January 2000 at the King's

We had a wonderful time in Houston at Christmas! Daniel and Natul's wedding was lovely and we it was great to see old friends. We are back at home and settling into a new routine. Here's what everybody is up to:

 Jason is still looking for a better job. He enjoys working at Rochester College, but they just don't pay enough to keep us all alive. We'd like to stay in this area - we love Rochester - the church and the people and the weather - but it has a fairly high cost of living. If he can't find something here in another 6 months or so, we are going to have to look at relocating to somewhere with more reasonable housing costs. Any suggestions?

 Sandi is working evenings waiting tables at the Lone Star Steakhouse. The hours are okay and the money is pretty good. I've always enjoyed waitressing and until Jason finds a better job, this will allow us to make ends meet and for me to be home with the kids during the day. Jason is home with them at night and we get one or two nights a week together. I'm toying with the idea of writing a book on motherhood and to that end, I am doing a little soul searching and a little researching and a lot of prayer. I've written a poem that you can read here and I'd love your thoughts.

 Collin (3-1/2) is growing into a very considerate and sensitive child. He has an extremely high energy level and it is a challenge to continue to find ways to channel his energy into positive outlets. He is sitting out of preschool until he can get the potty thing completely under control. Some days are good, some are not. I suppose it's that way for all of us!

 Leslie (15 months old) is growing like a weed. She has a dynamite smile and has begun mimicking us. She helps set the table at mealtimes and is wonderful about picking up her room. Of course, it's mostly because she likes putting things in containers - we have to check the trash cans before anything leaves the house. Yesterday she threw away Collin's church shoes!

 All in all, we are all well and looking forward to a great year.

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