========================= http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/history/files.txt February 28, 2011 2:17 PM Updated as noted EXCERPTS ZENNER FILES This files have no extensions: 02292209_g 1870 Census Syracuse New York Philip Zenner cigar maker 02292009_i 1864 Tax List Syracuse New York Philip Zenner 02292009_f Letter dated 18?? Other date 1854 To Secretary of State concerning Philip Zenner Auburn New York by G. H. Zenner "Please have made passport ...a citizen of the United States http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/02292009_f 02292009_h US CENSUS 1870 New York Fannie 32 yo Wife b. Byron 1 foreign birth w/ David 6, Nathan 5, Lepold 3, Joseph 2, Lena 7/12 months F. Little Ann Domestic 23 Baden 02292009_a Ship Breman - Maria Strauch - 1845 02292009_b Ship USS Assyria from Breman to New York same as in Minnesota census below: Joseph & Maria Strauch 1900 02292009_c GERMAN SCRIP p. 270 02292009_d GERMAN SCRIPT or OTHER SCRIPT from lost title http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/02292009_d 02292009_e US CENSUS 1880 Atchison Kansas 2nd Street Jno (JOHN) P Zenner boarder 26yo Tinner 02292009 Joseph and Maria Strauch Minnesota 1900 Census ======================== PDF FILES Henry Zenner Sophmore Ohio University 00000010.tif.1.pdf Philip Zenner Ohio University 505 West 8th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, May 17th?, 1852. Matriculated, 1865; A. M., 1873; M. D. Miami Med. College of Cinc., 1875; Physician; Reisident Physician, Cin. Hospital 1874-1875. 00000087.tif.1.pdf Philip Zenner Ohio University Graduate Class of 1870 00000093.tif.1.pdf Book Reviews by W. L. Eikenberry Book by Philip Zenner, M. D. "Education in Sexual PHysiology and Hygiene. Robert Clarke and Co. 1910 00000118.tif.1.pdf The Identity of Pseucedanine with Imperatorine by M. Wagner In the Journal of Practical Chemistry Jour. fur Prakt. Chem. vol lxi., p. 503 References M. M. Meyer and Zenner 00000502.tif.1.pdf Company K, 59th Regiment NYSV p. 548 Civil War 1861 October Abott - McConnell 00000548.tif.1.pdf Company K, 59th Regiment NYSV p. 549 Civil War 1861 October Mullen - Zenner, Nicolas 00000549.tif.1.pdf 111th Regiment Osborn, John - Winters, John p. 1044 00001056.tif.1.pdf "Three Years Service" 111th Regiment Writner, Daniel - Zenner, Joseph Civil War DESERTER (Date of Muster into service: Aug. 26, 1863; Term: 3 Years; substitute October 1, 1863 deserted) Co. G. p. 1045 00001057.tif.1.pdf ABNER BECKWITH REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION FILE 12 pages CLAIM NO. 8.12158 Served in Connecticut heritagequestonline1.pdf GIF IMAGES The First Zehner Hoppes Family History by the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, Wisconsin Relative Societies 1939 Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter, compiler 1039 Portage Avenue South Bend, Indiana (FRONT PAGE) 10136.gif Zenner, Frank J. (Mary) mach C F & I Co. r 1705 E Routt av. R. L. Polk Directory CO.'s p. 484 10427.gif New York Census Image Orleans County 12th Census of the United States Enumeration District 96 6 June 1900 Line 39: 157 163 Salisbury, Guy HOH White Male DOB: March 1846 54 M31 NY NY NY Proprietor-Cooper Owns Home Free House (Guy Salisbury aka Zenner see Senate) Emma wife Alva daughter b. June 1874 10682.gif SEE ALSO: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/alias.pdf GUY SALISBURY aka John Bowman aka Alva Zenner - In this document it states that Alva Zenner stated that Guy Salesbury was his "step father". Zenner Hoppes [The First Zehner Hoppes Family History by the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, Wisconsin Relative Societies 1939 Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter, compiler 1039 Portage Avenue South Bend, Indiana] PHOTOS Benjamin and Hester Hoppes Zehner, Delaware Co., Ind. Mrs. Solomon Zehner and daughter, Elizabeth Abraham (son David John Adam) Maria Zehner Wisconsin Retta Zehner, Sec. Ohio Zehner Society Minnie Hoppes Shankwiler Christian Hoppes family Historian 1085.gif Street and Household Guide (R. L. Polk Directory) 1705 Zenner F J Canal Intersects Jones INtersects 11426.gif Contents The First Zehner Hoppes Family History by the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, Wisconsin Relative Societies 1939 Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter, compiler 1039 Portage Avenue South Bend, Indiana 11859.gif George D. Bradshaw short bio of Bradshaw describes in 1911 with Henry Zenner Purchase Biggs Wilson Dry Goods Company Ohio? 12656.gif AND SEE ALSO CONTINUED "Cabell County Annals and Families" description on top of (p. 358 ) 4032.gif (Possibly West Virginia Cabel County. See also arrival of buyers NYT 1918 PDF) PHOTO CEMETERY Zion Church West Penn, Pennsylvania The First Zehner Hoppes Family History by the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, Wisconsin Relative Societies 1939 Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter, compiler 1039 Portage Avenue South Bend, Indiana 12837.gif Annie Laurie Description of ship interior "In the forward cabin is a clock cased in a miniature lager beer keg, presented by Zenner, the jewler, and in the after cabin a handsome clock, presented by J. Dean Hawley, jeweler. p. 20 13082.gif SEE ALSO URL: http://findingaid.winterthur.org/html/HTML_Finding_Aids/COL0774.htm The Winterthur Library The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera .937 S.H. Zenner, jeweler and optician, eye glasses, Syracuse, N.Y. http://findingaid.winterthur.org/html/HTML_Finding_Aids/COL0774.htm Anniversary Proceedings p. 160 "Miss Phillipine Zenner 6120.gif Letter from United States Veterans Hospital Fort Harrison, Montana August 12, 1930 Rev. & 1812 Wars Section Michael Zehner enlistment 1776 PA Westmoreland County Discharge Sept. 18, 1779 July 8, 1818 execution of pension at Columbia County, Ohio at age 73 Michael Zenner died November 18, 1829 Married February 15, 1779 Mary (Surname unknown) Children living in 1856 in Ohio Stark, Mahon and Columbiana Counties Julian, Katharine, Mary, Sussanah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Michael, Geroge, William and John Rev claim 6141 6046.gif CONTENTS CONTINUED The First Zehner Hoppes Family History by the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, Wisconsin Relative Societies 1939 Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter, compiler 1039 Portage Avenue South Bend, Indiana 3477.gif Old German Script Reference "Zenner" 3448.gif Fayette County Mary (Zenner) Alt Daughter of Philip Zenner farmer b. Metzig Germany July 1824 Roman Catholic Children:Peter, Maria, Mathias, John Barbera, Margaurite, Peter, Margaurite(2) 3058.gif Lineage Children of Louis Kunz and Edna Juenke Louise Zenner b. March 12, 1927 m. Archie Kunz b. October 12, 1924 Married May 20, 1950 3019.gif German Settlements in Texas In this footnote Mathias Zenner 20.gif New York Census 1870 3rd Ward Buffalo Erie County Line 22 Katie Zenner 14 yo F White Servant House 309 Family 423 Gaulb? James Male White Revenue Gauger born in Scotland Mary WIFE 35yo Kitty 7 yo Howard 3yo Presbery Elisabeth 42 F 1956.gif Zenner Street Changes Trolley Railway System Zenner (formerly Logan), from West Genesee, norther to Puffer, second west of Bailey Ave. 16007.gif EARLY CENSUS IMAGE Albany, NEW YORK Philip Zehner 14958.gif Joel Bishop Beckwith WW2 Registration Card b. Feb. 7, 1888 Portland Mills, PA joelbishopbeckwith_ww2.jpg LINKS TO ZENNER RESEARCHERS AND BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION ON THE NET MISC. (to be updated) http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jillaine/Buffalo/members.html Robin Van Mechelen robinvanm_AT_aol.com http://www.usgennet.org/usa/mi/county/tuscola/det/detwri-zen.htm THE BOOK OF DETROITERS A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis Chicago A. N. Marquis & Company 1908 Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis Pages 495 - 498 EXCERPT ZENNER, Albert Henry, manufacturer; born, Syracuse, N.Y., Aug. 2, 1869; son of Simon H. Zenner; educated in public schools of New York state; married at Cincinnati, O., Dec. 14, 1906, Laura Lehman. Began career in employ of the Electrical Supply Co. of Chicago; came to Detroit, 1893, and organized the Zenner Disinfectant Co., of which has since been manager. Republican. Member Michigan State Board of Agriculture (advisory committee), Detroit Board of Commerce. Office: 84 Lafayette Blvd. Residence: 757 Brush Blvd ARRIVAL OF BUYERS THE NEW YORK TIMES FREE ARCHIVES Zenner-Bradshaw Co. PDF FILE Huntington West Virginia T. W. Wriggle Cotton Goods 105 Grand October 3, 1918 p. 15 buyers_west_virginia_NYT.pdf On Feb 16, 2003 Eden Police responded to a disturbance call on Zenner Road. Eden Police Department 2795 East Church Street Eden, New York 14057 (716) 992-9211 Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police http://www.edenny.org/police/rep/feb03.html # Police have investigated a house burglary that occurred on Zenner Road. Taken were two guns, cash, coins, and jewelry. The owner had left the home for only an hour and found that a door had been kicked in upon their return. Surrounding towns are all having a rash of daytime burglaries at the present time. Eden Police Department 2795 East Church Street Eden, New York 14057 (716) 992-9211 Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police http://www.edenny.org/police/rep/dec99.html 1897 LAINS DIRECTORY BROOKLYN NEW YORK http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Directory/1897/z.html Nicolas ZENNER driver http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Newspaper/BSU/November.html 1897 Nov 1 DEATH Lorenz ZENNER 49yo 419 Atlantic Av. http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Newspaper/BSU/1918.8.html 5 NOV 1918 Lydia MARCHBANK ZENNER, wife of Dr. Gustave ZENNER, a dentist of Flushing died Saturday. She was 31 years old and was born in Newark, N.J. http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Birth/1891/1891.JanBirth.html BIRTHS 1891 NEW YORK BOROUGH Name: Georgeana Zenner Birth Date: 03 Jan 1891 Certificate Number: 1624 http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Marriage/AZ/Z/Z.1.html MARRIAGES Zenner, Emma Spouse : Unknown Date/Year of Marriage : 1871 Location : Manhattan County : New York Certificate Number : 3028 http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Graduate/Teacher/1935.Teachers.html 11 AUGUST 1935 1935 TEACHER GRADUATES -QUEENS -Grades Above 6B E. K. GERSHON ... 1 Joseph ZENNER ... 19 Ethel MURPHY ... 20 Florence BABCOCK ... 22 Jeanette de FAU ... 37 Helen M. MANN ... 49 Florence E. DALY ... 69 Pauline H. EWALD ... 69 Teresa HAGGARTY ... 71 Edna M. GOETZ ... 97 Anna O'CONNOR ... 97 Alvina RAPP ... 107 Mary G. CASS ... 117 F. B. CARBONE ... 121 L. J. COOLEY Jr. ... 125 Edith McCRODDEN ... 126 E. W. DAILEY ... 126 Norma G. O'BRIEN ... 130 Madeline MATTHEY ... 130 Martha KRAUS ... 134 Margaret WILLIAMS ... 140 E. P. VOUCO ... 142 T. M. HALLEN ... 148 ADDED TO http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/history/files.txt November 19, 2008 ~2:00PM February 18-19, 2009 ADDED TO http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/history/files.txt February 2009 Internet Search Eastland Disaster Family Tree W. F. Corbett Susannah Zenner m. Hari Karb eastlanddisaster.txt Family History Library Zenner Search Die Zenner : ein Thüringer Bauerngeschlecht,by Koch, Herbert, Jena : B. Vopelius, 1934. An index for a genealogical history of the Hyde family compiled by Bud L. Hyde, by Boe, Debbie, Chaska, Minnesota : D. Boe, c1997. familyhistorytitle_zenner.txt Ixquick - Search Engine "Johann Anton Leroy" passenger agent Franz Zenner purchased tickets to the US from Johann Anton Leroy, passenger agent, in 1853. Two instances! Finally located! Eureka! johannantonleroy_whitestreetcoblentz.txt California Death Records 9,366,786 records from 1940 thru 1997 http://vitals.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ca/death/search.cgi calideath.txt German War Posters Town or City of Zenner http://digital.lib.umn.edu/IMAGES/reference/mswp/msp00645.jpg http://digital.lib.umn.edu/IMAGES/reference/mswp/msp00645.jpg warposter.txt Zenner in Louisiana Rapides Parish Louisiana winnrapidesks.txt Zenner Lake Zehner Lake zennerlakecredit (no extension) zennerlakebyeastman.jpg Created February 11, 2009 Added to Index zennerlake.html February 18-19, 2009 ADDED TO http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/history/files.txt ==================== June 11, 2009 michellezenner@yahoo.com Zenner - Luxembourg RootsWeb Message Boards Gateway to Zenner mailing list: Author: zenner61 Surnames: Zenner Classification: queries Message Board URL: http://boards.rootsweb.com/surnames.zenner/26.28/mb.ashx Message Board Post: I simply would like to say that all I know is that my Great Grand Father was Phillip Zenner who was born in Dubuque Iowa, and that his parents were from Luxembourg, he married my Great Grandmother Emily Craft from Berne Switzerland. My Grandfather was born in Portland Oregon - Arnold Steven Zenner, and then my father Richard Arnold Zenner, and then myself, Lance Richard Zenner. We have 5 generations of Zenner's who have lived out west here in Portland , Oregon. I do know that our origins come from Luxembourg. My Grandfather who was born here in Portland in 1903 had a story that he told me about two Zenner twins who came over on a boat from Europe and had split up once they arrived in New York. The story goes that they never made contact with each other after that. So we have assumed that we surely have Zenner relatives floating around the eastern half of the U.S. at least. ============================================ http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/historytext.txt Olympia, Washington text file from URL June 11, 2009 ========================================== http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/tenino.txt Tenino file created June 11, 2009 due to Geocities impending Closure and bad email for Geocities site ThurstonHistory@earthlink.net If you are the site owner, please contact! ========================================== http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/brug.txt Helen Brug marriage Frank Brug and children Daughter of Johann E. Zenner ================================ http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/alaska.txt Alaska Newspaper Johann E. Zenner partnership per ? Washington Newspaper Archives ----------------------------------------- http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~washingtonparish/blog/wahlen.txt Mary Wahlen wife of Johann E. Zenner aka "Cap" / "Capt." Zenner of Tenino Washington Newspaper Publisher 1920 - 1923 d. abt. 1914 October 6th. See also: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=stuhlmiller&id=I887 Butler Dupuy Friedrichs Gore Levert Schmitz Shelby Stuhlmiller Zimmermann Ancestors ----------------------------------------