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Wallis Family History

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The Ancestors of Robert Neale Wallis

Ongoing construction, check back regularly!

Robert Neale Wallis age 3       This solemn little fellow is Robert Neale Wallis, age 3, somewhere near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, circa 1910.

      Robert was the son of William Thomas Wallis of London and Elizabeth Ellen Blackburn of Lancashire, who emigrated to Canada in 1903 with the Barr Colony.
William applied for and was granted a Dominion Land Grant (homestead) near Lloydminster. This section of a 1923 Saskatchewan map shows the general area where the homestead was located (roughly where the circle indicates the town of Southminster).

Robert married Dorrice Melva Aiken in Ithaca, New York. They lived in Utica, New York, where their three oldest children were born, until 1953. In the summer of 1953, when I (the eldest) was eight, the family began a cross-country trek that defined and enriched all the rest of my childhood. "When we were traveling . . . " is a phrase that generates a wealth of happy memories. My story recounts the period between 1953 and 1959, when we finally settled down in Groveland, Florida.

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