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Descendants of John Patterson

John Patterson, born 1700, and his brother William were among the Scots-Irish who arrived in Boston in 1718. They apparently settled briefly at Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, then moving to Brookfield, then to Palmer, and finally on to Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

John and his brother Wiliam may have come from Dungannon, Tyrone County, Ireland, as William's family seems to have carried that down through the generations as their homeland. This would be quite reasonable to believe, since it is mentioned in "Scotch-Irish Pioneers", p. 194, that in Worcester there were settlers from at least three counties, Londonderry, Donegal and Tyrone, but most were from Tyrone".

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Descendants of John Patterson
Generation One
Generation Two
Generation Three
Generation Four
Generation Five
Generation Six
Generation Seven
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Generation Nine
Generation Ten

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