The Fancher Family Origins

               Attachment H

                                           Letter of Mrs. Evangeline F. Hubbell of Buffalo, New York

Evangeline F. Hubbell (Mrs. Alvin A,)
Buffalo, New York
November 2, 1903

To: W. S. Potter

Dear Sir:

Your letter dated Oct 10 was received in due time. I am glad to tell you what I know of the Fancher family, although outside of my immediate family it is very little indeed. For this little knowledge I am indebted to an uncle, Rufus Fancher, who has since died who at the time was 80 years of age. I believe what he told me to be correct, as far as it goes.   

He said his father’s family was of Welsh descent and came to this country about 1670.  His mother was of English descent and came in 1620.  Both families settled in Connecticut…

(Authors Note- Mrs. Hubbell was a descendant of William1 Fancher of Branford, CT. This is a lengthy letter and contains much information about the early family members.)




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