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Descendants of James Munday & wife Rhoda ?

James Munday was born about 1789 in Reading, Berkshire, England, according to census records. He married Rhoda ?, who was born about 1787 in Eckfield, Hampshire, England. No marriage record has been located thus far. Until that is located, or Rhoda's maiden name is discovered, earlier research is virtually impossible. By 1817, the couple was living in Leeds, where their first known child was baptised at St. Peter's.

It seems as though the family never strayed from their home on Front Row, which was known to be in the area of Campfield, near the border of Holbeck. This was known to be a rather rundown area in Leeds, but even their daughter Mary Ann, who married, late in life, James Hartley, was living at 19 Front Row in 1891.

This is a but a glimpse into his family. Anyone having any information on this family, please contact me. I would love to firm up dates, correct any errors in my database. I hope to reach many other descendants overseas.

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Descendants of James Munday
Generation One
Generation Two
Generation Three
Generation Four
Generation Five
Generation Six
Generation Seven

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