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New Haven Colony 1643; Suffolk County, New York 1652 to 1677
With Notes Discrediting The Relationship Of David Faucher,
French Threadneedle Street Church, London, England
To The American Colonial Fancher Family.
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       The Origin of the Fancher Surname in America       
The Spellings Of The Fancher Surname In The Original Colonial Documents    
                     Presented As Evidence Of The Surname Origin                      


           Paul Buford Fancher
         Alison Courtot Wallner

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                                                    All Rights Reserved

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Copies of this book can be found in the LDS Library in Salt Lake City, 48 State Libraries, all of the genealogical and historical societies in the areas where William Fancy and the Colonial Fanchers lived, the NEHGS, NYG&B, the DAR Library in Washington, D.C, and numerous other repositories.  Please note that there are no copies of this work available for sale. Instead, the complete text of this work (75 pages) is available here and also at Paul Fancher's website.