At Truro, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. W. F. Karkeek, veterinary surgeon, of a son. 

On Sunday last, at Truro, the wife of Mr. Allan, tea-dealer, of a son.

On Friday last, at Trevol, the leady of J. C. Roberts, Esq., of a son.

At Trevelyan, in the parish of St. Veep, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs. Harold Henwood, of a son.

On the 4th instant, at Tregony, the lady of Capt. Middlecoat, H. E. I. Company’s Madras Artillery, of twins, a son and a daughter.

On the 28th ult., at Downes, near Exeter, the lady of James W. Buller, Esq., of a daughter.

At St. Ives, on the 25th ultimo, Mrs. Williams, wife of the Rev. Henry Williams, Wesleyan Minister of a son.  – On the 2nd instant, the wife of Mr. John Chapman, coast guard service, of a son.

At Hayle, on Monday last, Mrs. Richard Nicholls, of a son.


On Saturday last, at Penzance, Mrs. John Chester, of a son; and on Wednesday the 11th instant, Mrs. Richard Barnes, of a son.

On the 31st ult., at Launceston, Mrs. Benjamin  Treleaven, of a son.

At Helston, on Saturday last, Mrs. Eva, wife of Mr. P. Eva, of a son.

At St. Blazey, on Thursday last, Mrs. R. Bennetts, of the Cornish Arms Inn, of a daughter.

At Padstow, on the 29th ult., the lady of the Rev. R. Tyacke, of a son.

Last week, at Swansea, the wife of Capt. Jenkins, of the brig “Gratitude” of a daughter.

APRIL 20, 1838

At Truro, on Wednesday, the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. J. B. Job, draper, of a daughter.  Also, on the same day, the wife of Mr. Dunn, grocer, &c., of a son.

At Penzance, on Thursday, the 12th instant, Mrs. Andrew, wife of Capt. John Andrew, of the schooner “Venilla”, of a son; and on Friday, the wife of Capt. Bosustow, of a son.  

On the 13th instant, at Marazion, Mrs. Wm. Pascoe, of a son; also Mrs. Ivey, of a son.

At Priory Barn, Bodmin, Mrs. Bawden, of a daughter.

Last week, at Newquay, the wife of Capt. Sleeman, of the smack “Secret,” of a son.  – Also, the wife of Mr. Richard Carne, carpenter, of a son; and on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr. Richard Hocken, of twins, a boy and a girl.

At Ludgven, on Wednesday last, the wife of Mr. John Curnow, of a daughter.

At Par, on the 31st ult., Mrs. W. Pease, of a daughter.

At St. Austell, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. Harter, of the office of Messrs. Coode and Sons, of a daughter.  – On Monday, Mrs. Taylder, of a daughter; and on Tuesday, Mrs. Gershom Bennetts, of Tregongieves, of a son.



On Monday last, at Brea, near Camborne, the wife of Mr. William Mayne, of a daughter.

Last week, at Camelford, Mrs. Harden, of a son.