twenty second day of

    October AD 1765

    Mary Young was born near Marcus Hook Chester County Pennsylvania, on

    September, seventeenth AD 1765. her parents being James & Barbara Young

    Page 4

    The aforesaid Jacob Keebler and Mary Young were married by Edward

    Varnum esquire in Chester town & County on the Delaware River in the

    State of Pennsylvania on March eleventh, AD: 1785

    Their Offspring

    1. Sarah Keebler, their eldest Daughter, born in Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 16th, 1786

    Page 5

    2. John Keebler, eldest son of Jacob & Polly aforesaid, was also born in Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, on January twenty ninth, One thousand seven hundred and eighty eight, 1788
    3. James Keebler was born in Barclay County, New Virginia State on the twenty sixth of December One thousand seven hun- dred and eighty nine, 1789.
    4. Jacob Keebler junior, was born in Rockbridge County, New Virginia, on the sixth day of April One thousand seven hundred and ninety two. 1792
    Page 6
    5. Mary Keebler, born in Rockbridge County New Virginia, April 8th. 1794
    6. Elizabeth Keebler was born in Rockbridge County, in New Virginia State, on the twenty first day of April Anno Domini 1797.
    7. Catharine Keebler, was born on Kindricks Creek in the County Washington, Tennessee State on May fifteenth A:D. 1799

    Page 7

    8. Celinda Keebler, was born on Kindrick's Creek in the County of Washington & State aforesaid on October fourteenth One thousand eight hundred &one 1801
    9. Samuel Keebler, was born on Kindricks Creek, in the County of Washington & State of Tennessee aforesaid on the twenty sixth day of August 1804


    D. B. Barkley was married to Mary Ann Ingersoll September 20th 1849

    Page 8

    the Births of the Children of DBB & Mary A Barkley on next page

    Page 9


    Katharine Jane Barkley was Born October 15th 1850

    Samuel Keebler Barkley was Born February 6th 1855

    John Daniel Barkley was Born November 9th 1857
    Mathew Barkley was Born October 15th 1860, Died same day

    William Burgess Barkley was Born December 20th 1862

    Page 10

    Caroline Ingersol

    Born the seventeenth day February 1822

    Maryann Ingersol

    Born the fourteenth day of August 1823

    Catharine Ingersoll departed this life on the 25th of September 1823

    Page 11

    Sarah Kincheloe daughter of Jacob & Mary Keebler

    Died at her residence Sunday Feb 10th 1867 aged 80 years 9 months & 24 days

    Margaret Lucinda Blair

    died Jany? 5th 1871 at her Residence at London E Tenn

    John Keebler was born Jany 29th 1788 Died May 30th 1882

    Mary Keebler

    died Nov 30th 1881

    5 May 2012