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Our Family's Military Service
World War Registrations and Rosters

     This is the United States Marine Corp roster from World War II, where my grandfather is listed. It is at the bottom of this page. The roster did not copy perfectly and is somewhat difficult to view. If there is anyway to adjust this jpg so that it will print out, let me know.

     I have copies of other rosters for relatives, too. When Ancestry.com said that we could search for free their military records in May 2008 I took the time to do so for as many relatives as I could think of and a few that I didn't think of cropped up. Bonus!

Various registrations and rosters

World War I - World War II

  • wwidraft_fleetrmiller.jpg - 38 years old World War I record. Grey eyes, brown hair abt. 5 ft. 7in.
  • albertwzenner_ww2.jpg - WWII registration, 48 years old, slight scar on forehead, 6 ft. 1 in., 170 lbs., brown eyes, black hair, in source files, "Notes for chart...", death date is listed as after October 5, 1939. It now can be listed as after April 27, 1942.
  • charlesgeorgezenner_ww2.jpg - 54 years old, wife Sadie, employed with Kendall Oil.
  • frankjosephzenner_ww2.jpg - 62 years old and on the register, but missing a few things...This Frank J. Zenner was married to Charlotte T. Zenner and living at 3795 East St., Pittsburg, PA and working at Fried-Rheinman Packing Co., E. Ohio Street, Pittsburg, PA. He was born in Coulterville, PA, July 15, 1881. In Ancestry.com Charlotte is b. abt. 1888 and is listed as living in Allegheny, PA with husband Frank J. Zenner in 1930. Like Albert's registration, this one is dated April 27, 1942, but Ancestry.com records his birthdate as abt. 1879 which is off by 9 years. This Frank Joseph is 8 or 9 years older than my Frank. My Frank Joseph was born in New York and not Pennsylvania, although, the family did move to Bradford, Pennsylvania after 1913. It was interesting to note that there were other Frank Joseph Zenner's in Pennsylvania who were nearly the same age. I wonder if this Frank Joseph Zenner is related in any way to my Zenner's in Pennsylvania.
  • joelsbishipbeckwith_ww2.jpg - This Joel Bishop Beckwith was living on Clay Ave., Bronx, New York in 1942 World War II registration. He may be related as he was born in Portland Mills, Pennsylvania, the same location as other Beckwith's in my family tree. Information from source, "Notes...", generally say Wilcox, PA, or Elk County, PA or McKean County, PA. Much other info in this file indicate also Portland Mills, Pennsylvania.
  • frankdonaldbertels_ww2.jpg - Don Bertels, brother of Bob Bertels, served on the US Bataan as a tail gunner in World War II. His name is incorrectly spelled "Bertl" on the roster and he was a difficult find. He was the only relative in that family that joined the military and that made it important and valuable to find.
  •      There are other Zenner's to have enjoyed the United States or American military service as early as the Revolutionary War, however, it is unclear as to our relationship to those individuals currently. There are a few Zenner's on the Civil War rosters as well. There is one Zenner who was listed as "deserted" in the Civil War and yet still another that I have not been able to find from the 1700's in Pennsylvania who was listed as a "tax collector". There was a notice in the German newspapers of PA that indicated a "General Phillip", too. I'm sure that there are more records to verify from our German ancestors, as Germany or "Prussia" required military service of all of its citizens.

         These records are valuable as they indicate birth dates and address information in addition to any living relatives of the person who is registered

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