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William Walker born Dec 31, 1801 and died Feb'y 17, 1885 in Washington County, Tennessee was the second son of William and Susanah Graham Walker. He is buried in the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, which was part of the land the elder William Walker bought from Robert Carson in 1791. William Walker II gave the land for the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church. William married Mary Brown December 18, 1834 ; she was the daughter of Redheaded John and Nancy Smith Brown

Many thanks to Charles Albert "Bit" Keys for sharing the photos of the William and Mary Brown Walker. The home is now a century farm located on Blackley Creek and between Pleasant Grove and Glendale Rds. The house and farm are located on the original land that William Walker bought from Robert Carson in 1791

1. Nancy J. Walker born February 17, 1835 died April 29, 1855. She was never married ; burial in Pleasant Grove Cemetery
  • 2. Susanna Walker born February 05, 1837 died July 16, 1924 married Richard Baskett ; children are John Baskett, Mary Baskett Swanney, Mattie Baskett Milburn, Lina Sue Baskett Bailey

  • 3. Mary Ann Walker born March 01, 1839 died February 01, 1905 married Josiah Mahoney November 18, 1858 ; children include Unknown Son who died young, William M Mahoney, Sarah Eva Mahoney Piper who is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Jonesborough, Tennessee. Josiah Mahoney son of Mary Campbell Mahoney, grandson of Sarah Taylor Campbell and great grandson of Leeroy Taylor, Rev War Soldier

  • 4. John Smith Walker born September 06, 1841 died May 11, 1913 married Angeline Louise Keys June 13, 1861 and their children are Mary A. Walker McMackin, Margaret Tennessee Bowman Bowman, Nancy Ann Walker White, William E. Walker died at age 11 yrs

  • 5. Sarah Matilda Walker born November 10, 1843 died January 17, 1914 married Elbert Winton Keys June 28, 1866 ; "Mollie" Keys Hale, William Aaron Keys married twice {Laura Baskett and Amy Taylor} with 19 children, John Wesley Keys married to Julia Sellers, Maggie Keys Sellers, Robert Lewis Keys married Margaret Cline, Charles Elbert Keys married {Bertha Bacon and Martha Osborn} twice with 8 children; Bertha Keys Mitchell Interesting marriage of Bertha Keys married to Arthur J Mitchell...when she died in May 1909 AJ married Etta Walker third cousin to Bertha Keys through grandfathers John and William Walker

  • 6. Margaret E. Walker born December 04, 1845 died May 26, 1918 married Robert L. Keys June 08, 1876 ; two children Mary Ada Keys Martin and William Homer Keys

  • 7. W. H. Walker 1848 to 1860

  • 8. Martha E. Walker born December 19, 1849 married William Henry Stafford January 12, 1862 ; their children were William Edward, Mary Etta Stafford Rogers, Sarah Stafford, Thomas, Walter, Martha Virgie Stafford Merritt, Margaret Pearl Stafford Keefauver, Charles Oscar, and Robert E. Stafford

  • 9. Rachel A. Walker born April 06, 1852 died January 20, 1854

  • 10. Andrew W. Walker born December 07, 1854 died July 20, 1858

  • Obituary for Mary Walker Mahoney : In Memoriam: Mary, a daughter of William and Mary Walker; was born March 1, 1839. Early in life she was converted and joined the Methodist Church. On November 18, 1858, she was married to Josiah Mahoney, unto this union were born three children, two sons and one daughter. She was preceded to a better world by her husband and one son. Her other son, William, a citizen of Maryland, and her daughter, Sarah, her sister Piper, survive her. She died on the night of Feb 1, 1905 about 10 o'clock, in the 65th year of her age

    Obituary for Josiah Mahoney : Wed., April 20, 1898 "Death; Josiah Mahoney died last Friday morning at 4:00. He was born and raised in Washington county and lived here all his life. He was 60 years of age at his death and was a Lieutenant in the Eighth Tennessee Cavalry (Union) in the late war. Funeral Services were held Saturday under the auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic and he was laid to rest in the new cemetery. Tombstone Inscription: "Lieut. Josiah Mahoney Co D 8 Tenn Cav "pneumonia, April 15, 1898". Obituaries were sent to me from Dennis Mahoney

  • Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Is located on a short road between Blackley Creek Road and Providence, Road, in the 17th Civil District Washington County, Tennessee about 10 miles Northwest of Jonesboro, Tennessee, 2 miles off State Highway 81. About the year of 1846, Richard Basket was passing by this particular spot when he saw a light and realized the community needed a church. At this time the property was owned by Mr. William Walker and Mr. Basket suggested to him that it would be a fine place for a church. Mr. Walker responded by giving land for a church and cemetery. The first church was built of logs and was used for both church and school. The record of the first member to join the old log church was Nancy Stuart, who married Aaron Keys. Descendants of these families still are on the church roll. Then a frame church was built and used until 1958 when Mrs. Wesley (Lina) Bailey and son Leonard Bailey, donated more land for the present building, a brick church, with church school rooms and fellowship hall and kitchen was erected. Joe Morrell was the architect and Wayne Squibb as builder.
    The first Trustees of the log church were William Walker, Richard Basket, Aaron Keys, John Mahoney and Isley Fraker.
    The first church was Methodist Episcopal Church South according to the Minutes of the Ralston Conference of Oct. 1845. Pleasant Grove Church was on the Sulphur Springs Circuit. The first membership record available list members in 1905 as the following:
    {1}Jas A Bailey {2}Martha A. Bailey {3}J. W. Bailey {4}Lina S. Bailey {5}Risina Bailey {6}William Cochran {7} Courtney Ealey {8}Sullin Hartman {9}Lillie Hartman {10}Asenath Harris {11}Melvin Jones {12} Sue Jones {13} {14}Elbert W. Keys {15}Sarah M. Keys {16}R. L. Keys {17}Margarette Keys {18}John A. Keys {19}Lizzie Keys (20)Argil Keys {21}Addie Rodger {22}Jessee Hartman {23}Eula Kate Keys {24}Henry Dougherty {25}Lee Jones {26}Ida M. Rodgers {27}Ella Mae Bailey {28}Amy Baskett {29}Emmice Basket {30}Ora Mae Walters {31)Emma Bailey {32}Amanda Sellers {33}Mary A. Keys Martin {34} G. L. Rodgers {35}Martha Walker Stafford {36}Mary E. Stafford {37} Lizzie Stafford {38}Maggie Sellers {39}Mary Stuart {40}Nannie White {41}John S. Walker {42}Angeline Keys Walker {43}Isaac Eads {44}Angeline Brown {45}Matilda Mussleman {46}R. E. Wm. Basket {47}Annie Clark {48} Eliza J. Hartman {49}Bertha Keys Mitchell {50}Paul Baskett {51}Charles E. M. Hale {52}Frank White {53)Guy D. Keys {54}Maggie Stafford {55}Pollie Hartman {56}Minnie Cochran {57}Nancy A. Keys {58}E. A. Clark {59}Margaret Shields {60}Dudley Shields {61}Furgat Clark {62}Hattie Clark {63}Howard Clark {64}Ross Clark {65}Mrs. Jane Clark {66}Mary A. McMackin. As copied by Marlene Ross from the Jonesborough Public Library

    A great new discovery is the picture of Mary Brown and William Walker. Many thanks to Ann Cross Goss for sharing the photo

    Lina Sue Baskett granddaughter of William & Mary Brown Walker, daughter of Richard & Susannah Walker Baskett and wife of John Wesley Bailey

    Sarah Matilda Walker Keys, fifth daughter of William and Mary Brown Walker is shown in a family portrait. I got the portrait from a descendant of Maggie Keys Sellers and many thanks for having this wonderful family portrait. Standing Left to Right: Charles Elbert, b.1879; Bertha, b 1881; Laura Baskette and William Aaron Keys, b. 1870; Maggie b. 1875 ; and Robert L., b. 1877. Seated in front: John Wesley b.1872; Mary (Mollie) b. 1868 ; Elbert Winton, b. 1843 and Sarah Matilda Walker, b. 1843

    Written on the back is "Mary Stafford" so is this Mary Etta daughter of William Henry & Martha Walker Stafford; granddaughter of William & Mary Brown Walker. Picture was from Aunt Amy Bowman collection

    Wm Henry & Martha Walker Stafford with daughters and son? Sarah, Virgie, Maggie Pearl or Mary? Picture was received from Marlene Rogers granddaughter of Mary Etta Stafford Rogers

    Another picture received from Marlene Rogers of her dad Marlin Rogers with cousins in Tennessee. The middle guy has to be a Rogers and the guy on right unknown

    Thomas Leonard Keys, son of William Aaron Keys ; grandson of Sarah Matilda Walker Keys and great grandson of William & Mary Brown Walker

    The sons of Thomas Leonard and Ida Faye Bailey Keys; Thomas Leonard, Robert Aaron and James Allen Keys

    Another picture from Marlene Rogers which may be Marlin Rogers kin on a trip to Tennessee. There is a guy sitting in the car, a man sitting on the running board and a lady in the yard?

    A picture found in Aunt Amy Walker Bowman's picture collection. I need help identifying the people in the picture? On the back of the picture is written "Essie, Anna and Dr standing. Mother in chair. (Anna is Bernard C's wife standing in middle of group? picture taken Sept. 1926. They have to belong to the WILLIAM AND MARY BROWN WALKER family

    Charles Albert "Bit" Keys and wife Rita ; Bit the great great grandson of William and Mary Brown Walker sitting with Don Walker the great great grandson of John Walker brother to William Walker

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  • I love the quote from a Douglas researcher about how the folks in Washington County married into many families making them all kin ... "one needs a road map to follow them"