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     How Wolves ended up in my family tree. Well, not directly, but its a good story that may have some information on the surnames that I am researching. And a few misc. Zenner listings from Genealogy Bank's historical newspaper archives and from searching RootsWeb.

      There is a Zenner mailing list that is available from the Rootsweb mailing lists. It is connected to the Zenner message boards, however, if you post only to the mailing list, it will not also appear on the message board. It works one way not the other! Message board to mailing list and not mailing list to message board.

     My list of Zenner's in the back forty has generated a few questions. If you have answers, I'd love to hear from you! Here is a link from the RootsWeb Surname List for the Zenner surname. And another list from the RSL of all of the surnames that I am researching that is current as of January 16, 2008.

     I found a great German genealogy site, Genealogy.Net with links to a map that creates a name distribution. You can view the Zenner surname in Germany here. Most of my Zenner family originates from the area labeled, "Trier - Saarburg". It is North of the darkest color portion of the map on the Eastern most portion, above the darkest areas labeled "Merzig Wadern" and "Saarlouis". The sprinkling of Zenner's on the map is a fair distribution, in my opinion, and gives you many more areas to research within Germany. The earliest physical records that we have, if I remember my initial map comparisons from FEEFS, indicated that in 1925 some information about wives families could not be found as they lived further South of Walen, Prussia/Germany.

     It is interesting to note too that currently, in Tenino, WA there are Whalen's who may be relatives of Mary Whalen spelled also Walen who married John E. Zenner, Washington State Printer and Tenino News publisher. The Zenner building, newly completed July 3, 1925, in Tenino served also as the telephone office. After the Zenner building was completely built, the telephone office moved from its location into the building. [The Tenino Independent, Tenino, Thurston County, Washington Friday, July 3, 1925] - WA OLD NEWS Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002.

Using Soundex

     The Soundex system is a method of indexing names in the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 US Census. Soundex can also aid genealogists by identifying spelling variations for a given surname. RootsWeb converter.  Zenner variants by soundex. The Zenner Surname has also been spelled Center, Seynor, Cenner, Senter, Spanner, Zehner, Zenor, and more variants depending upon the record creator or transcriber. This is made all the more evident after searching for Johann E. Zenner in the Thurston County Census records and missing him under all of the previously mentioned variants. Thank goodness another Zenner researcher has noted him under the additional spelling variants that I did not utilize: Zanner and Zimmers in Thurston County, and finally, Zinner back in Buffalo, NY.

Land Grants

This section includes Zenner Land Grants information. This section is under construction. Text File June 13, 2009.

Church Records

Early German church records are a wealth of information both in the United States and abroad. There are many Zenner's that were Catholic and there are many still that were not. This page lists a few Zenner's that were found in Baptismal records, and in books.

Registrations and Rosters

     Family Registrations & Rosters - Here is a link to recent searches for family members military service and registrations for military service. Here is the second page of roster information for Colonial era Zenner's. Military rosters and registrations do offer valuable information like birthdates, addresses, physical descriptions, nearest relatives, and a personal signature. To date, Dec. 2009, I have found TWO Confederate Zenner's. The majority of Zenner's were in the UNION or offered substitutes. During the Civil War, you could pay $300.00 and offer a substitute for your service. There are other sources of information such as, Declarations of Intent. This Declaration of Intent of August Zenner who was from the province of SACHSEN-WEIMAR is available to order from SAMPPUBCO.

Germans to America
Ship Roger, St. Denis, Atalanta, and more

    The ship Roger traveled from Rotterdam to Liverpool to the United States. It is assumed that the ship arrived at a port in New York. Zenner family papers suggest both the name of the ship and the date of its arrival. The only presumptive record of this ship is in a German book. Family papers indicated the name of the ship along with the passenger agent, Johann Anton Leroy at Coblentz. (More in German about Johann Anton Leroy at Koblentz  | URL). Johann Anton Leroy was a noted passenger agent from Koblentz or Coblentz Prussia (later Germany) by Ottmar Prothmann, Kreis Ahrweiler, Germany and Kevin J. Scully, Tesoro Ct., San Jose, California, 1988. Johann Anton Leroy owned a restaurant on White street in Koblentz about 1829. There is a White street fair that discusses the restaurant briefly.
     The book title in German, "Die Auswanderungen aus dem Kreise Merzig im 19. Jahrhundert." In Verein fuer Heimatkunde im Kreise Merzig, 3. Jahrbuch [1934], pp. 9-54. Written by J. H. Kell and Joseph Werner 1934, translates to English, "The emigration from the circles in the 19th Merzig Century." I was graciously sent a copy of pages 48 and 49 through German mailing lists. The page does not specifically state the ship, "Roger" and lists Franz at the bottom of page 49. I should have requested page 50, too, as Franz is the last noted and page 50 likely has further information as well as the Table of Contents Page and the Bibliography source information. The surnames of several families appear in our family tree:

  • Schmidt
  • Koch
  • Engel
  • Klauch
  • Muller
  • Theilen (could also be Thiel)
  • Zenner
It is entirely plausable that these families were all related from the town of Wahlen, Prussia and emigrated to the United States "togather". The families or persons listed in the book page above arrived in the United States (Umerika or Nordumerika) several years apart. However, the surnames above ALSO appear in the Zenner family. It is curious also to note that during the early to mid 1800's a Henry Zenner worked at the Port of New York. Did he assist the Zenner's who came from Prussia? Was he related to any of these people who emigrated to the United States?
     Ancestry.com lists this book as an Index to Passenger Lists: Ancestry source: 'Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Name: Franz Zenner; Year: 1853; Place: America; Source Publication Code: 3788; Source Bibliography: KELL, J.H., and JOSEF WERNER. "Die Auswanderungen aus dem Kreise Merzig im 19. Jahrhundert." In Verein fuer Heimatkunde im Kreise Merzig, 3. Jahrbuch [1934]; Page: 49'
    The NARA records (description) which are transcribed by the Balch Institute, now the Pennsylvania Genealogical or Historical Society, were transcribed in 2003 and donated to NARA. I have not been able to find an instance of the specific date or ship "Roger" in these transcripts or on the Immigrant Transcribers Guild website, Castle Garden, or Ellis Island. I have not searched the microfilm for the dates listed here from NARA: 0175479 M237-123 Jan. 24--Mar. 8, 1853; 0175480 M237-124 Mar. 9--Apr. 21, 1853; 0175481 M237-125 Apr. 22--May 21, 1853.
    There is also a German database of emigrant information to the United States from Germany. The results found no Franz Zenner in 1853 during the month of May. From the German website: "The German Emigrants Database at the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven is a research project concerned with European emigration to the United States of America. The database comprises information on emigrants who left Europe for the United States of America between 1820 and 1939, primarily from German ports...." URL - http://historisches-museum-bremerhaven.de/index.php?id=51 -  Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank: German Emigrants Database
    One of the best places to find information about Germans to America has been FEEFS. FEEFS maintains a list of databases from their website. These databases are maintained by different genealogical societies and groups. I did find a few Zenner's located in the summary link all from one database, the Pomerania News website. The codes next to the names indicate a single researcher for all of these Zenner's. The schmidt Family PDF file is a Family Tree File that contain several Zenner's in relation to the Schmidt family. This is not the first instance of a Zenner being related to a Schmidt or Smith or Schmitt.
    Pomeranian - Summary
    Family Tree File - Schmidt Family PDF (400 + pages)
    The most widely known source of information aside from NARA microfilm are the Germans to America series. A brief summary of both are here along with the associated links to the web page source [June 23, 2008]. Germans to America (The Book Series), Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 would pertain to the immigration time period I am researching.

Census  more  and Occupations

    Franz Zenner along with his wife and several of his children, but not all are listed in the 1880 Census with his mother-in-law. Genealogy - PDF Dr. John Zenner - decendant of Phillip Zenner and Anna Margaretha Schmidt - PDF (Phillip Zenner son of Peter Zenner and Angela Paulus)

5th Ward, Buffalo, Erie, New York

Franz ZENNER Self M Male W 56 PRUSSIA Retired Laborer PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Mary ZENNER Wife M Female W 50 PRUSSIA Works For A Tailor PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Catharine ZENNER Dau S Female W 24 NY Works For A Tailor PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Frank ZENNER Son S Male W 21 NY Keeps A News And Cigar Store PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Georg ZENNER Son S Male W 19 NY Stonecutter PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Mary ZENNER Dau S Female W 17 NY Works For A Tailor PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Helene ZENNER Dau S Female W 16 NY Works For A Tailor PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Joseph ZENNER Son Male W 14 NY Works In A Cooper Shop PRUSSIA PRUSSIA





Pennsylvania Cousins of George Zenner lived in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania while George's wife, Christina Campbell moved to Bradford, Pennsylvania 1897 after George's death.


Text file obituaries.

    Arizona 22-Jun-2008 15:28 1.3K [TXT]
    Erie County, Pennsylvania 22-Jun-2008 15:28 2.3K [TXT]
    Illinois 22-Jun-2008 15:28 2.3K [TXT]
    Indiana 22-Jun-2008 15:28 1.3K [TXT]
    Iowa 22-Jun-2008 15:28 702 [TXT]
    Washington 24-Jun-2008 08:41 970 [TXT]
    Michigan 22-Jun-2008 15:28 1.4K [TXT]
    New York 22-Jun-2008 15:28 2.7K [TXT]
    Pennsylvania 22-Jun-2008 15:28 1.4K [TXT]
    Tennessee 22-Jun-2008 15:28 579 [TXT]
    Pennsylvania - 17-June-2009 7:11 AM [TXT]
    Washington John E. Zenner [PDF]
    More Zenner Obits 11-June-2010 13:12 [TXT]

    Thurston County Independent. Tenino WA Volume IX Tenino, Thurston County, Wash., Friday November 14, 1930

    Items in (parenthesis) or marked in bold are authors emphasis and not in the original document.

    J.E.Zenner Passess Away at Olympia

    Former Tenino Publisher Dies of Paralytic Stroke at Age of Seventy-nine

    Death on Monday morning took John E. Zenner, former Tenino newspaper publisher, at St. Peter's Hospital. Paralysis of the throat proved fatal after a stroke Saturday evening. He had been in fairly good health up until his last illness. After the stroke he regained consciousness for only a short time.

    The funeral was held at 9:30 Wednesday morning in the chapel of St. Peter's Hospital, and burial was made at Calvary cemetery Olympia. Members of the Tenino Eagles lodge acted as pall-bearers.

    Mr. Zenner was born in Germany on May 7, 1851, and came to Buffalo, N. Y. when a youth.( 3 or 4 yo) He came west about thirty years ago, and worked as a printer in several towns on the Coast. in 1919 he came to Tenino from the State Printing Office, and became a partner with L. W. Miller, to publish The Tenino News. A year later (1920) he assumed full control and published the paper until 1923 when he retired. Several months ago he went to live at the hospital where some minor ailments were cared for.

    Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Helen Z. Berg, of Buffalo, and Sister Ewalda of Saint Agnes Academy, Alliance, Nebraska; a sister Sister Mary of Saint Anne of Rochester, New York. Deceased was a member of Olympia Aerie F. O. Eagles and of the Catholic Church. (Saint Michaels)

    "Capt" or "Cap" Zenner aka John E. Zenner or Johann E. Zenner

    Johann Zenner, b. 07MAY1851 in Wahlen, married Mary Wahlen 27NOV1873 in Buffalo NY. Johann later changed his name to John E. Zenner, moved to Washington State, settled in Tenino WA and published the local newspaper till his death in 1930. He and Mary had 11 children, all born in Buffalo, with marital status noted as of 1925: Mary, b.01MAY1875, unmarried; Joseph, b. 15APR1877, unmarried; August, b. 03MAR1879, d. 01JAN1901 in Buffalo, unmarried; Frank, b. 07MAR1880, d. 22JUL1880 in Buffalo; Peter Charles, b. 04APR1881, d. 13AUG1881 in Buffalo; Margaret Catherine, b. 23AUG1882, unmarried; William Frank, b. 09AUG1885, unmarried; Aloysius Edward, b. 30MAR1888, d. 10APR1888; Helen, b. 20JUN1889, married Frank Brug 27SEP1917 (yay); Robert, b. 30JUN1892, unmarried; Anna Cecilia, b. 30JUN1896, entered Convent, Order of St. Francis, 15AUG1915. Mary Wahlen, wife of John E. Zenner, died at Buffalo NY 06OCT1914.

    See more on Brug or Burg in overseas American internments World War II

    See also St. Petersburg Alaska, ? Newspaper, E. L. Boardman (partnership) and Petersburg Weekly Report - Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm, 1914-1924; ASL: PETE 1/1-1/4 and UAF: ALASKA PER MFILM 141.

    Burial Calvary Cemetery Row 39 Olympia, WA per Steve Erickson caretaker Calvary Cemetery May 2009 This burial per Steve Erickson is NOT recorded in the documents of Calvary Cemetery. See also:

    1. Centralia Daily Chronicle, November 11, 1930, Lewis County, Washington, Page 1.

    2. Paul E. Brug - World War II, Battle of the Bulge - Son of Helen Zenner Brug and Frank John Brug, Grandson of Johann E. Zenner and Great Grandson of Franz and Maria Zenner.
    3. Mary Wahlen d. 1914, brother George d. 1897 plot purchased, Calvary Cemetery, Buffalo, New York, Lot 108 Section D on November 19, 1897.

      Misc Zenner Text Excerpts - (This file not added to search engine.)

      Zenner Lake, California - JH Eastman

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