Descendants of John (Emigrant) Balch

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Descendants of John (Emigrant) Balch

Generation One

1. John (Emigrant)1 Balch was born circa 1579 at Somerset County, Horton, England. He married (--?--) Margery. He married Agnes (Annis) Patch. He died in Jun 1648 at His estate on Bass River, MA "Old Planter's Grant, Beverly.
One of founders of Salem, this group known for tolerance and independence. Known as "Old Planters" with John Woodbury, Peter Palfrey, Roger Conant, Capt. Trask. He emigrated in 1623 from Landed at Weymouth, under Capt Robert Gorges, with Thomas Gardner. On 18 May 1631 Made a free man. He lived in 1638 at Built the "Balch House" in Beverly, corner of Balch and Cabot. Will on 15 May 1648.
(--?--) Margery died circa 1634.
Children of John (Emigrant)1 Balch and (--?--) Margery were as follows:

Agnes (Annis) Patch died in 1657. No issue.
There were no children of John (Emigrant)1 Balch and Agnes (Annis) Patch.

Generation Two

2. Benjamin2 Balch (John1) was born in 1628 at Sagamoreship of Naumkeag, Peninsula where RR now crosses harbor from Salem to Beverly, known as Forefather's Rock. He married Sarah Gardner, daughter of Thomas (The Planter) Gardner and (--?--) Margaret, circa 1650 Salem. He married Abigail Clarke on 5 Feb 1688/89 Marblehead. He married Grace Mallet on 1 Mar 1691/92 Beverly, MA. He died after 1715.
Arrested and fined for giving shelter to stranger. First male born in MA Bay Colony, Balch page 9. Inherited "Balch House."
Sarah Gardner was born circa 1630. She died on 5 Apr 1686 at Beverly, MA. 15 children.
Children of Benjamin2 Balch and Sarah Gardner were as follows:

Abigail Clarke was born circa 1635. She died on 1 Jan 1689/90 at Beverly, MA.
There were no children of Benjamin2 Balch and Abigail Clarke.

Grace Mallet died before 1704.
Children of Benjamin2 Balch and Grace Mallet are as follows:

Generation Three

6. Freeborn3 Balch (Benjamin2, John1) was born on 9 Aug 1660 at "Balch House" Beverly, MA, Balch p 18. He married Mirriam Moulton Bachelder in 1682. He married (--?--) Mallis circa 1689. He married Elizabeth Fairfield, daughter of Walter Fairfield and Sarah Skipperway, on 30 Apr 1690. He died on 12 Jun 1729 at near Wenham, Beverly, MA, at age 68. He was buried at Cemetery near Wenham Lake.
He was Farmer, Fine apple orchard, cider mill.
Mirriam Moulton Bachelder was born in 1657. She died circa 1688.
Children of Freeborn3 Balch and Mirriam Moulton Bachelder are as follows:

(--?--) Mallis. No issue.
There were no children of Freeborn3 Balch and (--?--) Mallis.

Elizabeth Fairfield was born on 9 Aug 1666. She died on 31 Jan 1735/36 at age 69. 7 children.
Children of Freeborn3 Balch and Elizabeth Fairfield were as follows:

Generation Four

13. William (Rev.)4 Balch (Freeborn3, Benjamin2, John1) was born on 30 Sep 1704 at Beverly, MA, Balch p 34. He married Rebecca Stone, daughter of Daniel Stone and Hannah Woodbury, on 12 Mar 1726/27. He married Abigail Blodgett on 22 Jul 1802. He died on 12 Jan 1791 at Bradford (Groveland) MA at age 86.
Inherited orchards, made "arminian cider." He was educated in 1724 at Harvard, studied theology. He was Minister in East Bradford for 65 years.
Rebecca Stone was born on 23 Mar 1708/9. She died on 2 Jul 1749 at age 40. 7 children.
Children of William (Rev.)4 Balch and Rebecca Stone were as follows:

Abigail Blodgett was born in 1705. She died on 10 Apr 1793. No issue.
There were no children of William (Rev.)4 Balch and Abigail Blodgett.

Generation Five

15. Nathaniel5 Balch (William4, Freeborn3, Benjamin2, John1) was born on 17 Jan 1737/38 at Bradford, MA, page 55. He married Joanna Day, daughter of John Day and Abigail Bailey, circa 1767. He married Sarah Coffin on 22 Jul 1802. He died on 26 Oct 1802 at Newburyport, MA, at age 64. He was buried at old cemetery near the Mall in Newburyport, MA. He was Constable of Bradford, a cooper.
Joanna Day was born circa 1740. She died on 13 Sep 1800. 16 children.
Children of Nathaniel5 Balch and Joanna Day were as follows:

Sarah Coffin died on 26 Jan 1804. A widow.
There were no children of Nathaniel5 Balch and Sarah Coffin.

Generation Six

19. Lucy6 Balch (Nathaniel5, William4, Freeborn3, Benjamin2, John1) was born on 21 Feb 1779 at East Bradford, Massachusetts. She married Samuel Perley, son of Nathaniel Perley and Sarah Dutch, on 16 Jan 1799 Bradford, Massachusetts. She died in 1854 at New York City, New York. Known as "Lilly of the Merrimac Valley."
Samuel Perley was born on 19 Jul 1775 at Bradford, MA, later of Newburyport. He died on 30 Apr 1830 at New York City, New York, at age 54. He was House Carpenter. Perley Family #114.
Children of Lucy6 Balch and Samuel Perley were as follows:

        See Perley Family

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