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These pages are dedicated to documenting the ancestors of the Waukazoo / Waukazo family members of North America. This family name is unique and has a distinguished history in both Canada and the United States. Outside of a eponymous fishing lure, this name has always referred back to the same lineage. Since members of the family has lost touch with each other over the decades, this web site is dedicated to restoring contact between the distant branches of this family tree.

Engraving of 'Wak-a-zoo'

Engraving of the original Waukazoo from Legends of Michigan and the Old North West, Flavius Josephus Littlejohn, Northwestern Bible and Publishing Company, Allegan, Michigan, 1875.

Engraving of Rev. Joseph Waukazoo dated 1881, from The Gospel in All Lands: An Illustrated Monthly Missionary Journal, Vol XI, 1885, Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Society, p. 312

  • Engraving of Joseph Waukazoo

    Moses Waukazoo
    John Baptist Waukazoo
    Waukazoo Woods Ottawa County Historical Marker
    Old Wing Mission, Fillmore Township, Allegan County (near Holland) Michigan
    Land purchase strategy of the 1830's Ottawas & origin of Protestant Missions

  • Maps of locales mentioned here

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