Wahlen, Prussia - Franz Zenner Genealogy and Immigration Record 1853
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Looking for a copy of this title: 'Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Name: Franz Zenner; Year: 1853; Place: America; Source Publication Code: 3788; Source Bibliography: KELL, J.H., and JOSEF WERNER. "Die Auswanderungen aus dem Kreise Merzig im 19. Jahrhundert." In Verein fuer Heimatkunde im Kreise Merzig, 3. Jahrbuch [1934]; Page: 49'

Page 49

ZENNER Franz < 1442.8 >, Nagelschmied, Sv Z. Philipp, Ackerer, und KOCH Elisabeth ZENNER Franz <1442.8>, nail blacksmith, Sv Z. Philipp, Ackerer, and Elisabeth KOCH
* 18.08.1823 Wahlen * 18.08.1823 elections
vh S 23.09.1850 Losheim vh S 23.09.1850 Losheim
STRAUCH Maria < 763.1 >, Tv S. Nikolaus, Ackerer, und ENGEL Margaretha SHRUB Maria <763.1>, Tv P. Nicholas, Ackerer, and Margaretha ENGEL
* 07.02.1830 Wahlen * 07.02.1830 elections

1. 1st Johann * 07.05.1851 Wahlen Johann elections 07.05.1851 *m. Marie or Maria Mary Wahlen Obit
2. 2nd Johann Peter * 1853 Buffalo < 1159 > Johann Peter * 1853 Buffalo <1159>
II.vh vor 1887 HUPPACH C. II.vh before 1887 HUPPACH C.
3. 3rd Frank * 1859 Buffalo < 953 > Frank * 1859 Buffalo <953>
vh GEIGER Magdalena vh GEIGER Magdalena
4. 4th Gregor * 1860 Buffalo < 987 > Gregor * 1860 Buffalo <987>
vh CAMPEL Christine Christine vh CAMPEL
ZENNER Philipp < 1373.3 >, Schuster, Bauer, Sv Z. Peter und PAULUS Angela ZENNER Philipp <1373.3>, Schuster, Bauer, Z. St. Peter and Angela PAUL
~ 05.10.1752 Wahlen + 30.11.1821 Miederlosheim ~ 05.10.1752 elections + 30.11.1821 Miederlosheim
I. vh  26.02.1781 Niederlosheim I. vh 26.02.1781 Niederlosheim
SCHMIDT Anna Margaretha < 672.6 >, Tv S. Paul, Schmit, Schmitt, Bauer, Niederlosheim, und MEYERS Catharina, ohne Stand, Niederlosheim SCHMIDT Anna Margaretha <672.6>, Tv S. Paul Schmit, Schmitt, Bauer, Niederlosheim, and Catharina MEYERS, without status, Niederlosheim
* Niederlosheim ~ 01.01.1758 Losheim * Niederlosheim ~ 01.01.1758 Losheim
II. vh  um 1803 II per cent by 1803
LILLIG Anna Maria < 480.1 , 896 >, Tv L. Jakob und SCHMITT Margaretha, Losheim LILLIG Anna Maria <480.1, 896>, Tv L. Jacob and Margaretha SCHMITT, Losheim
* 29.12.1738 Losheim + 15.07.1809 Losheim * 29.12.1738 Losheim + 15.07.1809 Losheim

Kinder aus 1. Children from 1 Ehe Marriage
1. 1st Matthias ~ 04.11.1782 Wahlen + 23.11.1782 Wahlen Matthias elections 04.11.1782 ~ + 23.11.1782 elections
2. 2nd Adam ~ 24.03.1785 Niederlosheim + 03.07.1785 Niederlosheim Adam ~ 24.03.1785 Niederlosheim + 03.07.1785 Niederlosheim
3. 3rd Matthias ~ 18.09.1786 Niederlosheim + 10.12.1839 Niederlosheim Matthias ~ 18.09.1786 Niederlosheim + 10.12.1839 Niederlosheim
4. 4th Konrad ~ 14.10.1790 Niederlosheim < 1203 > Konrad ~ 14.10.1790 Niederlosheim <1203>
vh 1812 M�LLER Katharina vh 1812 M�LLER Katharina
5. 5th Philipp ~ 12.01.1794 Niederlosheim + 31.05.1794 Niederlosheim Philipp ~ 12.01.1794 Niederlosheim + 31.05.1794 Niederlosheim

Note on John or Johann, John E. Zenner b. 1851 immigrated with Franz, father, and Maria, mother from Prussia abt. 1853.

John's wife Maria or Mary Wahlen died according to online records from Stuhlmiller's genealogy and Eisenman files in 1914. The Tenino obituary for John E. Zenners said that he "traveled west" sometime about 30 years ago circa 1930 obit. However, if one were to surf records of newspapers from Olympia, WA, Centralia in Lewis County, or Tenino, WA you may find that Cap may have remarried or was living with his daughter or other relatives. Genealogy Bank did provide a few clues. Researching there may prove to be helpful.

After the death of his wife, Maria Mary Wahlen, in October 1914, Johann or John E. Zenner traveled West. It is interesting to note that part of his family of Zenner's from Buffalo also moved at this time to Bradford, Pennsylvania. Frank Zenner and Flora Mae Beckwith moved to Bradford in 1913. One year earlier. And even earlier in 1897, after the death of George Joseph Zenner b. 1860, (John E. Zenner's little brother) widow Christine Campbell, moved to Pennsylvania, leaving her three sons at Father Bakers orphanage. John E. Zenner 's daughter was a nun living in Rochester, NY as sister Mary of St. Ann's of Rochester, NY and another daughter Helen Brug was also living in Buffalo in 1930. John's sister, Christine Barbera, b. 24 July 1870, was a nun entering the order in 7 Feb1893 at the Convent of Sisters of Good Shepard. The information did not yeild a location for this Convent so I am assuming it was in Buffalo, New York.. Francis Joseph Zenner b. 1858 was also living in Buffalo New York with his wife Magdalena Gieger. Francis was also a brother to John E. It is supposed that Frank Joseph changed his name to honor his uncle, Francis Joseph. Frank Joseph's baptismal records at St. Mary of Sorrows have his name listed as George Francis Zenner. And so there were a good many Zenner's living in Buffalo, New York when Christine Campbell left her three sons at Father Bakers Orphanage in 1897. [Source: Eisenman files Notes for Chart] [Tenino News, obit November 11, 1930] [Stuhlmiller genealogy WorldConnect c. 2001]

From Stuhlmiller's Genealogy John E. Zenner was living at 587 Broadway Street in Buffalo, New York. He purchased a burial plot Lot 108 Section D on November 19, 1897 from the United German and French Cemetery ( Link from NYERIE mailing list Vol. 3, Issue 222 June 30, 2008 [ added July 2, 2008 ] ), Mount Calvary Cemetery Inc,800 Pine Ridge Road, Cheektowaga, New York 14225. From the Mount Calvary Website - "United German & French Roman Catholic Cemetery was founded in 1859 by representatives of six Roman Catholic parishes in the city of Buffalo. The name was changed in 1982 to Mount Calvary Cemetery. Our founding name is now used to refer to our first & oldest cemetery." This plot was likely for his little brother, George Joseph Zenner as the date does match the time of George's death.

In the 1884 Buffalo City directory John E. Zenner was a printer and a stationer at 387 or 587 Broadway St., Buffalo, New York.

In 1900 Buffalo City directory John P. Zenner, brother to John E. Zenner and son of Franz Zenner was a real estate and insurance salesman living at 932 Gennessee St., Buffalo, New York. The transcriber lists that this is the only John living in Buffalo at the time (1900).

In 1910 Buffalo City directory John P. Zenner is said to be working as a notary republic and living at 39 Lowell Street, Buffalo, New York.

From Deborah Freidrich's, Stuhlmiller genealogy at World Connect

Thiis is the probate record of Maria Mary Wahlen Zenner's mother, Maria Wiesen Wahlen. Maria's brother, Jacob, who also served in the Civil War, was lost somewhere in Washington County Mississippi at the time of this probate record in 1884. Jacob Wahlen was the brother in law of John E. Zenner. Family Search census records do not show Jacob Wahlen b. Dec

, 1844 in Census records. State of New York - Superior Court of Buffalo 235 File 24870 Maria Wahlen 's will in probate October 26, 1884 Maria's last will and testament was dated October 20, 1881 John Wahlen was the sole executor and a list of Maria's surviving next of kin is as follows: John Wahlen , a son of full age, residing in Buffalo Michoal Wahlen her husband at full age residing in Buffalo Peter Wahlen & Alois Wahlen sons of full age residing in Buffalo Magdalena Schmitz and Mary E. Zermen daughters of full age residing in Buffalo and Jacob Wahlan a son of full age where last place of residence was Refuge Landing Washington County Mississippi but whose permenant place of residence is unknown and can not after deliquant enquiry be ascertained. Letter: Jacob Wahlen was a member of the moulders union # 1765 and a letter was written in October 1884 to the president of said union and printed in the Iron Moulders Journal - newsletter asking Jacob Wahlen's whereabouts. Peter Wahlen signed a document to this effect November 1, 1884. November 6, 1884 Signature of John Wahlen Attached is a copy of the last will and testement of Maria Wahlen and her signature in German Script. Looks like Walhnn

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