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(?), (?) to (?), Hannah
(?), Hannah to ?, Maria
?, Maria to Alden, John
Alden, John to Almy, William
Alpine, Mary Jane to Arron, Robert James
Arsenault, Antoine to Babcock, Sarah
Babigian, Satenig to Ballou, Welcome
Ballum, George Edward to Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, Mary to Behling, George Alvin
Behsman, George to Bernard, John
Bernard, John Crozier to Blake, Solomon
Blakely, Hazel 'Babe' Victoria to Boss, Minnie
Boss, Nathan to Brannigan, Catherine
Brannon, Ada Jane to Brooks, William Harley
Broom, Catherine to Brown, Virginia
Brown, W. G. . to Burcham, W.
Burchell, Mabel to Byno, Laura May
Bynon, Elizabeth to Campbell, Caroline
Campbell, Caroline to Campbell, Thomas Tuplin
Campbell, Thursa Elizabeth to Carroll, Winnie Frances
Carruth, Emma to Chapman, Wallace Brown
Chapman, William to Clark, David Lawson
Clark, David S. to Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah to Coigners, Roger
Coile, Susan to Connolly, Patrick
Connoly, Kate to Copp, Son
Copp, Stephen Bliss to Corey, Carrie Elizabeth
Corey, Carrie J to Corey, Emilita
Corey, Emily to Corey, Ira Noble
Corey, Ira Vay to Corey, Margaret
Corey, Margaret to Corey, Philip Gray
Corey, Philip Raymond to Corey, William R
Corey, William R to Cory, Elizabeth
Cory, Elizabeth to Cory, Mary
Cory, Mary to Cory, Vernon Patrick
Cory, Viola S to Cowles, Sarah Florella
Cowley, William E to Coy, Minnie Milissa
Coy, Muriel to Cranston, William Shaw
Craparotta, Vita to Curry, William Adolphus
Curtis, Ada Jane to Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah to De Vivonne, Cecelia (Cicely)
de Warenne, Isabel to DeWolfe, Margaret
Dexter, Mary to Donald, Margaret
Donald, Margaret to Dow, Norman
Dowd, Catherine to Duryea, Maria
Dusec, Maria Dufec Or to Dyer, Clinton A.
Dyer, Comfort to Dyer, Grace M.
Dyer, Gratia to Dyer, Martha 'Mattie' Steadman
Dyer, Martha (Nee?) to Dyer, Sarah Elizabeth
Dyer, Sarah Ellen to Dykeman, Sophia Martha
Dykeman, Statira to Embree, Romer
Emerson, Abbie Delia to Estabrooks, Elijah 'Preacher' II
Estabrooks, Elijah ,Sr. to Estabrooks, Samuel
Estabrooks, Samuel to Felber, Leo Fred
Felton, John Charles to Fisher, William
Fishwick, James Edward to Fortescue, William of Wimpstone
Fortier, Frank to Freer, William Ralph
Freese, Neal to Gamble, Thomas James
Gamble, Vernie Donald to Gerow, Nelson Lawson
Gerow, Oliver to Goddard, Walter
Godfrey, John to Graen, Victor
Gragson, Julie Catherine to Green, William Schurman
Greenan, Vernon to Gunter, Arthur John
Gunter, Belle to Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary to Harbour, Rosette
Harcourt, Mary to Hartt, John
Hartt, John to Hay, Suannah Elizabeth
Haycock, Martha A. to Hendricks, Pearl
Hendrickson, Blenda C to Hines, Pearl
Hingley, Angus Mcbeth to Hogg, William
Hoke, Arson to Howatt, Hannah Priscilla
Howatt, Harriett to Hull, Hannah
Hull, Hazard to Hyde, Vera Annie
Hyde, William to Jacobs, Mary Ella
Jacobsen, Annetje to Johnson, Jonathan
Johnson, Judd C. to Kay, Winsloe
Kaye, Colpitts to Ketchum, Catherine
Ketchum, Catherine to Ketchum, Sarah
Ketchum, Sarah to Kruiger, Anna
Kubicek, Albina to Larmon, Ruth May
Larmon, Ruth Sanford to Laycraft, William
Layton, Annie to Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Joseph Rogers to Long, William Oliver
Longacre, John to Lucken, Johann (John)
Lucken, Johann (John) to MacDonald, John A.
MacDonald, John Cowan to MacLaggan, Peter , Cpl.
MacLaughlin, Annie Ethel to Mahoney, Margaret
Mahoney, Margaret to Manzer, Zuruah
Manzy, Clarinda to Marchbanks, Jane Nellie
Marchbanks, Janet to Marjoribanks, Ishbel
Marjoribanks, Ishbel Maria to Mason, Sybil Seviah
Massey, Jarrett Lee to May, William Eshbau
Maybee, Elizabeth to McDonell, Rodrick 'Roddy' Alexander
McDougall, Sarah to McLean, Elizabeth Ann
McLean, Elizabeth Mary to Meloon, William David
Meloy, Anthony to Miller, Samuel Mahoney
Miller, Samuel Mahoney , Jr. to Montgomery, John
Montgomery, John to Morse, William W
Morsellino, Antonina to Muttart, Kenneth Franklin
Muttart, Lewis to Nicols, Dorothy
Nieft, Nancy to Ogden, Waity
Ogilvie, Eula Anna May to Oulton, Samuel Herbert
Oulton, Sarah to Palmer, Philip
Palmer, Phoebe to Patterson, Robert S. (Rev.)
Patterson, Sarah Ann to Penrose, Hannah
Pentz, William H. to Philips, Flora Eugenia
Phillips, Ada Lou 'Sissy' to Plumer, Sylvanus James
Plummer, Adeline 'Addie' to Purdy, Mary
Purdy, Mary Lusby to Ray, Sarah B
Raymond, Adella French to Renk, Kenneth
Rennie, R.E. to Ring, Zebedee , Sr.
Riordan, Nora May to Rogers, William Gerald
Rogerson, ? to Ruschhaupt, John Frederick
Rusco, Lydia to Saunders, William Estabrooks Sr.
Savage, Alice Mildred to Schurman, Caleb
Schurman, Caleb to Schurman, John Craig
Schurman, John Davis to Schurman, Winnie Bertha
Schurman, Winnie Frances to Servaes, Ted Clarence
Setone, Anne to Shove, Ruth Ann
Shreve, Ada Mary to Simpson, Mary Alice
Simpson, Mary Alice to Slocum, Frederick
Slocum, Frederick E to Smith, Hibbert
Smith, Hibbert Harris to Somerville, William Samuel
Sonier, Dina to Spooner, William
Spoor, F. B. to Stedman, William H.
Steele, Aaron to Stiles, Warren
Stillings, Evelyn Pearl to Streeter, William B.
Streing, Clorinda to Tanner, Isabel Josie
Tanner, James Calkins to Therssen\Tysen, Maria
Thiede, Herman Julius to Tingley, William Lewis
Tinsley, Bassel to Townsend, Samuel James
Townsend, Sarah Ann to Tubbs, James R.
Tubbs, Joanna to Underhay, William Henry
Underhill, Ann to Vlasak, Rose T.
Voim, Hazel to Walker, Rachel Hamilton
Walker, Ralph Reed to Warren, Willis R.
Warriner, Hannah to Weaver, Rebecca
Weaver, Rebecca Ann to Weston, William H.
Wetherby, Sarah (Sally) to Whitmarsh, Mary
Whitmire, Orpha Elizabeth to Wiggins, Winnifred Frances
Wight, Margaret Fraser to Wilmont, Anne
Wilneff, Catherine to Woods, William Charles (Rev.)
Woodside, 'Charles' Upton to Wright, Catherine Hooper
Wright, Celia Ella to Young, George
Young, George to Zwirz, Emma Ottilia


David Walker
Edwards, Ontario, Canada

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