How the Wolves got into my Family Tree
How the Wolves
got into
my family tree
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     It wasn't until 2005 that the Zenner's and Wolff's again became friends. Repeating history from the 1700's. I first encountered the Wolfe, Wolff, or Wolf surname and the Zenner surname both appearing in a historical newspaper archive. It was a surprise as Wolf's were currently family friends. The two surnames appear together again in Olympia, Washington in the 1900's. I searched the Genealogy Bank for the Zenner surname and much to my surprise there are Zenner's and Wolf's appearing in the historical newspaper collections. And in Tenino, Washington there was both a Zenner building and a Wolf building. URL   Wolf's and Zenner's are buried in Lincoln County, Washington in Spring Canyon Cemetery.

     There is a Zenner St. in Buffalo, New York that I noticed from Census maps of Erie County, New York. This data was from my earlier years of searching. I was always curious as to the renaming of the street. In a "List of Street Changes for Buffalo, New York in Erie County", the street was first named Logan, then Marion, Zenner, and finally, Sayre Street. URL In addition there is a photograph of the Corner of Zenner St. and Marangone St. from the 1890's at the Onondaga Historical Association website.URL - Search term: Zenner The author of the following book excerpt is John H. Sayers. Could this be the connection to the naming and renaming of Zenner street? He has collected information of how the Wolves got into my family tree! While I cannot prove that I am directly related to Mr. Sayers at this time or the Wolves, I'm curious as to the ancestry of the Zenner's who were his ancestors God parents.

    John, born Feb 17, 1774, baptized Feb 9, 1778. Elizabeth (twin) born July 23, 1776, baptized Feb 9, 1778. Godparents Jacob Zehner (Zenner) and Catherine his wife. Anna Maria, (Twin) born July 23, 1776 baptized Feb 9, 1778. Godparents George Zehner (Zenner) and Anna Maria, his wife. John Christan, born Feb 20, 1778; baptized Jan 23, 1779; Godparents, John Krebs and Sophia Serring, whom the record has as "in single status." -[ Record of Old Zion Church near Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania ] . There is of all children in the Zion Church settlement baptized by Balthzar Meyer

The Zenner surname is listed at the bottom of the excerpt in addition to the other surnames that can be found in his book. In addition to this mystery, the Zenner or Seynor or also spelled Sayre name is found in Revolutionary War documents with variants as Zaner, Zehner, Zane, and Seynor and Zeigler and more. Also appearing in Michael Zane/Zehner/Saynor/Zenner'sPension file was that of Charles Zeigler.

    In the 1870 Census in Louisiana, Louis Zenner was a 15 yo pasty baker living in the household of John Krebs. This census information made another curious surname connection, although over 100 years later. Eve Krebs or Crebs m. Andrew Wolfe according to the following book: The Wolfe Family History, 2nd Edition, by John Herbert Sayers.

     Here is another connection to the Wolfe family:

    Mary Elizabeth Wolfe m. Simeon Augustus Guthrie, son, Frederick Harrison Guthrie, Sr. b. Jan. 1, 1892 d. March 18, 1979 m. Myrna Glade Kennedy b. Jan. 7, 1897 d. Dec. 3, 1947 in Cadogan, PA, daughter of John Mervin Kennedy and Elizabeth Swonger brother of Flora Arabelle Kennedy-Zenner.


The Wolfe Family History 2nd Edition, John Herbert Sayers

From the internet on December 31, 2007, 12:20:26 PM

297 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #02-0797; ISBN 1-55395-083-6; US$25.00, C$29.09, EUR20.50, 14.50

     This book excerpt is online at the above address and was copied for edification of my personal family tree. The following information is provided for those who have interest in my family tree. This book is available for purchase at the above url with the following information on purchase.

From Trafford Publishing "If you'd rather place an order by talking to one of our cheerful order desk clerks, please call 1-888-232-4444 (USA and Canada only) or 250-383-6864. From Europe, ring our UK order desk clerk at local rate number 0845 230 9601 (UK only) or 44 (0)1865 722 113."


     The list of Who's Who in American history that have family members who have married into the Wolfe Family - from Valley Forge in Revolutionary times to current occupants of the White House to author of books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Tracing of the Family from England, Russia, Holland, and Germany to the United States and then back to Europe and Asia.

John Herbert Sayers - Great Grandson of original publisher/author Nora Etna (Wolfe) Atkinson and my Grandmothers Bertha (Wolfe) Sayers and Bertha Duncan. I am retired after 20 years in the United States Army.     

The Wolfe Family in America whose records are laced with such spellings of the family name as Woolf, Wolff, Wolf, Wolfe, Wulf, Wulff, Wolves, Wolfeangle, Wolfinger and Wolford had its beginnings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was that Andrew Woolf', and Eve Crebs were married on August 8, 1769 (Pennsylvania archives, second series, vol. 9, page 349) records of St. Michael and Zion Church, Philadelphia. The marriage license shows Crebs misspelled Cribs (and it has more spellings than Wolfe in the family, among them being (Cribs, Cribbs, Kribs, Kribbs, Krebbs, Crebbs, Griggs,etc.).

     Andrew Woolf' came to America on the ship "Hero" from Rotterdam, last from Cowes as shown by a record date of October 27, 1764. A record November 21, 1764 shows he paid 15 pounds passage money. Dr. Andrew Wolf, of McArthur, Ohio, son of Christopher Wolf, and grandson of Andrew Woolf', was the authority per the statement that his grandfather, for whom he was named, came to America soon after becoming of age (21), which would make his birth year as (1742); probably he was born in the summer of that year.

     It is not certain when the young married couple moved to Westmoreland County, PA, but a land warrant for 183 3/4 acres was surveyed to Andrew Woolf' and recorded (survey book P, vol 90, page 2 Harrisburg, Pa.) under the date March 21, 1786. Indina County, Pa, which a that time was called Armstrong Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania as recorded in first (1st) edition of "The Wolfe Family History".

     Baptism records, in Zundels " History of Old Zion Church", (near Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pa). There is of all children in the Zion Church settlement baptized by Balthzar Meyer, beginning in August 1772. Since this was a Lutheran church and a central point of Pennsylvania Dutch settlement. It is logical that children were brought there for baptism. It is logical that children were brought there for baptism. It is regretted that the register did not begin a year earlier. Since there is no official record of the baptism of George Wolfe, he being born June 26, 1771, according to family records and his monument in Concord Cemetery, Athens County, Ohio. Since his parents Andrew and Eve (Crebs) Woolf', were married in Philadelphia before the family moved to Westmoreland County. There may have been a child born before George, even though some children were named even if they were born still born. Thanks for the information from Nora. The children shown in the register of baptism as born to Andrew' and Eve (Crebs) Wolfe' are the following, (George not being shown):

John, born Feb 17, 1774, baptized Feb 9, 1778. Elizabeth (twin) born July 23, 1776, baptized Feb 9, 1778. Godparents Jacob Zehner (Zenner) and Catherine his wife. Anna Maria, (Twin) born July 23, 1776 baptized Feb 9, 1778. Godparents George Zehner (Zenner) and Anna Maria, his wife. John Christan, born Feb 20, 1778; baptized Jan 23, 1779; Godparents, John Krebs and Sophia Serring, whom the record has as "in single status."

     Christianor Christopher, born Aug. 13, 1784. But there is no baptism record at the Old Zion Church. It is probable that by the time of his birth there was a church in or near Blairsville, near which the family lived. Also there is no baptismal record mentioned of the daughter, Catherine, but there is known to have been born in 1799, and to have died in Indiana in 1868.

     The Zion Church, more commonly called "Herolds", my friends from Hokah Community Church Kerrie and Devron's grandad and greatgrandad Herbert E. Herrold. Herbert, 76, died Sunday, Jan 20, 2002, at his home in Hokah. He was born to Elmer and Elizabeth (Krause) Herold on Feb 13, 1925, in LaCrosse. Herbert served as a meterologist in the U.S. Navy from 1945 to 1947. After returning to LaCrosse he worked at Trane Co. for 39 years retiring in 1987. He then drove bus for Ready Bus Line. Herbert was a member of Gittens-Leidel American Legion Post 595 in LaCrescent, Hokah Lions Club and the Hokah Senior Citizens Club.

     Herbert is survived by a son, Steven (Mary) Herold of Caledonia; two daughters, Connie (Dale) Verse of Hokah and Linda (Paul) Hegge of LaCrosse; two sisters Betty (Robert) Taylor of Logan, Ut, and Carol (Jim) McConnel of Lebanon, Mo; as sister-in-law, Betty (Kenneth) Herold of Stoddard, Wi: 16 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Alice (Smith) Herold; his mother, Elizabeth; his father, Elmer, and a brother, Kenneth Herold.

Memorial services were held Saturday, Jan 26 at Dickson Family Funeral Home, LaCrosse. The Rev. David Possing of Hokah Community Church officiated, "Houston County News" dated Jan 31, 2002 and the Family of Herbert Herold wishes to thank everyone who expressed their condolences through gift of time, prayer and memorials. These thoughtful gifts were greatly appreciated by Herb's family- "The Companion, The Houston County News" dated Feb 7, 2002-thanks to Kerrie and Devron Hauser, Hokah, Minnesota. The old world spelling is Herrold per records at Herolds church.

     The Zion Church, more commonly called "Herolds", had a record of confirmation who were confirmed and blessed on May 27, 1792 and partook of the Lord's Supper, for the first time, in this record as shown in the history of old Zion Church, is shown the name John Wolfe, age 18, which corresponds to his birth day, 1774. Another lists of confirmation under the date of April 20, 1794, includes the name of Anna Maria Wolfe, age 17, which also agrees with her birthday, 1776.

     The descendents of Andrew and Eve Crebs Woolf' and continued in the genealogy of this book, beginning in the Second generation with the four children, George, Elizabeth, Christopher, and Jacob, whose descendents contributed information. This genealogy beings in Chapter IV.

This book as notes is also dedicated to Nora Etna (Wolfe) Atkinson, the author to the first edition (1st) of "The Wolfe Family History". The name originally being Wolfeschmidt (English spelling) in Russia (or translates-Johnson-son of John). John is mentioned in the Holy Bible five times, one being the brother of Jesus Christ-such Wolfe is being Jewish origin. Schmidt was split off by family members.

     "Wouldn't it be wise to launch an offensive aimed at transforming Jerusalem into the capital of the World-United Nation there? Isn't it only proper that Jerusalem be the place where members of all faith convene to remember their breeding of prejudice, hostility and war, and to work to fashion world peace?"

"Jerusalem, the city of David. In the United States, the Presidential Retreat in Maryland is Camp David." Quotes of Carl Saston, his last article for "Olam Magazine" was "The Father of Wisdom", and Menachem Fromm is the Rabbi of the settlement of Tekoa, who along with David Le Haran, wrote for "All Religions", "Olam Magazine, a Judia value, winter 2001, 5762 issued world wide to 3,000,000 readership.

     I want to state, I, John Herbert Sayers, wrote letters to "The Morgan County Herald, McConnelsville, Ohio and; "Athens Messenger", Athens, Ohio; and " The Houston County News", LaCrescent, Mn and; "The Herald of Hollieness" a publication of the Church of the Nazarene", Kansas City, Missouri, while in Vietnam in 1966-67 and 1971-72, I worked for Kwik Trip Food stores, Inc. for over 12 years 1989-2001 (while in the United States Army Ready Reserves) in both La Crescent, Mn till July 30 and Hokah, Mn 31 to July to 15 November 2001 and now I live at 701 Ash Street, PO Box 205 Hokah, MN 55941. (507-894-5016). I worked with and for John Hanson and Don Zeitlow families, some of my co-workers were Emily Lynn (Stemper) Johnson, Grace Jean Stemper, Joseph Horihan, Carolyn Horihan, and Lori Ross. Their brother Robert (Bob) Horihan recently celebrated Mass with Pope John John at the Vatican in Rome, Italy as he is becoming a Priest in the Catholic Church.

     Also I met Aggie Tippery &shyp; Hokah correspondent for " The Houston County News", a newspaper published here in Houston County, Southeastern Minnesota, at LaCrescent, MN 55947 (507-895-2940). Aggie is married to Ivan Tippery, but she was a Murray, but she mentioned to me on Movember 22, 2001, while talking to her on the telephone that there is Wolfe in her family. Her sister Marian confirmed the name Ted Wolfe latter at the Horseshoe Bar (owned by the Overhouse family) in Hokah. Ted is married to Nellie, his parents were Charles M. and Marietta (Wooley) Wolfe married on 11 May 1883 (seven children, from 1st edition of "The Wolfe Family History":

     1. Cassius (Cash) 1884

     2. Stella 1885

     3. Christine (Tina) 1887

     4. Ned 1890

     5. Fred 1892

     6. Ted 1897

     7. Harlan 1905

Both Ted and Nellie are buried in Wyoming. They had a son.

     Aggie wrote three articles for "Spirit of America", which coincidentally went to the printer on September 11, 2001, here in the Coulee region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. It is a collection of essays and poetry written by local writers of this area. The book was produced by Western Wisconsin Technical College, wriing for publication and photography classes taught by David J. Marcou. It is again I want to recall the poem "life" by Emily Lynn (Stemper) Johnson my cousin by marriage, she printed it July 10, 1998.       "Life"

     With the sunlight sparkling

     Off the skimmering green grass

     The flowers blossomed

     Along with the thunder and lightning

     The rain must fall.

     Drowning in the pools of water.

     One must fight for its life.

     Is there a reason to display such beauty

     Is life worth fighting for?

     Then with the next ray of sun light

     One realizes its importance,

     Continue the cycle, add beauty and

     Brighten the lives of those it touches

     Without losing another life

Also this week Emily (Lin) Powell, infant daughter of William and Tami (Groth) Powell, died Saturday, November 10, 2001 at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital (Medical Center) LaCrosse, WI 54601.

     Funeral Services were Saturday, November 17, 2001 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, LaCrescent, Minnnesota 55947 and burial of our littlest Angel at Bush Cemetery on highway 12, between Nodine and Ridgeway, Minnesota. Julia A. Sayers married William Powell April 6, 1878 at Meigh County, Ohio and we hope for the generations fill in the complete genealogy with God's blessing. Funeral services were arranged by Schumacher-Kish &shyp; funeral home in LaCrescent, MN 55947.

     "Houston County News" article January 4, 2002. Nora Etna (Wolfe) Atkinson published (authored) "The Wolfe Family History" with her son Merrill Rey Atkinson, and printed by John Good of LawHead Press in Athens, Ohio. The first edition is no longer in print. So those lucky enough to have it are fortunate. If not, I want to mention that the following pioneer families mentioned in the book who also happened to marry into the Wolfe Family (some in Ohio, Texas, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Southeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, and Northeastern Iowa in such towns as the Plains, Ohio; Athens, Georgia; Plains, Georgia; Athens, Ohio; Athens, Texas; Crawford, Texas; Waco, Texas; Harmony, MN; Hokah, MN; LaCrosse, WI; Philadelphia, PA; Lancaster, MN; Viroqua, WI; Coon Valley, WI; Cresco, IA; Waterloo, IA; Waden, MN and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to name some areas in the Wolfe Family History.

     Now to name some of the families who married into the Wolfe Family (can be spelled differently) such as Anderson, Arnold, Cale, Bush, Benson, Butterfield, Atkinson, Adkinson, , Ackerson, Bell, Canton, Blair, Cartier, Carter, Busch, Allen, Allan, Allison, Allisen, Duncan, Duvall, Everson, Dickinson, Dickerson, Ellis, Fisher, Fischer, Bateman, Bird, Gray, Green, Harris, Fields, Fair, Kellog, Fehr, Friend, Hanson, Hansen, Jones, Bauer, Justice, Brown, Johnson, Johnston, Humphrey, Olsen, Oliver, Kasler, Keirns, Lucas, Linscott, Martin, Black, Matthews, Manley, Love, McBride, Meyer, Miller, Moody, Baldwin, Morgan, Nichols, Moore, Hill, Oneil, Otto, Peterson, Park, Palen, Payne, Phillips, Phillipps, Crebs, Kribs, Porter, Pisor, Please, Price, Ron, Martinez, Rice, Riley, Sullivan, Roberts, Robinson, Nunnemaker, Saunders, Sayers, Sayre, Saul, Serres, Rehr, Ross, Sadler, Sayles, Sipe, Nuckles, Spearman, Spaulding, Steelsmith, Wolfeangle, Wolfesmidt, Snyder, Sweeney, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Wilson, Turner, Trent, Veets, Vaughn, Vande Valle, Walker, Walls,Washington, Wolf, Woolf, Wolff, Wulff, Watkins, McCormick, Weaver, Watson, Williams, Wilkson, Wilkinson, White, Whaley, Whalen, Welch, Wiseman, Kennedy, Winans, Beckett, Becker, Beckman, Woods, Wood, Wooley, Wolley, Woolley, Yates, Yeager, Young, Youngs, Kelley, Zehner, Zenner, Zimmer, Bush, and this was as of 1964.

     So there is no importance of the name as how or what order is it listed. Nora and I consider all as equally important, since 1964 there has been more marriages into the Wolfe Family and family members have resided in all fifty (50) states and territories of the United States and some in Europe, Asia, Australia, South, Central, and North America (Canada) and Africa. We are attempting to print the second (2nd) edition of "The Wolfe Family History" and we have permission from family members, and son/daughters we haven't located or do not have permission to include them, some will have to wait to be included in the third or late editions with the younger generations. We thank all who have provided information for the second (2nd) edition which will have to be sent to the publisher for printing.

           John H. Sayers

           A member of the Wolfe Family

           Of the United States of America

Now, I will have to get to the actually history of the Wolfe Families (other than the ones already mentioned). It has been stated I could already write a 3rd and 4th edition with the families I have located in my twenty (20) years active army and fifteen Active Ready Reserve and while working for Kwik Trip Foods, Inc (who have over 300 stores in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and other places I worked for or did volunteer services. I was stationed three times in the Washington D.C. area; Fort Meade, MD (1966), and (1977); at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D. C. (they serve all branches of services as well as congressman and the president). I bless God for what he has provided us here in the United States of America and to all believers.

     John Hanson, one of the owners of the Kwik Trip Stores, was a believer and someone good to work for.

     One thing we must never forget (Sept.11, 2001) the trust and Grace(Love of God) and the faith we have, this we (our ancestors) and the United States Constitution and the "Bill of Rights", and as one and not be separated.

     "I pledge to think about the words I use

     I will try to see how gossip hurts people,

     Including myself an to work to eliminate

     It from my life.

     I will try to replace words that hurt

     With words that encourage, engage, and enrich,

     I will not become discouraged when I

     Am unable to choose words perfectly,

     Because making the world a better place is

     Hard work, and I am pledging to do that

     One word at a time."

Words can heal. "Org, A Website."

     King David greatest victory "David declares, I have sinned before the Lord." This is the greatest moment in the Bible." It is the source of the Jewish life of self-examination. "it is the humble king who admits his guilt, who is the true hero, such was King David, Founder of Jerusalem, city of integrity and renewal", "Olam Magazine", winter 2001/5762.

     Lanny Wolfe-1975 Lanny Wolfe Music Co-

     I keep falling in love with him

     Over and over and over and over again

     I keep falling in love with him

     Over and over and over and over again.

     He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.

     Oh, what a love between my Lord and I.

     I keep falling in love with him

     Over and over and over and over again.


     Written for Uncle Dean Sayers, but could equally apply to all military members of the Wolfe Family.

     "Day is done, gone the sun

     From the lake, from the Hill,

     From the sky.

     All is well, safely rest. God is nigh.

     Thanks and praise for our days

     'neath the sky

     As we go, this we know. God is nigh.

In memoriam Dean Silas Sayers, the Uncle who did a lot to set the example to always work hard and to do your best. Born March 25, 1925, near Trimble, Ohio an died January 16, 2002 Grove City, Ohio, burial at Concord Cemetary, Ames Twp/ Athens, County, Ohio, officiating Pastor James Wolfe.

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