DNA testing has told us we are related to an unknown back 3,000 years ago in Egypt/Mesopotamia area. Does that mean our ancestor was living when the Jerusalem temple fell and everyone scattered to the ends of the earth? Roman armies were making their way north to gather up land so did our WARDEN ancestor make their way up through Turkey, Switzerland, Germany across the North Sea to England and some settling in Scotland. Our research has just begun. It has been said we came to England with the Roman Empire from Syria, when Syria was a Jewish Nation as Syrian Archers. The name Ward and Warden means guardian so were we the guardians for the Roman army? So much more to delve into. We know for sure that a THOMAS and MARY WARDEN married in England and were living in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England where their children were born. We know for sure there were two children; GEORGE and MARY ANN WARDEN who both made their way to Birmingham and Steward Street. I suspect a son THOMAS who may have lived Staffordshire & Warwickshire. Bromsgove is south west of Birmingham where later family members moved before going on to Birmingham and scattering from there. August 18-19, 2012 we made a driving trip to Birmingham, England which has been very helpful in finding clues of where to look on the internet where everyone has been very helpful in tracking down our WARDEN family. Kudos to the Birmingham Heritage Forum and the Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy in helping me find the burials for our Warden family

  • EUROPE 99%
  • Ireland 46%
  • Europe West 35%
  • Great Britain 7%
  • Iberian Peninsula6%
  • Scandinavia 4%
  • Europe East 1%
  • Italy/Greece <1%
  • WEST ASIA 1%
  • Middle East 1%

  • 144664 Geo. Warden b1810 Chaddesley,Corbett,Worcester England died 1854 Birmingham, England J2 12 23 14 11 14 17 11 15 12 13 11 29 15 8 9 11 11 25 14 21 32 12 13 13 17 10 11 19 22 15 15 16 18 36 37 9 9

    George Warden married Leonora Hands

  • 1. RANDOLPH WARDEN born 1662 England died November 10, 1728 St Margaret, Edgware, Middlesex, England ; Randolph Warden Burial Date: Nov 10, 1728 Parish: St Margaret, Edgware County: Middlesex Borough: Barnet Record Type: Burial Register Type: Parish Register
  • A little history about the area: A5 (old Roman Road - Watling Street) and the A5100 (Station Road, Edgware’s main shopping street)

  • 2. RANDOLPH WARDEN JR born abt 1704 England married Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Spouse1: Randolph Warden Spouse: Elisabeth Herbut Date: Feb 8, 1738 ; Boston Marriages from 1700 to 1751 Intentions to marry....

  • Only a possibility not confirmed!

  • 3. THOMAS WARDEN abt 1700 England...

  • 4. SAMUEL WARDEN abt 1750 England married ELIZABETH Unknown probably died ENGLAND...

  • 5. THOMAS WARDEN 1773 St Mary, Ealing, Middlesex, England married MARY abt 1794 ; parents of Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Mary Ann, George

  • 6. SAMUEL WARDEN 1783 St Mary, Ealing, Middlesex, England married JERUSHA 1807 Shutesbury, MA ; parents of Samuel Montague & Thomas Burnham & Hannah Warden Hazard-Wheeler

  • All Saints Church where Geo & Leonora attended church and where Mary Ann & Joseph were baptised ; All Saints Church was in Brookfields ; Brookfields being very near to Hockley and Ladywood and Steward Street. Birmingham All Saints is an Ecclesiastical Parish in the county of Warwickshire, created in 1834 from Birmingham St Martin, Warwickshire Ancient Parish. The Church, was built in 1833, at a cost of £3817 was demolished in 1973

    All Saints National School was built adjoining the churchyard in 1843, a simple tall Gothic building with high narrow pointed windows, its name and date carved prominently across the front. It was the successor of the church's Sunday School and had accommodation for over 600 boys, girls and infants in three large rooms. It still stands, one of the very few old buildings left in the area. All Saints School may be where Thomas got his education ; both church & school are no longer there

    Key Hill Cemetery on Icknield Street where George and Leonora, Mary Ann Warden Hall, Sarah and babies are buried. It is near Warstone Lane Cemetery and the Birmingham Jewellry Quarters

  • 1. MARY ANN WARDEN b. 1836 and d. April 16, 1892 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England ; Mary Ann married George Snape and had a large family

  • 2. JOSEPH WARDEN b. September 1837 - died of inflammation May 1838 9 months old ; minister J Richards with burial at Key Hill Cemetery

  • 3. SARAH WARDEN b. June 1839 and d. March 29, 1917 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England ; Sarah never married but was living with Aunt Mary Ann Warden Hall after her mother Leonora died and Sarah remained on Steward St. the rest of her life as an Infant School teacher ; Sarah is buried with Aunt Mary Ann Warden Hall at Key Hill Cemetery

  • 4. EMMA WARDEN b. September 1840 and d. March 1914 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England married William Wells and was the mother of two daughters Amy born 1877 and Sarah born 1882

  • 5. THOMAS WARDEN b. September 23, 1842 Birmingham, England d. November 23, 1875 Providence, Rhode Island left England for New York where he married Barbara Robertson. CHARLES HOWARD WARDEN born 1871 in Brooklyn and I am most certain GEORGE ROBERTSON WARDEN was born about 1876 in Scotland ; Thomas is buried at Springvale Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island

  • 6. CAROLINE ELLEN WARDEN b. April 1844 died of inflammation of bowels, July 1844 4 months old ; minister James Alsop with burial at Key Hill Cemetery

  • 7. ISABELLA WARDEN b. 1844 died September 1844 buried at Key Hill Cemetery ; she died of marasmus, a wasting away of the body. I do believe Leonora may have contacted Tuberculosis while pregnant or just after and died leaving baby Isabella without any nutrition

    George Warden married (1)Leonora Hands May 25, 1834 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England (2)Helen/Ellen Lote West Bromwich, Staffordshire January 1850 ; Ellen may have been the daughter of Isaac Lote born in Little Aston, Staffordshire, England. By 1861 census Ellen was a widow living with stepson Thomas Warden and John Stackhouse ; John Stackhouse was an engineer with manufacturing co. and about the same age as George Warden. He lived in the Geo Warden household from 1841-1861 ; would love to know if he was just a good friend or why he lived with them so long a time?

  • George Warden abt 1811 Birmingham Warwickshire
  • Leonora Warden abt 1816 Birmingham Warwickshire
  • Mary Warden abt 1836 Warwickshire, Birmingham Warwickshire
  • Sarah Warden abt 1839 Warwickshire, Birmingham Warwickshire
  • Emma Warden abt 1840 Warwickshire, Birmingham Warwickshire
  • John Stackhouse b. abt 1816 Birmingham Warwickshire

  • A real mystery as to the boy dressed as a "soldier"? I still like to ponder the soldier boy being Thomas Warden age 3 yrs in England

  • George Warden head married, age 45 yrs. occupation at Chemical Works born Worcester, Bromsgrove living on Steward St
  • Ellen Warden wife married, age 46 born Stafford Shenstone. Family members in England say Ellen is a second wife whom Geo married after the death of Leonora & baby Isabella
  • Mary A Warden age 15 born Warwick Birmingham Charwoman
  • Emma Warden age 9 born Warwick Birmingham Scholar
  • Thomas Warden age 7 born Warwick Birmingham Scholar
  • John Stackhouse lodger age 36 born Stafford Walsall Engineer

  • This is a locket that opens which was once worn as a necklace. Garnet gems are placed in clusters on the back side. (One cluster is missing and inside the locket is gold plated. I use to think this was George and Belle must have worn the locket but today after learning about Thomas dying at an early age this could be Thomas Warden. Since he was a jeweler it is possibly a locket from his collection and Barbara must have worn it after his death. After more research I have found Victorian jewelry was a production in Birmingham, England and also in Providence, Rhode Island. Thomas was living in Birmingham as a jeweler and after marrying in 1869 they were living in East Providence, Rhode Island where he died in 1875

    Ellen and Thomas Warden were living here in 1861

  • Steward St Wardens Bldg 1 Ellen Warden head age of 55 seamstress born Stafford Staffordshire, Aston
  • Thomas Warden son age of 18 Jeweller born Warwickshire, B'ham England


  • Ellen/Helen Lote Warden has been found in 1871 living at SCourt 3 House Kent Street Birmingham : Ellen widow age 64 Semptress born Little Aston, Staffordshire and in 1881 census living at 80 Soho Road Handsworth Almshouse listed as Ellen Warden widow age 78 inmate of Alms House born Little Aston Staffordshire and a death registrar has Eleanor Warden born abt. 1805, age at death 80 years (Apr-May-June 1885 West Bromwich, Staffordshire

    This could be Thomas when he takes off for America

  • George Robertson 45 Carpenter
  • Barbara Robertson 40
  • Jane Robertson 17
  • Barbara Robertson 13
  • Ellen Robertson 7

  • THOMAS WARDEN MARRIES BARBARA ROBERTSON IN NEW YORK...the marriage license reads as follows: "State of New York thereby certify that THOMAS WARDEN and BARBARA ROBERTSON were joined in marriage by me, in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York in the City of New York this 15th day of February 1869. Attest=John Thomson DD; Pastor of 4th Presbyterian Church; residence 150 West 37th Street; WITNESS to the MARRIAGE: Thomas Humphrey and Jane Robertson. To the Bureau of Vital Statistics; Metropolitan Board of Health--State of New York
  • Full name of Groom ----Thomas Warden
  • Place of residence ----653 Greenwich Street NY
  • Age ----26
  • (color) --- white
  • Occupation --- Jeweller
  • Place of Birth --- Birmingham, England
  • Father's name ----George Warden
  • Mother's maiden name ---- Leonora Hands
  • No. of groom's marriage--- First
  • Full name of Bride ---Barbara Robertson
  • Place of Residence ----375 Bleeker Street NY
  • Age----24
  • (color)----White
  • Place of birth---Waterford, Ireland
  • Father's name ---George Robertson
  • Mother's maiden name --- Barbara Sharp
  • No. of Bride's marriage---First
  • New York, 15th February 1869
  • We, the groom and bride named in the above certificate, hereby certify that the information given is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. Signed............Thomas Warden (groom) and Barbara Robertson (bride) signed in the presence of Thomas Humphrey and Jane Robertson

  • Mrs. Barbara R. Warden was attended from April 22, 1899 to June 24, 1899 that I last saw her alive on the 19 day of June 1899 that she died on the 24 day of June 1899 about 11:15 o'clock a.m. and that to the best of my knowledge and belief the cause of her death was as hereunder written: Cardiac athroma, producing augina and heart failure. Witness my hand this 24 day of June 1899. (signature) JW Heddum M.D. (residence) 149 East 21 St., Place of Burial....Providence, RI....Date of burial...June 27, 1899.....Undertaker.....George O. B. Weaver....Residence...375 Cumberland St

  • Date of Death....June 24, 1899
  • Full name.....Barbara R. Warden
  • Age.....53
  • Widow
  • Birthplace.....Ireland
  • How long in US....43 years
  • How long in New York City....43 years
  • Father's name.....George Robertson
  • Father's birthplace...Scotland
  • Mother's name.....Barbara Robertson
  • Mother's birthplace....Ireland
  • Place of Death.....Brooklyn, NY
  • Last place of residence...184 S. Oxford St
  • Class of dwelling...Private house
  • Direct cause of death....Cardiac Athroma
  • Indirect cause of death....Angina Heart failure

  • Thomas Warden death in the Rhode Island Archives reads: "Thomas Warden parents unknown noted as having died in Providence on Richardson Street, November 23, 1875 ; noted as 33 years 2 months old at the time of death, married, occupation jeweler, born England - aneurism of aorta as cause of death" however next of kin on death certificate has: Samuel Warden and Jerushia Warden

    1851 England Census Lady Wood District, Lady Wood Steward St...

  • #98 Joseph Hands 46 head colour maker
  • Mary Hands 45 wife
  • Mary Hands 19 dau
  • Elizabeth Hands 18 dau dressmaker
  • William Hands 10 son scholar
  • John Hands 44 lodger school master
  • Thomas Hodgett 71 lodger yeoman father-in-law
  • Next door
  • #97 George Warden
  • Ellen Warden
  • Mary A Warden
  • Emma Warden
  • Thomas Warden
  • John Stackhouse engineer

  • 1861 England Census St Mark, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England...

  • Absalom Hands 47
  • Sarah Hands 38 wife
  • Mary A Hands 17
  • William Hands 10
  • Emma Hands 7
  • Unknown Hands 3
  • Thomas Hodgetts 81 father-in-law (he dies by 1866)
  • James Gale 66 father in law

  • Sarah Warden and Aunt Mary Ann Warden Hall were living here

    Today August 2012 Steward Street is an industrial street with a Cafe

    This building may be part of the Warden and Hands building

    Immigrated from Liverpool to New York City aboard the S.S. Wisconsin abt 1869 with oldest son, William, and then moved to DeKalb, Illinois - sent for the rest of the family in 1871 ; move to Lohrville, Iowa Absalom and family buried in Union Township, Lot 22, Block 1 of Evergreen Cemetery, Lohrville, IA. I wonder if William and son came to America because Thomas Warden, nephew had traveled to America just prior to 1869? Did George Warden of New York ever know he had a great uncle and cousins who had come to America shortly after his father Thomas Warden? I see another cemetery to checkout in the near future in Lohrville, Iowa