My family mostly came from England and then to many places in the new country. The Reynolds began their journey in Virginia and spead out to North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, & Kansas. I am descended from the branch that moved to the Dakotas.

The Maddens probably came from Scotland or Ulster, Ireland that is mainly populated by Scots. They came to America and settled in Pennsylvania. My line has been found in Canada and Iowa.

The object of my webpage is to list notes, photos, and documents. The buttons will take you to information on each family, they are by no means complete documentation of the people listed here, but a collection of items about their life. My ancestor charts are on World Connect under "wash" but there will be links to take you there. Please check back often as I have lots to be put on.

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Seth & Susan (Reynolds) Baldridge Timothy & Mary Etta (Steen) Cooley
Davis Family Scrapbook Samuel & Elizabeth (Dettor) Franklin
Thomas J.& Mahala (Suddeth)Highsmith Philander W. Madden Scrapbook
William & Elizabeth (Flickinger) Madden Anthony Reynolds Scrapbook
Cary Duncan Reynolds Scrapbook John & Ann E. (Suddarth)Reynolds
John F. & Sally (Cooper) Reynolds John P. Reynolds Scrapbook
Lloyd F. & Abigail (Madden) Reynolds Robert & Frances (Sullivan) Reynolds
Earl & Mildred (Reynolds) Sellie Rev. James & Mary Rebecca (Clark) Shelburne
Anna Francis Steen Scrapbook John Mitchel & Kittie (Ostrum) Steen
Matthew M. Steen Scrapbook Matthew T. & Arminda (Colbert) Steen
James & Patience (Sumpter) Suddarth Lee & Clara (Stewart) Suddarth
Wm. & Martha Suddarth, Sr. Twichell Family Scrapbook
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