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Will and Alice Rounds-Washington

Will Washington Sr., the son of Roxie Earls and Scott Washington born December 10, 1888 and Alice Rounds Washington, the daughter of Golitha and Dinah Brown Rounds born March 26, 1896 were married February 13, 1918 The were an industrious couple., great believers in God and not afraid of hard work. This lovely couple purchased a tract of land over 300 acres in southern Adams county known as Ben's Corner. There they reared theri family of ten children- seven girls and three boys and two grandchildren. It was their greatest hope for their offspring to cherish the land that they inherited. Today two daughters, one son and two grandchildren are still on Ben's Corner.

Will and Alice, called Ma and Pa by most of their offsprings, were truly blessed. Their children, Naomi Oprah (Ninna), Saint Arby (Abby), Winnie Virginia (Mutt), Dinah Rounds (Lady Mae), Chester Arthur (Brother), Mary Alice (Girlie), Bertha Lee (Jep and Baby sister), Dorothy Lee (Baby Mae), Will Jr. (Hank and Mann) and Elijah James (Sonny) brought great joy and happiness to this couple.

Will and Alice lived a beautiful life before their children and were well respected by all of them and their community. They have both gone to their eternal homes, Will December 8, 1975 and Alice March 17, 1985. However, they live on in the lives of their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Both were blessed to live and see all of their children grown; this was one of their daily prayers.