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by M. Zenner

January 25, 2008 - June 11, 2009

Here are a few questions generated from results of  searching about misc. Zenner's living in the U. S. between the time of the Revolutionary War to the 1950's. See misc_zenners.pdf, misc_zenner.txt and misc_zenner.html for credits and source information for these files.

Who was Jacob Wolff aka Ed Zenner of Olympia, Washington about 1907?

Who was Ed Zenner, Olympia, Washington 1907?

North Dakota 1912, who was Zenner that was a Construction crew that died in dynomite blast?

About 1896 who was Philipp Zenner, General in Pennsylvania?

In 1916 who was Maudi Zenner, a teacher living in Oregon?

Who were the parents of Frederick Zenner living in New York about 1892?

Who was Frank Zenner living in what county of Olympia, Washington who was brought into court on a "morality law" violation?

What was the "Ninth Ward 'Kickers' at Sea in Pennsylvania and who was Zenner, a  gauger?

Who were the parents of Frederick Zenner 1775-1785 of New York, who served in the Third Regiment in the Revolutionary War?

Who were the parents of Henry Zenner who served in the Civil War 1861-1900 of the 14th Regiment, Calvary? (1890)

Who was Henry Zenner who served in the 9th Independent Battery N.Y.L.A. about  1861-1900?

Who was Henry Zenner buried in Hillside Cemetery, Andover, New York b. 1886 d. 1941?

Who were the parents of Julia Zenner (Scholz), 68 yo, b. June 25, 1909 - d. abt. 1977 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana?

Who were the parents of Catharina Zenner m. Alexander Weber May 20, 1787 in the German Reformed Church at Philadelphia 1748-1802?

Who was William Zenner/"Zener" living on his land in Mount Diablo, Tulare County, California on about November 1, 1860 Township 0250E, Range 10 & 14 & 15 Sections 406, 92837 & 92837 (November 15, 1860 (x2 date three properties))?

Where is William Zenner of Tulare County California's homestead in relation to Zenner Lake? Was it on his property? Where is Zenner Lake in Lakes Basin Rec. California? Can it be Googled?

Is William Zenner/"Zener" the same man who is buried in Seattle, Washington on Find A Grave? If not, then who is William Zenner d. 1914 listed on Find A Grave? Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Seattle, King County, Washington, USA Plot: Section A Row 5 Grave 139

Who was John P.  Zenner from Prussia  of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (incomplete Naturalization papers) October 1864?

Who was Zenner that Julia Moore Sergent (a 15yo mother) named her child Zenner Sergent b. November 6,  1902 and Julia  married J. H. "Bud" sergent.  Julia b. Sept. 15 1887 d. April 25, 1903, Lincoln County, West Virginia, buried Harvey's Creek Cemetery.  Just a few days after her baby who d. August 7, 1903?

Who was John E. Zenner b. August 4, 1885 d. January 20, 1950, Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconcin and what branch of service did he serve under?

Who were the parents of Agnes Zenner who married Dec. 18, 1889 abt. to W. H. Wade in Acadia Parish, Louisiana?

Where in present day Acadia Parish is Sec. 22, Township 7S, Range 1W (155 and 96/100 acres) owned by Wilhelm Zenter 1880 1 November in Acadia Parish, Louisiana?

Who are the decendants of Louisa Zeenter m. 4 Sept. 1906 Acadia Parish, Louisiana to Joe Miller?

Who are the decendants of Louise Zenan m. 19 May 1901 Acadia Parish, Louisiana to Columbus Duhon?

Who was Adolph Zenter b. 1831 d. 1880 buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Virginia?

Who else has used the Zenner surname as an alias, Guy Salisbury (WWI b. 1883)& Guy Salisbury (US CENSUS 1900 b. 1846) alias John G. Bowman, alias Alva J. Zenner (c. 1938).

The Zenner mailing list has recently posted information (June 11, 2009) concerning two Zenner brothers, who were twins coming from Europe. Could they also be from Prussia/Germany? They entered the US through New York but became separated where one Zenner twin moved out West. The post indicated that it was likely that his family (the family relations of Phillip Zenner b. Dubuque Iowa and Zenner relatives of Portland, OR) were related to the Zenner's of the East Coast. Who were the Zenner twins? This information was passed down to a 5th generation Zenner from Oregon.

Who were Schmidt and Zenner in this newspaper clipping from the 12 August 1894 Richmond, Virginia referencing a famous Von Kontze scandal in Berlin?

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