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a pedigree chart for Sir Francis Fane K.B. Of Fulbeck

a pedigree chart for Richard ISAAK who was baptised at Fulbeck in Feb 1606.

Mike JENKINSON is looking for information on George JENKINSON, b. Fulbeck nr. Newark in late 1843/early 1844 and m. Emma NETTLETON.
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Susan TOULSON is looking for current relatives of George H. TOULSON - b. 1874 in Fulbeck - had 4 siblings, Charles, Thomas, Ann and John - parents were George TOULSON and Alice ELSON. George H. Toulson emigrated to the US in 1903 from Fulbeck.
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Thomas PHEASANT and Mary SMITHSON married on 10 Oct 1776 at Fulbeck.
Neil PHEASANT is tracing his family between 1776 - [email protected]

Roger Cooling Haerr lives in California. His grandfather, Ed Cooling, was born in Fulbeck 1899.

PEACH family 1780 - 1890
Alistair Mutch, [email protected]

BURT On October 12, 1999, in Nottingham City Hospital to Steve and Rachel (nee Harper) a beautiful baby girl, Jessica Louise. First grandchild for Barbara and Bob and Sue and Mike.

Professor Tom Cain has recently published
Mildmay Fane: The Fulbeck and Harvard Manuscripts. An Annotated Edition of the unpublished poetry of Mildmay Fane (Manchester University Press, 2000).
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has interesting photos of the grave yard

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