enclosure of Fulbeck in 1805

1805 enclosure of Fulbeck

1805 valuation

Occupier Owner Name

ThosCapp ThosCapp Allotments 11911311.2579

ThosCapp WmCapp Little Sykes 1382104.75172

ThosCapp WmCapp Oldgate Willow 2128355.75100

ThosCapp ThosCapp HGs 3484.7595

WilliamCapp WmCapp Paddock 11302152.7596

WilliamCapp WmCapp HG 123532.597

WilliamCapp WmCapp Low Paddock 253112.75143

WilliamCapp WmCapp Becks, east part 6126960.5144

WilliamCapp WmCapp Becks, west part 41256166.75155

WilliamCapp WmCapp Ash Close 101516131.5180

WilliamCapp WmCapp Little Audales 7321912.75181

WilliamCapp WmCapp Rush Audales 153301834.75182

WilliamCapp WmCapp Cliff 2231828116182

WilliamCapp WmCapp Mere next Caythorpe 110110.25192

WilliamCapp WmCapp Gorse Audales 17915194.75270

WilliamCapp HenryFane Barn Close 1713715147.75271

WilliamCapp HenryFane North BrantClose 634556.75272

WilliamCapp HenryFane South BrantClose 1811015114.25279

WilliamCapp HenryFane Old Widness 1333312112.25280

WilliamCapp HenryFane Middle Winness 34313297.25281

WilliamCapp HenryFane WestW 30227230.5289

WilliamCapp HenryFane Brache 1735160.5IXa

WilliamCapp HenryFane A S N Heath l231113028.75

Many enclosures occurred during the French war, because of high grain prices. After the peace of 1815 the general decline in the value of agricultural produce, and the exhaustion of the country after such unparalleled exertions disastrously affected the commercial interests and ruined many families.

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