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                                                    The Fancher-Seitz Cemetery
                                          Osage, Carroll County, Arkansas

                                                  (James F.6 Fancher (Richard5, David4, Richard3, William2, William1)

The Fancher-Seitz Cemetery was established in 1839 with the passing of Sarah (Jarnigan) Fancher, the wife of Richard5 Fancher, and the mother of Col. James F.6 Fancher. Sarah died just one year after arriving in Arkansas. The cemetery is located on the original Col. James F. Fancher homestead along the Osage River about two miles east of the old town of Fairview, now known as Osage. It is along the road to Delmar and not far from the Thomas Washington7 Fancher Homestead Cemetery (est. 1892), known as the Fancher-IOOF Cemetery.

Each person buried in the Fancher-Seitz Cemetery is directly related by blood or by marriage to Col. James F. Fancher, including Christopher Carson Fancher, who was his great nephew. "Kit" Carson Fancher was one of the seventeen survivors of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857. Through James F. Fancher's estate, that portion of the land that was known as the "Old Cemetery" was left to his heirs and was not a part of the sale of the homestead lands.

Caretakers for this cemetery have been: Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher, Elizabeth (Sneed) Fancher, James Polk Fancher, Helen Eppersly, Bessie Mae Fancher, Ruth (Fancher) Crow, Tom C. Morris III & Lynn-Marie Fancher.

This cemetery is managed by the Fancher-Seitz Cemetery Preservation Society, Inc.  The Board Members are Lynn-Marie Fancher of Milwaukie, OR, and Tom C. Morris III, of Bentonville, AR, who are descendants of Col. James Fancher.

Donations are desperately needed for repairs and maintenance of this historic cemetery!!
If you would like to help this very worthy cause, please send your contribution to the Fancher-Seitz Cemetery Preservation Society, Inc., in c/o Mr. Tom C. Morris III, 508 W. Central, Bentonville, AR 72712. If you have any questions about the Fancher-Seitz Cemetery, please contact Lynn-Marie Fancher.

                                             THOSE BURIED IN THE FANCHER-SEITZ CEMETERY,
                                     ALSO KNOWN AS "THE OLD FANCHER CEMETERY", ARE:

Coker, Arminta
7 (Fancher), Feb 14, 1823 - March 16, 1848 (Wife of William Coker, Dau. of James F. & Elizabeth Fancher). Arminta (Fancher) Coker died in childbirth, and her children were raised by their grandparents, James F. and Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher. The little boy born to Arminta in 1848 was named George M. Dallas Coker by his grandmother, Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher. He was named after Arminta's little brother, George M. Dallas Fancher, who was born and died the year before.

Coxey, Abraham P., Mar. 26, 1851 - Mar 31, 1884 (Husband of Martha Jane Fancher, Son of Thomas Washington & Elizabeth (Sneed) Fancher.) "Abe" was a member of the Osage Masonic Lodge.

Coxey, Eliza, 
Nov. 2, 1826 - July 12, 1900 (Wife of John B. Coxey, mother-in-law to Martha Jane (Fancher) Coxey)

Coxey, John B.,
July 20, 1816 - Dec. 11, 1876 (Father of Abraham P. Coxey) John was a member of the Osage Masonic Lodge.

Coxey, Nancy C.
, Mar. 18, 1867 - Sept. 21, 1877 (Daughter of John B. and Eliza Coxey)

Fancher, Christopher Carson8, 1852 - 1873 One of the seventeen surviving children of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857. (Son of Captain Alexander & Eliza (Ingram) Fancher, raised by Hampton Bynum & Eliza O. Fancher) "Hamp" Fancher was Christopher (“Kit”) Carson Fancher’s first cousin once removed. Kit remained with Hamp and Eliza Fancher until he died. Kit traveled to Texas with James F. Fancher, the father of Hampton Bynum, during the Civil War, and returned to Osage in 1866. Before his death in 1873, he had been initiated into the Osage Masonic Lodge with his closest friend and cousin, Spencer Jarnigan Morris. 

Fancher, Elizabeth (Carlock), Mar. 18, 1800 - June 8, 1891 (Wife of James. F. Fancher) Elizabeth married James F.6 Fancher in 1816 in Overton County TN.  She was the daughter of Isaac Carlock and Sarah Ruckman.

Fancher, Flemmie,  April 2, 1870 - July 3, 1871  (Son of James Polk and Susan E. (Crump) Fancher)

Fancher, George M. Dallas7Nov. 9, 1846 - Sept. 9, 1847 age 10 months (Son of James F. & Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher)

Fancher, Grace, 
May 12, 1879 - May 10, 1887, (Daughter of James Polk & Susan E. (Crump) Fancher)

Fancher, James Archibald
  1861 - 1862 (Son of Hampton Bynum & Eliza O. Fancher)

Fancher, James F.
6, Jan. 26, 1790 - June 8, 1866. James F. Fancher was the son of Richard and Sarah (Jarnigan) Fancher. He was born in Stokes County, NC.  He migrated to Overton County, TN in 1806 and into Carroll County, AR in 1838. He was one of the founding members of the Osage Masonic Lodge.

Fancher, James P., Jr.,
June 8, 1883 - Sept 22, 1883 (Infant son (twin) of James Polk & Susan E. (Crump) Fancher

Fancher, James Polk
7Oct 13, 1842 - Oct. 16, 1924  (1st Btry Ark Cav. C.S.A.) (Son of James F. & Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher)   He was known as Polk, or sometimes “Black Polk” because of his black hair. He was an attorney, a state representative, a judge, and a member of the Osage Masonic Lodge.

Fancher, John,
June 8, 1883 - Sept. 30, 1883  (Infant son (twin) of James Polk & Susan E. (Crump) Fancher

Fancher, Sarah Journegin,  age 70 or 75 yrs  d. Oct. 5, 1839   "Our Grandmother Fancher". Sarah, grandmother to most of Carroll County, Arkansas, was the daughter of Captain John Jarnigan and Mary Bynum, born in Spotsylvania, Virginia. She was the wife of Richard5 Fancher.

Fancher, Susan E.
(Crump),  Feb. 22, 1845 - April 11, 1884,(Wife of James Polk Fancher, Dau. Of John G. & Eliza Crump)

Morris, Asenath7 (Fancher)*, 1818 - 1852 (Second wife of William Crittenden Morris, Daughter of James F. & Elizabeth (Carlock) Fancher) Asenath died shortly after giving birth to her last child, Spencer Jarnigan Morris.

Owens, Mathew,
Age 35 yrs- Feb. 7, 1857 (Husband of Sarah Amanda
7 (Fancher) Owens Kendall).His grave is approx. 100 yards outside the cemetery proper, under a tree. He had been murdered on his own front porch.

Infant son of Dr. William S. & Mattie A. (Crump) Poynor,   Jan. 23, 1883 - Jan. 23, 1883.

Poynor, Mattie. A., Aug. 15, 1839 - Feb. 1, 1877 (Wife of  Dr. William. S. Poynor, Dau. of John G. & Eliza Crump)

Poynor, Dr. William. S., 
Dec. 16, 1831 - Feb. 21, 1893, (Husband of Mattie A. Crump who was sister to Susan E. (Crump) Fancher)  Dr. Poyner was a member of the Osage Masonic Lodge.

Seitz, Jesse Bryan,  Jan. 18, 1885 - Sept. 15, 1908  (Son of Jessie Tucker & Sarah Lucinda (Coxey) Seitz)

Seitz, Sarah Lucinda Coxey,  
Mar. 10, 1861 - Feb. 21, 1888 (Wife of Jessie Tucker Seitz, grand-daughter of James F. & Elizabeth Fancher)

Stone, William,
Dec. 24, 1906 - Sept. 24, 1907 (Son of Gertrude May (Seitz) Stone and William Grode Stone, great-grandson of James F. & Elizabeth Fancher)

*Caretaker's Note:  There is currently a grave maker in this cemetery that was originally placed in 2000 for Alexander Fanshier.  It was placed over the grave of Asenath Fancher Morris.  Alexander Fancher (Fanshier) is not buried in this cemetery and this marker should be considered a cenotaph.  There has never been any proof submitted to the descendants of  Col. James F. Fancher that Alexander Fancher is buried in this cemetery and this assertion does not match the well-kept cemetery records of the James Fancher family.


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