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Generation No. 1

1. JACOB1 KÖHLER was born Abt. 1710 in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died Unknown in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria. He married MARGARETHE Abt. 1730 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria. She was born Abt. 1710 in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

The KOEHLER name appears as KÖHLER in the earliest Busenberg Roemisch Katholische (Roman Catholic) church records. The umlaut over the letter O in the name Köhler was replaced with the addition of the letter E following the O, for the current spelling of the name in the US: KOEHLER. Various other spellings of the name can be found in transcriptions and translations of these church records copied by the Church of the Latter Day Saints, including Kochler, Kocher, Koler, Koller, etc. These Busenberg church records were in Latin, sometimes written in German script. These two factors may account for the different spelling of the name. An examination of the original church records indicate that the name was actually spelled Köhler consistently through the generations living in Busenberg.

The name Köhler means "Charcoal Burner" from the German world "Kohl". It also means "Cabbage".

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                                                          * Busenberg

The town of Busenberg where the Köhlers lived for many generations is located in the German Pfalz, in what was at that time a part of Bayern (Bavaria), and which is referred to as the "Palatinate". The people of the Palatinate are called "Palatines".

From Palatines to America: "Just What Is a Palatine?"

"Prior to 1871, what is now Germany was a number of separate states, such as Wu"Würrtemberg, Prussia, Bavaria, etc. whose boundaries changed frequently as a result of war and other causes. The Palatinate was one of these states, and was located along the Rhine River, roughly where the modern state of Rhineland-Pfalz is located. In the 18th and 19th century, the term "Palatine" was used in America to describe the immigrants from the "Palatinate" and other adjoining German-speaking areas.

Palatinate, or German Pfalz, was, in German History, the lands of the Count Palatine, a title held by a leading secular prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Geographically, the Palatinate was divided between two small territorial clusters: the Rhenish, or Lower Palatinate, and the Upper Palatinate. The Rhenish Palatinate included lands on both sides of the Middle Rhine River between its Main and Neckar tributaries. The Rhenish capital until the 18th century was Heidelberg. The Upper Palatinate was located in northern Bavaria, on both sides of the Naab River as it flows south toward the Danube, and extended eastward to the Bohemian Forest. The boundaries of the Palatinate varied with the political and dynastic fortunes of the counts palatine.

During the war of the Grand Alliance, (1689-97) the troops of the French monarch Louis XIV ravaged the Rhenish Palatinate. During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the Palatinate's lands on the west bank of the Rhine were incorporated into France, while its eastern lands were divided largely between neighboring Baden and Hesse. After the defeat of Napoleon (1814-15) the Congress of Vienna gave the east-bank lands to Bavaria. These lands, together with some surrounding territories, again took the name of Palatinate in 1838."

In the record of their son, Johannes', marriage, it states that Jacob and Margarethe Köhler were married in Busenberg. Baptismal records prior to 1745 are missing or destroyed. There are no existing records of any other children born to Jacob and Magarethe in the years 1745 to 1750. Records for the town of Dahn, next to Busenberg, were also searched for the available years 1730-1740 and 1759-1763. The birth record/baptismal record of their son Johannes is probably among the missing years, as are any other children, along with any record of Jacob's parents.

There is no existing record to indicate Jacob Köhler's occupation, but it can be assumed that he was a farmer, like his son, and all of the next generations of this family.


2. i. JOHANNES2 KÖHLER, b. Abt. 1736, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria; d. Unknown, Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHANNES2 KÖHLER (JACOB1) was born Abt. 1736 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died Unknown in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria. He married OTTILIA SCHLICK 03 February 1756 in Dahn, Pfalz, Bavaria1. She was born Abt. 1736 in Dahn, Pflaz, Bavaria, and died Unknown in Prob. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

Johannes Köhler was probably born in Busenberg, or the surrounding area, and the year he was born is estimated to be around 1736. The Busenberg records start in 1745, and although later than Johannes' estimated date of birth, the years 1745 to 1750 were also searched for his birth, or for the births of any siblings. The records for the town of Dahn, next to Busenberg, for the period 1730 to 1740 were also searched, and no Köhler birth was found. There are several gaps in the years of the Dahn records, and the next available years were also searched (1759-1763) and there were no Köhler entries found for Johannes or any siblings in these years either. Although the records have not been located, it is likely that Johannes did have siblings.

Johannes' parents are established as Jacob Köhler and Margarethe from the record of his marriage to Ottilia Schlick. Ottilia Schlick and Johannes Köhler were married in the village of Dahn, the small town next to Busenberg, where Ottilia was born. The towns of Dahn and Busenberg, although only a few kilometers apart, are different Catholic parishes. Their marriage record appears in the town of Busenberg's Catholic Church parish records, and it is possible that it may also be entered in Dahn's. The Marriage Proclamation usually took place in both parishes, and the marriage also was often recorded in both places.

The Busenberg record of their marriage in the St. Laurent parish of Dahn is dated 3 February 1756 and states that "Joannes" Köhler was the son of Jacob Köhler and Margarethe, and that Jacob and Margarethe were married in Busenberg. Ottilia's parents are recorded as Joannes Schlick and Ottilia, who were married in Dahn. The witnesses to Ottilia Schlick and Johannes Köhler's marriage were Joannes Schlick and Mathias Davenhauer of Dahn.

Johannes' signature appears on his son Mathias' baptismal record 5 May 1764, and he spelled his name as "Johannes". This same record also establishes that Ottilia and Johannes Köhler were living in Busenberg in 1764, as they are recorded as citizens of Busenberg at that time. Only one other record of another child has been located, a son Simon baptized 2 Sept 1758.


i. SIMON3 KÖHLER, b. 02 September 1758, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

3. ii. MATHIAS KÖHLER, b. 05 May 1764, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria; d. 07 December 1845, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

Generation No. 3

3. MATHIAS3 KÖHLER (JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 05 May 1764 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria2, and died 07 December 1845 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria3. He married BARBARA KELLER Abt. 1786 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria4. She was born Abt. 1766 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died 11 January 1819 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria5.

From his signature on the baptismal record of his son, Peter Francis, on 12 June 1806 it appears that Mathias' middle initial may have been "P". He probably was named after his godfather Mathias Moeh, which was the tradition at that time.


Katholische Kirche Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern, Kirchenbuch - Baptismal Records

Latin text:




Anno Domini millesimo septingentesimo sexagesimo quarto die vero vigesimo 5th Maij ego Martinus Resch parochus hujas Eulera parochia ad sanctum Jacobum majorem apost in Busenberg baptisavi infantum hadri natum ex JOANNE KÖHLER et OTTILIA SCHLICK in conjugibus lesgitimio as civibus in Busenberg cui nomen impositum est MATHIAS. Patrinus fuit MATHIAS MOEH civis es Busenberg, Matrino fuit honesta BARBARA HARICRIN(?) es Busenberg.

Signature of JOHANNES KÖHLER, Father

Signature of MATHIAS MOEH, Godfather

English translation:




In the year of our Lord, One thousand seven hundred sixty four, day in truth the 20th, that on the 5th of May, I, Martin Resch, pastor of Eulera Parish, today do later solemnly establish in Busenberg the baptism of infant born legitimately to JOANNE KÖHLER and OTTILIA SCHLICK married and citizens of Busenberg, so named and established as MATHIAS. Godfather is MATHIAS MOEH, citizen in Busenberg, Godmother BARBARA HARICRIN (?) of Busenberg.

Signature of JOHANNES KÖHLER, Father

Signature of MATHIAS MOEH, Godfather

The records during the time period for his marriage to Barbara Keller are missing. The marriage can be established by the baptismal records found for seven children which all state that they were married in the Catholic faith and both citizens of Busenberg. His wife, Barbara Keller's, death record states she was the wife of Mathias Köhler, and Mathias' death record states he was the widower of deceased Barbara Keller. As Barbara and Mathias were both born in Busenberg, it is likely that this is where the marriage took place. Six of their seven children were christened in Busenberg.

Mathias died at age 81 and was buried on 9 December 1845 at the Catholic church cemetery in Busenberg:

Katholische Kirche Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern, Kirchenbuch - Death Records





Anno Domini millesimo octogentesimo quadragesimo quinto die Septa Decembris obiit in Busenberg ombinus moribundorum sacramentis provira MATHIAS KÖHLER agricola in Busenberg, viduus defunctae BARBARA KELLER, aetatis suae annoreum unus et octogenta qui die nona Decembris in coemeteris hujati est sepulta.

Gta testor Georgius Helffer, parochus in Busenberg




In the year of our Lord, One thousand eight hundred forty five on the 7th day of December died and Last Sworn Rites provided at death for MATHIAS KÖHLER, farmer in Busenberg, widower of deceased BARBARA KELLER, age one and eighty years, who this day, the 9th of December, was buried in the cemetery of this town.

So witnessed, George Helffer, Pastor in Busenberg

Note: On the original document, the wife's name was originally written in the record as Ottilia Schlick, then crossed out and replaced with Barbara Keller's name. Ottilia Schlick was the wife of Johannes Köhler, and the mother of Mathias Köhler. Mathias' wife was Barbara Keller.

Mathias Köhler was interred 9 December 1845, in the Catholic Church Cemetery, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern


Katholische Kirsche, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern Death Records, Film 343832



No. 20




Anno Domini millesimo octingentesimo decimo nono die undecima mensis Januarii, hora quarta Serotina ultimis Sacramentis rite munita in loco Busenberg obiit, et die decima tertia in Coemeterio hujati sepulta est BARBARA KELLER Anorium quinquaginta duorum, uxor MATHAEI KOHLER civis hujatis; Testes erant.



No. 20




In the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred nineteen, the eleventh day in the month of January, the hour four late, the Last Sworn Rite at death in the place Busenberg was officiated, and on the thirteenth day was buried in this cemetery, BARBARA KELLER fifty-two years old, wife of MATHIAS KOHLER of this town. So testified.


i. MARGARETHA4 KÖHLER, b. 09 June 1792, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

ii. GEORG KÖHLER, b. 28 February 1795, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

iii. CATHERINA KÖHLER, b. 10 September 1797, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

iv. BARBARA KÖHLER, b. 27 April 1800, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

v. JOANNES KÖHLER, b. 21 September 1802, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

4. vi. FRANCIS PETER KÖHLER, b. 12 June 1806, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria; d. Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

          vii. MAGDELENA KÖHLER, b. 26 June 1809, Dahn, Pfalz, Baveria6.

Catholic Church Busenberg Churchbook, Busenberg: Baptism Records




In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred nine, born on the 26th day of June, the hour nineteen in the evening (7 pm), the next day in the Church Parish of St. Laurent in Dahn, MAGDALENA, the legitimate daughter of MATHIAS KOHLER and BARBARA KELLER, married and staying in that town, was baptized. Godfather was JOANNES KOHLER, citizen and farmer of this town. Godmother was MARGARET KELLER, wife of GEORGE WACHTEL, Hunter, of this town.

Baptism performed by Pl. Qevedus Dom. Sorrarius Pastor for Dec. in Dahn

Mathias Kohler (Signature) Father

Joannes Kohler (Signature) Godfather

Margaret (Keller) Wachtel (Mark) Godmother

In the same place, Johannes Goetzmann

Adm. in Busenberg

The town of Dahn is located a few kilometers northeast of Busenberg. Dahn and Busenberg are two different Catholic parishes. Magdalena Kohler's birth and baptism, which took place in Dahn, are recorded in the Busenberg parish records. It may also appear in Dahn's records.

Generation No. 4

4. FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER (MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 12 June 1806 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria7, and died in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria. He married CATHERINA SCHANZ 03 September 1838 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria8, daughter of JOANNIS SCHANZ and MARGARETHA KELLER. She was born Abt. 1818 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

Francis Peter Köhler was baptized in the Catholic Church in Busenberg on 12 June 1806. The baptism record does not record his date of birth.


Katholische Kirche Busenberg, Kirchenbuch, Source Film 343833 Baptismal Records:

Latin text





Hodie die Duodecima mensis Junii anni millesimo octingentesimi sexti a me infra scripto Baptizatias of FRANCISCUS PETRUS filius legitimus MATHIAS KÖHLER et BARBARA KELLER conjugum et civium in Busenberg. Patrinus fuit JOANNES KÖHLER civis in Busenberg. Matrina vero MARGARETHA VACHTEL, uxor GEORGII VACHTEL. Venatoris commorantis in Busenberg qui viso prius extractu Civili cum patre meium Legacrunt.

Patre infantis: Signature of Mathias Köhler

Patrinus: Signature of Joannes Köhler

Signum Matrina: Mark of Margaretha Vachtel

Catholic Church Busenberg, Churchbook, Source Film 343833 Baptismal Records:

English translation:





Today the 12th of the month of June, the year One Thousand Eight hundred Six, by me is recorded the Baptism of FRANCIS PETER legitimate son of MATHIAS KÖHLER and BARBARA KELLER, married and citizens of Busenberg. Godfather is JOANNES KÖHLER, citizen of Busenberg, Godmother is MARGARET VACHTEL wife of GEORGE VACHTEL, Hunter, staying in Busenberg, whose legal signatures appear below with the Father's.

Father of Infant: Signature of Mathias Köhler

Godfather: Signature of Joannes Köhler

Godmother: Signature of Margaret Vachtel



Katholische Kirche Busenberg (BA Pirmasens). Kirchenbuch, 1686-1961. Heiraten. Source Film 343832, Entry 6:


In the year One thousand eight hundred thirty-eight, the third of September, after three proclamations, and obtaining an apostolic direction for the second degree of consanguinity in transverse lines, a dispensation granting no canonical impediments, I, G. Helffer, pastor in Busenberg, married FRANZ PETER KÖHLER, farmer, legitimate son of MATHIAS KÖHLER, farmer, of the same place, and deceased wife BARBARA KELLER of Busenberg, to CATHARINA SCHANZ, legitimate daughter of JOHANNES WILHELM SCHANZ, farmer, and MARGARETHA KELLER, spouses in Busenberg. In the presence of Witnesses, MATTHIAS KÖHLER and WILHELM SCHANZ, citizens of this place. In testimony whereof, G. Helffer, pastor in Busenberg.

Catherina Schanz and Francis Peter Köhler's relationship before their marriage was first cousins once removed. Joannis Keller born circa 1772 is the brother of Barbara Keller (Francis Peter Köhler's mother). Joannis Keller's daughter was Margaretha Keller (married Wilhelm Schanz) the mother of Catherina Schanz. Margaretha Keller and Francis Peter Köhler were first cousins, which would make Margaretha's daughter Catherina Schanz and Francis Peter Köhler first cousins once removed.

Francis Peter was approximately 12 years older than his wife. All four of their children were baptized in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria) . Francis Peter appears as Franz Peter and also as Peter in the Busenberg Pfalz Bayern records.


i. GEORG5 KOEHLER, b. 13 September 1839, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

5. ii. PHILLIP KOEHLER, b. 27 October 1845, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria; d. 01 November 1932, Ridgewood, Queens Co, NY.

iii. JOANNIS KOEHLER, b. 01 September 1849, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

iv. JACOB KOEHLER, b. 05 January 1854, Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.

    Generation No. 5

                                  wpe90823.gif (82815 bytes)                                    

                                      Peter, Phillip, Katherine (Kati), Frank

                          Anna, Phillip, Barbara (Hoffelder) and Marie Koehler

5. PHILLIP5 KOEHLER (FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 27 October 1845 in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died 01 November 1932 in Ridgewood, Queens Co, NY. He married BARBARA HOFFELDER 31 August 1871 in Budenthal, Pfalz, Bavaria, daughter of JOHANN HOFFELDER and MARIA DINNY. She was born 20 May 1849 in Bundenthal, Pfalz, Bavaria, and died 08 March 1935 in Ridgewood, Queens Co, NY.

Phillip Koehler was christened in Busenberg on 1 November 1845 in the Roemisch Katholische Kirche (Roman Catholic Church) in Busenberg. His Godparents, or Patrons, were Barbara Koehler of Busenberg, and Philip Koehler, Ironworker of Busenberg.

Translation of Birth and Baptism record, Katholische Kirche Busenberg (Catholic Church, Busenberg.) Kirchenbuch 1686-1961 (Churchbook) Source Film 343833, Entry 28:

(Original Record in in Latin.)

The Birth of PHILIP KÖHLER in Busenberg, Pfalz, Bayern:

27 October 1845

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-five, the twenty-seven of October was born and on the 1 November by me in this parish baptized, the legitimate son of FRANZ PETER KÖHLER, farmer in Busenberg, and CATHARINA SCHANZ, Catholic spouses, and given the name PHILIP. Godparents were PHILIP KÖHLER, ironworker in Busenberg. and BARBARA KÖHLER of Busenberg. In witness thereof, George Helffer, pastor in Busenberg.

In several records it is mentioned that George Köhler, Phillip's uncle (Francis Peter's brother) was a blacksmith. It is likely that Phillip learned his trade from his Uncle.

Phillip Koehler married Barbara Hoffelder in her hometown of Bundenthal, in the Pfalz, located next to Busenberg. The witnesses to their marriage on 31 August 1871 were Johann Hoffelder, Linenweaver of Bundenthal and Father of the Bride, and George Köhler, citizen of Busenberg.

Translation of Marriage Record from Katholische Kirche Bundenthal (Catholic Church, Bundenthal). Kirchenbuch 1755-1936 (Church Book). Source Film 400455, Page 93, Entry 8:

(Original record is in Latin.)

The Marriage of PHILIP KÖHLER to BARBARA HOFFELDER in Budenthal, Pfalz, Bayern:

31 August 1871

In the year one thousand eight hundred seventy one, the thirty-first of August, after three proclamations, and without finding any canonical impediments, and acception letters of dismission from Rev. Minister G. Helffer of the parish and Deacon in Busenberg, I, Jacob Vogel, of the parish of Bundenthal, married together PHILIP KOHLER from Busenberg, Catholic son of PETER KOHLER and CATHARINA SCHANZ, deceased, spouses in Busenberg, to BARBARA HOFFELDER from Bundenthal, Catholic daughter of JOHANN HOFFELDER and MARIA ANNA DINY, spouses in Bundenthal, before witnesses JOHANN HOFFELDER, father of the bride, and GEORGE KÖHLER, citizen of Busenberg. In testimony whereof, J. Vogel, pastor of Bundenthal.

Phillip and Barbara immigrated to the US from Hamburg, aboard the ship "Westphalia", arriving in New York City NY on 15 January 1872.

The "Westphalia" of 1872 was built in 1868 by Caird & Co., Greenock for the Hamburg America Line. She was a 3158 gross ton ship, length 339.9 feet x beam 40 feet, one funnel, two masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. There was accommodations for 90 first class, 130 second class and 520 third class passengers. Launched on 24 June 1868, she sailed from Hamburg on her maiden voyage to Southampton and New York on 16 September 1868. She commenced her last voyage from Hamburg to Havre and New York on 28 April 1875 before being laid up. In 1878 she was rebuilt with two funnels and compound engines, and on 30 July 1879 she resumed the Hamburg-Havre-New York service. She started her last voyage to New York on 19 December 1886 and in 1887 was sold to the British company, H.F. Swan of Newcastle who re-engined her and renamed her "Atlantica". In 1888 she went to Gazzo & Schiafino of Italy and was renamed "Provincia di Soa Paulo". In 1890 she was resold to La Veloce of Italy and was renamed "Mentana" and was further renamed "Sud America" later in 1890. She was finally scrapped in Genoa in 1901. (North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, Vol. 1, p. 390) (Merchants Fleets in Profile, Vol. 4 Hamburg America Line by Duncan Haws.)

On the Westphalia's ship's record, Phillip Koehler's occupation is listed as a farmer. Arriving with Phillip and Barbara was Barbara's brother, Peter Hoffelder, age 20, laborer. They were processed at Castle Garden in New York.

 Before 1855, there was no immigrant processing center. The shipping company presented a passenger list to the Collector of Customs, and the immigrants made whatever Customs declaration was necessary and went on their way. The State of NY opened the very first examing and processing center for immigrants, Castle Garden, on an island off the southwest tip of Manhattan. From 1 August 1855 through 18 April 1890, immigrants, including Barbara and Phillip Koehler and Peter Hoffelder, arrived in America through Castle Garden, also known as Castle Clinton.

"The voyage draws to a close... as the steamer arrives at Quarantine. The cultivated lands on the heights of Staten Island and on the Long Island shore, the tasteful houses... the appearance of wealth, comfort and beauty on each side of the Narrows... excite the warmest admiration. A little tow boat brings the doctor on board, not the ship's doctor, but the health-officer of the port, who inspects the steerage and the emigrants. Then the steamer is allowed to proceed to the city, and another little steamboat appears bringing the boarding-officer employed by the Commissioners of Emigration.

Castle Garden had been famous for generations. First it was a fort, and then it was converted into a summer garden for the sale of chocolate, soda, and ices. In 1832 it was the scene of a grand ball given by the Marquis LaFayette, and in 1843 a reception was given to President Tyler within its walls. Afterward it became a concert hall, in which Jenny Lind and many other celebrated singers made their first appearance in America. The Board of Commissioners of Emigration was created in May 1847, and Castle Garden was afterward selected as a convenient and suitable "entrepot" for immigrants, and such it remains. The lower walls are the same that formed the old fort, and the embrasures, through which the cannon peeped, are sometimes selected by the immigrants for smoke and rest, or meditation.

Meanwhile, the emigrants on deck are looking wistfully toward the city, with its high roof spires and towers. Many of them are anxious and sick at heart, almost afraid to enter the new and unfamiliar world now that they are at its portals. Some happy ones expect friends to meet them and know all about the beneficent offices of Castle Garden. By and by the trees and lawns of the Battery Park come into view, with the curious-looking buildings, the form of the rotunda at the water's edge. The steamer's pulse ceases to beat, and several barges are towed alongside. The baggage is brought from the hold and transferred with the emigrant passengers to these tenders. There is the same confusion and uproar as at the outset of the voyage. The barges are soon moored to the wharf at Castle Garden, where the custom-house officers are waiting to examine the baggage.

When the baggage has been passed by the inspectors it is checked and sent to a room prepared for its reception. The immigrants are examined by a medical officer, who ascertains that no paupers or criminals are among them, and that no persons afflicted with contagious or infectious diseases have escaped the doctor at Quarantine. The immigrants are then ushered into the rotunda, a high-roofed circular building, into which ventilation and light are admitted by a dome seventy-five feet high. The floor is divided into small enclosures containing a post office, telegraph office, money exchange, and a restaurant.

As the crowd files in, each passenger is detained for a moment at the registration desk, where his name, age, nationality, destination, the vessel's name and the date of arrival are carefully recorded and preserved. When the registration is complete, a clerk announces the names of the passengers who have friends waiting for them, or for whom letters, telegrams or remittances have been received, and delivery is made to the person answering. The immigrants are guarded against swindlers by a broker's office in the rotunda where coin is exchanged for bills at the lowest current rates and where valuables may be deposited without charge. Those who want rest are permitted to remain in the rotunda, where a bowl of coffee, tea, or milk and a small loaf of bread are supplied to them for ten cents". ( "The Immigrant's Progress" Scribner's Monthly, Vol XIV, Number 5, Sept 1877)

"Such is Castle Garden as a great national refuge for the emigrant from all lands. It has nothing to parallel it on the continent of Europe. It stands alone in its noble and utilitarian character." ("Castle Garden", The New York Times Marine Intelligence Column, 23 December 1866.)

Phillip was naturalized in 1876. In the 1880 census the Koehler are living at 382 Wallabout, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. By 1900, according to census records, they owned their home at 143 Wyckoff Ave, Queens Co., NY in the Ridgewood area, which was then known as Evergreen. The early records of the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society, Ridgewood NY, show Phillip Koehler listed at old number 143 Wyckoff Ave, at or near Covert St (Stephen St). He is listed as a blacksmith. In the family collection are copies of two photographs of Koehler's Blacksmith Shop taken by Eugene Ambruster ca 1922-23 from the historical photo collection of the Queens Borough Public Library's Long Island Div. These photos show the blacksmith shop on the corner at new 1025 Wyckoff Avenue in Ridgewood.

                                   wpe98146.gif (84147 bytes)

Taken March 1923. View of the northeast corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Stephen St. Former Koehler's Blacksmith Shop is on the corner at new No. 1025 Wyckoff Ave. This building was replaced by a brick building, same number, sometime later.  In 1985 the small ancient house to the right, (pictured in the center in the photograph below) at new No. 1027 Wyckoff Avenue was still standing.

                                   wpe19788.gif (96293 bytes)

North side of Wyckoff Ave., east of Stephen Street.  Building at left is No. 1025 Wyckoff Avenue, which was Koehler's Blackmith Shop. Old house in center with peak roof is 1027 Wyckoff Ave.

Phillip is listed in the Ridgewood City directories as early as 1899 and the last entry is 1910. The records of the later years indicate he went into the wagon building business, with his son Frank. The 1920 census shows the Koehlers owning their home at 2329 Madison St (now 59-33 Madison St) Ridgewood, Queens Co., NY. At that time, Phillip age 74 and Barbara age 70, are living with their daughter Anna, and their three grandchildren, Helen Barbara Catherine, George Peter and Philip Francis Schaefer, who were the children of their daughter Katherine C. Koehler and her husband, George A. Schaefer, who both died in 1910.

Phillip died at age 87, his funeral was at St. Matthias Church in Ridgewood. He is buried in St. John's Cemetery, Middle Village NY.


6. i. PETER6 KOEHLER, b. December 1874.

ii. ANNA KOEHLER, b. 20 February 1877, Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; d. 30 March 1954, Baldwin, New York; m. (1) JOSEPH RUPPERT, Abt. 1896; m. (2) PAUL SCHNEIDER, Abt. 1920.

7. iii. KATHARINA C. KOEHLER, b. 12 February 1879, Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; d. 05 September 1910, Evergreen Bor. of Queens New York.

8. iv. PHILLIP H. KOEHLER, b. 20 August 1881, Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; d. 20 July 1966.

9. v. FRANK KOEHLER, b. 16 December 1883; d. 29 April 1928.

vi. MARIE (or Mamie) KOEHLER, b. February 1886; d. 09 February 1917; probably m. UNKNOWN WOGONBLAST.

Generation No. 6

6. PETER6 KOEHLER (PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born December 1874. He married CATHERINE Abt. 1900. She was born December 1874.

Children of PETER KOEHLER and CATHERINE are:

i. ELINOR7 KOEHLER, b. Abt. 1902.

ii. PETER G. KOEHLER, b. Abt. 1906.

iii. JOSEPH KOEHLER, b. Abt. 1914.

                           descof5.gif (33747 bytes)

                                              Katherine C. Koehler

7. KATHARINA C.6 KOEHLER (PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 12 February 1879 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, and died 05 September 1910 in Evergreen Bor. of Queens New York. She married GEORGE ALBERT SCHAFER 28 September 1902 in St Brigid's RC Church, Evergreen Bor. Queens, New York. He was born 25 January 1879 in Port Jervis, Orange Co., New York, and died 18 January 1910 in Evergreen Bor. of Queens New York.

Katherine C. Koehler and George A. Schafer were married at St. Brigid's Church, Linden Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, on Sunday afternoon, 28 September 1902, at 4 P.M.

                                            descof14.gif (48463 bytes)

                              George Albert Schaefer and Katherine C. Koehler

Transcript of Marriage Certificate #6392 City of New York, State of New York, Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York


I hereby certify that GEORGE A. SCHAFER and KATIE KOEHLER were joined in marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, in the City of New York, this 28th day of September 1902.

Witnesses to the Marriage: Phillip Koehler, Mary Koehler

Signature of person performing the Ceremony: Thomas E. Carroll

Date of Marriage: Sept 28 1902

Groom's Full Name: George Schafer

Residence: Wyckoff Av., Evergreen

Age: 23

Color: White

Single or Widowed: Single

Birthplace: Port Jervis NY

Father's Name: George

Mother's Maiden Name: Kate Dockweiler

Number of Groom's Marriage: 1st

Bridge's Full Name: Katie Koehler

Residence: Wyckoff Av., Evergreen

Age: 23

Color: White

Single or Widowed: Single

Maiden Name if a Widow: ---

Birthplace: Brooklyn

Father's Name: Phillip

Mother's Maiden Name: Barbara Hoffelder

Number of Bride's Marriage: 1st

Name of Person performing Ceremony: Thomas E. Carroll

Official Station: RC. Priest

Residence: Linden St & St. Nicholas

We, the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, hereby certify, that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Signature of Geo. A. Schafer, Groom

Signature of Katie Koehler, Bride

Signed in the presence of: Signature of Ph. Koehler

and Signature of Mary Koehler

Stamp: Bureau of Records, Received Sep 28 1902, Borough of Brooklyn

On January 18, 1910 at 7 p.m. George Albert Schafer died at the age of 30 on the sidewalk of Woodbine Street in Evergreen. His body was removed to his home at 165 Wyckoff Avenue and the next day taken charge of by the Coroner (coincidently named George Schaefer). The autopsy found that his cause of death was "Valvular Disease of the Heart." The family story is that Kati died less than 8 months later, on 5 September 1910, of a broken heart. Her death certificate indicates that she had been under a physician's care prior to George's death, and later died from complications of pneumonia. From the death certificates it is impossible to determine if perhaps the same illness was ultimately responsible for both of their deaths. George and Kati are buried together at St John's Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, New York.

Their three young children, George Peter, Helen Barbara Catherine, and Philip Francis were raised by Kati's parents, Phillip Koehler and Barbara Hoffelder, at their home on Madison Street in Ridgewood NY.



The City of New York Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics

No. of Certificate: 2781

(Handwritten notation on top of certificate: St. John's Cem Sept 8 1910)

Sex: Female

Color: White

Age: 31 years, Non mos, Non days.

Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widowed

Occupation: Housework

Birthplace: US

How long in US: Life

How long resident in City of New York: Life

Place of Death: 1775 Madison St., Evergreen Bo. Queens

Character of premises: Private

Father's Name: Philip Koehler

Father's Birthplace: Germany

Mother's Maiden Name: Barbara Hoffelder

Mother's Birthplace: Germany

I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Janur. 15, 1910 to Sept 5, 1910, that I last saw her alive on the 5 day of Sept 1910. She died on the 5 day of September 1910, about 7 o'clock P.M., and that to the best of my knowledge and belief the cause of her death was as follows: Lobar pneumonia followed by acute pulmonary tuberculosis.




11. ii. HELEN BARBARA CATHERINE SCHAEFER, b. 11 November 1903; d. 11 January 1977.


8. PHILLIP H.6 KOEHLER (PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 20 August 1881 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, and died 20 July 1966. He married ELIZABETH CHRISTINE GORR, daughter of JOHN GORR and MARIE HEINTZMANN. She was born 15 August 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, and died 17 June 1960 in Ridgewood, Queens Co, NY.




9. FRANK6 KOEHLER (PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 16 December 1883, and died 29 April 1928. He married ANNA. She was born Abt. 1884, and died Abt. 1951.

Child of FRANK KOEHLER and ANNA is:

i. FRANK G.7 KOEHLER, b. Abt. 1908; d. 03 November 1934.

Generation No. 7

10. GEORGE PETER SCHAEFER (KATHARINA C.6 KOEHLER, PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 22 September 1905 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, and died 23 March 1981 in Baldwin NY. He married Gertrude Marie Feyerbend 30 December 1939 in Glendale Long Island, Queens Co., NY. She was born 14 January 1914 in Queens, NY. Children of George Peter Schaefer and Gertrude Marie Feyerbend are "PRIVATE"

11. HELEN BARBARA CATHERINE7 SCHAEFER (KATHARINA C.6 KOEHLER, PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1)9 was born 11 November 1903 in the Evergreen Borough of Queens, (now Ridgefield, Queens Co., NY), and died 11 January 1977. She married ALBERT JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER LOUIS WALLNER9 21 January 1931 in St. Matthias R.C. Church, 58-15 Catalpa Ave., Ridgewood N Y 11227. He was born 16 February 1901 in 345 South First Street, New York City, New York10,11,12, and died 30 November 1972 in Borough of Lincoln Park, Pequannock Twp., Morris Co., NJ13. Children of HELEN SCHAEFER and ALBERT WALLNER are Private.

12. PHILIP FRANCIS SCHAEFER (KATHARINA C.6 KOEHLER, PHILLIP5, FRANCIS PETER4 KÖHLER, MATHIAS3, JOHANNES2, JACOB1) was born 06 March 1909 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY and died 20 March 1937 in Queens County Hospital, Queens, NY.


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