ZENNER, ALBERT W. --- 1/13/1965 Search ECPL Obituary Listings 1960 - 1969 (U - Z) http://www.ecls.lib.pa.us/obits/obits60u.html Search from GenealogyBuff for "Zenner" on April 11, 2008 file 404 and search url back space = Erie County Public Library - Electronic Resouces - Obituary Listings http://www.ecls.lib.pa.us/obits/obits.html reference@erielibrary.org also: 10/09/1986 on Genealogy Buff is really: ZENNER, MARIE HIGGINS --- 1/27/1986 ECPL Obituary Listings 1980 - 1989 (U - Z) http://www.ecls.lib.pa.us/obits/obits80u.html Obituary Listings As a service to patrons doing genealogical research, the ECPL has compiled and maintains an obituary index for Erie County, Pennsylvania, from 1822 to the present. The Library maintains a paper and an online version of the obituary index from 1822 to the present. The Information Services staff will do limited genealogical research or requests for obituaries by the mail. The fee for this service is $5.00 fee for the first 1/2 hour of search time, $5.00 for each additional half hour and a $1.00 per page fee for photocopying. Information on more than one person can be included in each request. In most cases, you will be billed for the research when the information is sent to you or you will be notified as to the charge. If you use this service, please give as much information about the person(s) that you are looking for in your letter. The more information you can provided, the better the chance we can provide you with the information you need. If you would like a copy of the obit, please include your regular mail address. This will help fulfill your request sooner. You can contact the Library by mail at: Information Services Erie County Public Library 160 East Front Street Erie, PA 16507 Email: reference@erielibrary.org (Please include your USPS mailing address when emailing us) Fax: 814-451-6907 If you have any other questions concerning genealogical research and resources at the Erie County Public Library, please call the Information Hub at 814-451-6927. Our obituary index contains the following information: # Last name # First name (nicknames and/or titles such as Dr, Jr, Sr, etc.) # The date that the obituary appears in the newspaper. The information for the obituary index is obtained from the listing of deaths in the daily Erie newspapers.