The Fancher Family Origins


No undertaking, with the considerable range of our research project, would have been possible without the assistance of others. We gratefully acknowledge the patience, understanding, and support of our spouses, Frances Fancher and Robert J. Wallner, during the past several years of our obsession with discovering the Fancher family origins. As a dear friend, and fellow Fancher researcher, Kandy Fancher Bowden was involved with our research from the earliest stages, and her contributions to our project were immeasurable. We cannot thank her enough for all of the time she generously spent, the research, encouragement, and assistance she has provided over the years, and for her constant willingness to act as a sounding board for our theories. 

A special recognition must go to Frederick C. Hart, Jr., CG, for the invaluable research, expertise, efforts and guidance he provided with the Colonial Connecticut records, families, and towns in New Haven and Fairfield Counties, and in Westchester County, New York.  Edward (Ned) Smith, Brookhaven Town Historian David Overton, and Assistant Historian Mallory Leoniak were instrumental to our project with their thorough knowledge of the Brookhaven, Suffolk County, Long Island documents and families. Our gratitude goes to Mrs. Sharon Pullen, Historian of Suffolk County, New York, for patiently answering so many questions; and to Burr Fancher for reviewing the first draft of this work and the suggestions and support he provided. We would also like to thank the following for their research, knowledge and important contributions to our project in the areas of their expertise: June R. Zublic, CG, Cape May County, Middlesex County, and southern New Jersey; John W. Konvalinka, CGRS, CGL, New Jersey and Morris County; Barbara Carroll, CG, Newport and Rhode Island; Glenna See Hill, New England and French Huguenot families; Trisha Fanshawe Anning, the Fanshawe family in England, and Will Fancy of The Guild Of One Name Studies, for the Fancy surname, in England.


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