The Fancher Family Origins

                                                                                                                                             Attachment A
                                                                          Fancy Records
                                                    New Haven Colony and Long Island, New York

William Fancy on a list of early settlers at New Haven. (NH-76) 

May 5, 1643
William Fancy’s wife charged with stealing and sentenced to be whipped and make restitution. (NH-89) 

July 1, 1644
William Fancy took Oath of Fidelity. (NH-139)

March 2, 1646
William Fancy informed the court, testified about Stephen Medcalfe. (NH-300)

April 7, 1646
William Fancy was disorderly, drinking strong liquor to his abuse, so that he lost the use of his senses.  He owned it as his sin often drinking, at first it felt hot in is throat, but he was not distempered.  However, he submits to the court. (NH-229)

April 14, 1646
The Governor being informed of several lewd passages ordered William Fancy to appear at the court to answer them.  The examination of Will Fancy and his wife were read in court. Goodwife Fancy testified to several occurrences where there was attempted adultery with her by townsmen against her will over a period of time. She told the men to stop or she would tell their wives and also told her husband. Mr. Fancy told no one about this because he felt it would not be believed. Both sentenced to be whipped, she because she did not tell authorities and he because he did not report it. (NH-233) 

December 28, 1652
William Fancy owned a house and two and a half acre lot in Southold.  Called a transient. (SH-11) 

November 1, 1657
William Fancy witnessed a deed of William Salmon recorded in Southold. (SH-186)

William Fancy draws Lot 13 in the Old Field, 6 acres.  This the first distribution of land in Brookhaven.  (A-24)

August 1661
George Wood, Jr. entered an action of slander against Katherine Fancy, wife of William. Asking for 30 Pounds damages. This is first time name Katherine is used. (Vol 1-121)

December 8, 1663
William Fancy (Spelled Fansey) fined 10 shillings for lying to the country. (Vol 1-71)

January 17, 1664
William Fancy (Spelled Fansey) signed a statement of Robert Blomer.   (Vol 1-70)

January 23, 1664
William Fancy (Spelled Fansey) agreed to setting up a Town Arbitration Board for resolving land disputes. (Vol 1-75)

March 26,1664
William Fancy receives ten acres from the town.  (A-21)

July 20, 1664
Land Draw, Old Purchase of Meadow at South - William Fancy drew number 4. (A-13)

October 10, 1664
Townsmen, including William Fancy (Spelled Fansy), bind themselves to have to have a corn grinding mill built.  This action was cancelled at next meeting January 9, 1665. (Vol 1-129)

William Fancy on a tax list.  (Unpublished, Brookhaven’s Historian’s Office)

 December 25, 1665
Town accepts Mr. Scott’s fencing plan including William Fancy (Spelled Fansy). (Vol 1-76)

March 30, 1667
Land Draw, Old Field, 2nd Division-William Fancy Number 1. (A-24)

March 30, 1667
The town gives to Obed Seward the lot which it had previously given Samuel Fancy.  (A-29)

William Fancy (Spelled Fansy) agrees with others to pay for fence.  (Vol 1)

March 26, 1669
The town gives William Fancy 10 acres west side of the run.  (Vol 1-134)

July 10, 1669
William Fancy pledged 7 shillings toward getting  or encouraging a blacksmith to settle in town. (Vol 1-81)

July 14, 1669
William Fancy registered a cattle earmark, a swallows tail. (B-504) 

March 23, 1670
Samuel Akerly leases a 3 acre lot from William Fancy. (Vol 1-117)

April 8, 1670
Land Draw-Lots in Newtown-William Fancy Number 6. (A-1) 

January 30, 1672
Obed Seward contracts to keep up William Fancy’s fence in the Old Field for two years. (Vol 1-132)

January 17, 1674

Land Draw-Old Purchase of Meadow at the South-William Fancy Number 4. (A-15)

January 28, 1678
Katherine Fancy (Age 48) testifies about Henry Perrins wishes on his death bed. 

September 30, 1674
Goodman Fancy gets accommodations from town. (Vol 1-111) 

Land Draw-New Purchase at the South-William Fancy Number 28. (A-17)

June 17, 1675
Will of William Fancy (See Attachment B) Wife, Katherine; Sons, Samuel, Joseph, and William;
Daughters Hannah Goulsbury and Rachel.(Suffolk County, New York, Sessions Book) 

March 8, 1677
William Fancy’s Will proved. (Suffolk County, New York, Session Book) 

March 22, 1678
Katherine Fancy sets up a mortgage with Richard Brian of Milford. (A-54)(Vol 1-51)

June 1, 1678

Katherine Fancy sold her 3 acre lot in Old Field to Peter Whitaker.  (Vol 1-52)

June 1,  1678
Katherine Fancy sold 10 acres to John Budd of Southold.   (Vol 1-59)

Oct 26, 1678
William Fancy, Jr. exchanges a mare for a horse of John Biggs.  William to receive a dressed deer skin as boot.  (Vol 1-52)

August 17, 1678
Katherine Fancy sells to Robert Goulsbury. Robert to pay 40 shillings a year. Katherine and Samuel Fancy to live there.  Also, leased a cow to Robert.  (Vol 1-57) 

October 1, 1679
Land Draw-50 acre lots-Widow Fancy Number 25.  (B-2)


November 13, 1679
Robert Goulsbury to build a new house.  Katherine Fancy to have same privileges as at old house.  (B-24) 

November 28, 1679
The Widow Fancy has released the bond concerning Mr. Brian and Robert Goulsbury.  (B-27)

December 2, 1679
The Town Proprietors voted and agreed that William Fancy, Jr. shall have 20 acres of upland with commonage for his cattle.  He is not expecting anymore land of the town.  (B-31)

December 17, 1679
John Budd acquits and forgives Katherine Fancy from debts and does forgive William Fancy.  (B-23)

April 15, 1680

Samuel Fancy exchanges some land with Robert Goulsbury.  (B-38)

June 25, 1680
William Fancy, Jr. bought a bay horse from Thomas Biggs, Jr.  He is to pay two barrels of merchantable oil by last day of March next year.  (B-501) 

September 9, 1680
Katherine Fancy gives to William Fancy, Jr her meadow land, 6 acres in the Old Field, and 7 acres in West Division.  Others, too.  (B-47)

November 20, 1680
William Fancy, Jr. swaps horses with Walter Jones.  Jones is to also give William one barrel of merchantable oil.   (B-506)

March 16, 1681
Katherine Fancy forgives Robert Goulsbury lease monies he was to pay.   Also, gives her daughter Hannah Goulsbury all her moveable goods that Hannah does not possess.  (B-68)

April 27, 1681
William Fancy, Jr. swaps the horse be got from Walter Jones to John Hutton for a bay horse.  (B-508)

 September 29, 1681
Samuel Fancy sells land to William Jane.  (B-89)

November 5, 1681 
Samuel Fancy transfers 23 acres to Robert Goulsbury.   (B-93)

November 25, 1681
Samuel Fancy (Spelled Fanshaw) Will written and recorded June 29, 1683.   (B-127) 

March 5, 1682
Katherine Fancy sold 23 acres to Peter Whiteheare.  (B-104). 

May 26, 1682

William Fancy, Jr. swaps land with his mother Katherine.  (B-114)

May 26, 1682
William Fancy, Jr., a weaver, acknowledges a debt to John Inions of New York City.  He mortgages 10 acres, share at the Meadows, home lot, 20 acres given by town, and his loom and associated tackle.

July 17, 1682

Robert Goulsbury to look after Samuel Fancy (Spelled Fanshaw) who is in need of relief.  (B-129)

October 5, 1682
Samuel Fancy (Spelled Fanshaw) witnessed a deed of Robert Smith.  (B-136) 

November 3, 1682
Samuel Fancy to be cared for by John Biggs.  (B-171)


February 11, 1683
Upon complaint of Rachel Whiteheare and Widow Fancy about Samuel Fancy being in a sad condition in that his feet had been frozen.  The town fathers appointed Widow Fancy, his “mother-in-law” to look after him.  (B-187) 

March 20, 1683
Samuel Fancy gives to Robert Goulsbury, brother-in-law to care for him.   (B-141)

June 13, 1683
Robert Goulsbury relinquishes his claim on six acres which he had leased from William Fancy. This six acres was mortgaged to John Inions.  (B-157) 

November 30, 1683
Katherine Fancy takes a mortgage by Evan Owen.  (B-177)

December 13, 1683

Katherine gives Robert Goulsbury a half of commonage that belonged to her husband William.  (B-180)

Goody Fancy paid one wolf bounty.  (B-1)

April 11, 1684

Katherine Fancy settles a disagreemet with Town Proprietors about her wages for taking care of Samuel.

October 27, 1684
Katherine Fancy deeds property to Rachel’s youngest son, Peter Whiteheare, William Fancy, and Hannah Jenners.  (Suffolk County, New York, Deed Book A, page 34)   

March 25, 1685
Katherine Fancy sold 2 pieces of land to Peter Whiteheare.  (B-232) (This is last mention of Katherine in records.)

August 1, 1688
William Fancy, Jr., witnessed a deed for Richard Smith to Jonathan Luce.   (Filed in Huntington)

April 8, 1692

William Fancy, Jr. (Spelled Fanshaw), witnessed a deed from Indians to Colonel William Smith.  (Copy in Brookhaven Historian’s Office)

June 25, 1696

William Fancy, Jr., witnessed a deed of Richard Clark.  (Brookhaven Historian’s Office)

April 30, 1697
William Fancy, Jr., (Spelled Fansy)  signs along with other townsmen, a letter asking the town to call a minister.   (B-302) 

March 15, 1703
Abigah (or Abigail) Fanshaw witnessed a deed by William Smith to Matthew Howell and Richard Smith.  (Original deed filed and recorded January 4, 1907, Liber 3, page 406, unacknowledged deeds.  (Copy Brookhaven Historian’s Office)

Richard Fansey registers in Islip Town, mark for his creatures, a swallow fork on the right ear. 

March 31, 1726
William Fancy versus Jonathan Bayley (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 13)

September 29, 1726
Sundry Indians versus William Fancy (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 16) 

March 13, 1727
Sundry Indians versus William Fancy (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 17)

March 13, 1727
Sundry Indians versus Richard Fancy (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 18)

September 26, 1728
William Fancy versus Clement Morris (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 22)

October 2, 1729
Clement Morris versus William Fancy (Suffolk County, New York, Court of Common Pleas, page 27) 

September 5, 1789
Earmark registered for Henry Fanshaw

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