The Fancher Family Origins
                                                                                                                                            Attachment D

                                             Colonial Connecticut Records of the Family Name 1728-1758

The following is a listing of the exact spellings of the family name as they appear in the original Stamford and Stratford documents from 1728-1758, during the period when John Fanshaw/Fancher, Richard Fanshaw/Fancher, and David Fanshaw/Fancy/Fancher were in Connecticut. (These records are also cited within the text of Fanshawe – The Origin of The Fancher Surname In America, beginning on page 26.)

Year    Name  Record

1728         Richard Fanshaw         Stamford, CT Tax List
1730 Richard Fanshaw Stamford, CT Tax List
1734 Richard Fanshaw Baptism of children Richard and Martha, Canaan Parish Church
1735 Richard Fancher  Stamford, CT Tax List
1735 Richard Fanshaw Baptism of children William and Benjamin, twins, Canaan Parish Church
1736 Richard Fancher Stamford, CT Tax List
1737 Richard Fanshaw Baptism of daughter Abigail, Canaan Parish Church

1735 John Fancher Stamford, CT Tax list
1736 John Fansher* Married Eunice Bouton/Button, Stamford Town Records
1737 No surname entry* Birth of son John, Stamford Town Records
1737 John Fanshaw & wife Eunice Own The Covenant, Canaan Parish Church
1739 John Fanshaw   Baptism of son William, Canaan Parish Church
1739 John Fanshaw Eunice and John convey interest in real estate of Mercy Bouton
1741 John Fanshawe    Purchase of land from Ebenezer Seeley
1742 John Fanshaw               Baptism of son Nathaneal, Canaan Parish Church
1744 John Fanshaw        Baptism of daughter Abigail, Canaan Parish Church
1744 John Fancher Stamford, CT Tax list
1748 John Fanshaw           & wife Eunice become members of Canaan Parish Church
1749 John Fanshaw Baptism of Joseph and Eunice, twins, Canaan Parish Church
1752 John Fanshaw    Baptism of daughter Mercy, Canaan Parish Church
1754 John Fancher   Stamford, CT Tax list
1755 John Fanshaw Baptism of son Daniel, Canaan Parish Church

1747 Joshua Fanshaw**  Baptism of son David, Canaan Parish Church  

1742 David Fanshaw    Baptism of son David, Stratford Congregational Church
1745 David Fancy Baptism of son William, Stratford Congregational Church
1749 David Fanchy Purchased land from John Lewis
1749 David Fancher         A layout recorded, land records
1752 David Fancher     Sold land (Deed recorded David Fancher, Ack. as David Fanchar)
1753 David Fanchor   Land in Four Mile Division

1754 Sylvanus Fancher Stamford, CT Tax List
1758 Sylvanus Fancy Baptism of daughter Mary, Stratford Episcopal Church 

*The 1737 birth of Eunice and John’s son. John, in the Stamford town records is entered underneath their 1736 marriage record, on the same page, in which John’s name is spelled as Fansher. There is no separate surname entry for the 1737 birth of their son.

**Thought to be meant for John Fanshaw.

(Authors Note:  The Canaan Parish Church was called the "Church of Christ in Canaan" during Richard and John Fanchers’ time, and this is the name which appears in the earliest church records. Although "New Canaan Church" is the name more commonly used in references to this church,  the town name of "New Canaan" did not actually exist until 1801. The official name of the geographical territory set aside for the petitioners in 1731 with "parish privileges and liberty of forming themselves into a society" designated by the Connecticut General Assembly was "Canaan Parish." The Canaan Parish Church has always been Congregational and today is called the United Church of Christ.)


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