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2 MAY 1845, Friday

At TRURO, on Friday last, Fanny, only daughter of Mr. James BROAD, builder, aged 23 years.

At TRURO, on the 22nd ult., wife of Mr. George TIPPETT, shoemaker; and on the 23rd, Mrs. NANKIVELL, aged 82 years.

At ST. AUSTELL, on Sunday last, Joseph, son of Mr. W. GROSE, aged 6 years.

At POLGOOTH, on Sunday last, Mary, daughter of Mr EMERSON, aged 4 years.

At BESKENNEN, in the parish of WENDRON, on Sunday last, Mr. MOYSES, aged 73 years.

At PORTREATH, on the 25th ult., Thomas, only son of Mr. T. RICKARD, Pilot of that port, aged 4 years.

At TUCKINGMILL, Miss Elizabeth Jane JENKING, aged 22 years.

At ST. AGNES, on the 23rd ult., John, second son of Mr. John REED, of the Royal Polberon Consols mine, aged 22 years.

At PENZANCE, on Monday last, Miss GWAVAS, aged 81 years.

At NEWLYN west, on the 18 ult., Miss Peggy RICHARDS, aged 25 years.

At TRETHILLICK, near PADSTOW, after a lingering illness, Mr. Wm. DUGGUA, aged 29 years.

At LAUNCESTON, on the 22nd ultimo, Mrs. PHILP, of apoplexy, aged 64 years, respected by all who knew her.

At SALTASH, on the 19th ult., Mary only daughter of the late Philip PORTER, Esq., surgeon, of that place, aged 25 years.

At HALE, in the parish of KILKHAMPTON, on the 22nd ult., Mr. William AISHTON, son of Mr John AISHTON of BUDE, aged 45 years

At Woodman's Well, BRENTOR, on the 20 ult., Mr John WEEKES, third son of Mr. Walker WEEKES, of Hurlditch, Lamerton Devon.

At her residence, EASTBOURNE, Sussex, on Saturday last, Mary Ann, widow of Davies GILBERT, Esq., aged 69 years.

At TUNBRIDGE WELLS, on the 16th ult., Harriet Agnes, wife of Capt. PLUMRIDGE, R.N., M.P. for Penryn and Falmouth, and daughter of the late Hon. Hugh ELLIOTT, Governor of Madras.

At PARIS, on the 10th ult., Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., formerly of LISKEARD, aged 60 years

9 MAY 1845, Friday

At Elm Cottage, Truro, on Tuesday last, Robert Lovell JENKINS, Esq., in the 71st year of his age, having for forty-three years been Captain and Adjutant of the Royal Cornwall and Devon Miners' Militia.

At Trehaverna Cottage, near Truro, on Saturday last, Joanna, second daughter of Mr. Edward CROSSMAN, aged 23 (?) years.

At Helston, Mrs. Alice STRONGMAN, aged 75 years; and Miss Eliza WEARNE, aged (18?) years.

At Hayle, on Monday last, the infant daughter of Mr. William STEVENS.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, Mr. Thomas NINNIS, shoemaker, aged 20 years.
At Lelant, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth JAMES.

At St. Austell, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. William HARRIS, aged 60 years.

At Charlestown, on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. KEAM, aged 68 years.

At Bideford, Ann, daughter of Mr. Richard TRICK, spirit merchant, aged (20? or 28) years.

In London, on the 30th ultimo, Mr. James SHOLL, aged (35? or 25) years, son of the late Mr. Martin SHOLL, formerly of Truro.

16 MAY 1845, Friday

At Truro, on Sunday last, Mr. Oliver ADAMS, of the Swan Inn, aged 78 years.

At Penryn, at the house of her sister Mrs. Peter ROGERTS, Miss Jane ROBARTS, aged 70 years.

At Rosemullion, in the parish of Mawnan, on Friday last, Mr. John TRUSCOTT, aged 87, for many years a respectable butcher at Falmouth.

At Lambourn, in the parish of Perranrabuloe, on Sunday last, Mr. Richard JENKIN, aged 66 years.

At Illogan, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas BLACKSLEY, blacksmith, aged 37 years.

At Marazion, on Sunday last, the daughter of Mr. OATS, aged 3 years.

At Goldsithney, on Sunday last, Mr. Samuel HOSKING, blacksmith.

At Newlyn [west], on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. RICHARDS, aged 80 years.

At Mevagissey, on the 1st instant, Mary Collier, daughter of Mr. Edward ANGOVE, aged [2? or 8?] years.

At Liskeard, on the 30th ult., Mr. John HAWKER, aged 35 years.

At Tavistock, on the 5th instant, Fanny, youngest daughter of J. G. MICHELL, Esq.

At Tavistock, on the 6th instant, Agnes, relict of the late Mr. G. PARSONS, aged 75 years.

At his residence, Hill House, Langport, on the 8th instant, deeply lamented by his family and friends, in the 75th year of his age, Vincent STUCKEY, Esq., Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Somerset.

Lately, on board the "CLARENCE" steamer, on his way to Scotland, Admiral Sir David MILES,[or Milne] late Commander in Chief at Devonport. He entered the navy in 1778, and was second in command to Lord Exmouth, at Algiers.

23 MAY 1845, Friday

At Truro, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr Richard BENNEY.

At Truro, on Sunday last, Fanny, daughter of Mr [?]TRESTRAIL, carpenter, aged 5 years.

At Truro, on Monday last, the infant child of the Rev. A. TUCKETT.

At Treworlas, in the parish of Philleigh, on Friday last, Rebecca, wife of Mr. Hugh COLLETT, aged 72 years.

At Penryn, on the 20th inst., Mr John PIDOCK, bookkeeper, aged [?]59 [?]39 years.

At Falmouth, on Sunday last, the infant son of Mr KERBY, draper, &c.

At Falmouth, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, Maria, youngest daughter of the late James BOULDERSON, Esq., aged 22 years.

At Falmouth, on Tuesday last, after a few hours' illness, Mrs DUNSTAN, relict of the late John DUNSTAN, Esq., at the advanced age of 91 years.

At Helston, on Saturday last, Mr George WHYATT, aged 38 years.

At Penzance, on Wednesday last, Mr Francis BOASE, Alverton-street, aged 77 years.

At Bescoppa, in the parish of St. Austell, on Sunday last, Mrs. Grace HAWKEN, aged 83 years.

At the Turnpike-gate, St Blazey, on Saturday last, Mr Daniel GARLAND, aged 97 years.

At Fowey, on the 14th instant, Mr Samuel MIDDLETON, aged 21 years; and the daughter of Mr John PEARCE, parish clerk, aged 4 years.

At Newquay, on Monday last, William Richard, only child of Mr Nicholas WHITE, aged 3 years.

At Liskeard, on the 13th inst., Susan Emma, only daughter of Mr J MAYNE, hat maker, aged 6 years.

At Callington, on Friday last, Mary, relict of Mr William JEFFERY, late of Linkinhorne Town, near Callington, yeoman.

At Saltash, on the 10th instant, Mr John PICKTHORN, aged 85 years, a highly respected warrant officer of the Royal Navy; and on the 14th instant, Mr J. H. DREW, many years landlord of the Green Dragon Inn, in that borough.

At Chacewater, on Saturday last, greatly lamented by his family and friends, at the advanced age of 98 years, Capt. PEARCE.

At Lowerquarter, in the parish of Ludgvan, on Saturday last, Mr John ELLIS, aged [?]64 years.

At Mutley, near Plymouth, on the 13th inst., Mr Wm. PENWARDEN, Custom House Officer, son of the late R. PENWARDEN, Esq., of Launceston, aged 33 years.

At Gibraltar, on the 27th ult., aged 19 years, Lieutenant Richard Hawkins CARLYON, of the Royal Artillery, fourth son of Lieut-Colonel CARLYON, of Tregrehan, in this county, and of Greenway, Devon. His death was the result of an injury sustained when engaged in play in a racket court. How highly he was esteemed, and how greatly lamented by his brother officers, will be seen by the following extract from a letter written by the Colonel in command of the Artillery in garrison at Gibraltar: - "There is no officer of artillery here that does not mourn for him, and will not long remember him as the valued friend of those of his own age, the esteemed acquaintance of his elders, and as a most gentlemanly, talented, and promising young officer." His funeral was attended by the officers of all the corps in this garrison, and no individual was there in the lengthened procession that did not feel a deep and sympathizing participation in the gloom which was spread over the scene of the mournful ceremonial.

30 MAY 1845, Friday

At Polquick Cottage, near Truro, on Tuesday last, in joyful hope of the resurrection to life eternal, and after a long illness borne with great meekness and patience, Sarah, the beloved wife of the Rev. W. W. HARVEY, rector of Truro, aged 41 years.

At Truro, on the 29th instant, Mary, wife of Mr. Philip SAMBELL, aged 70 years.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, after a protracted illness of nine years, four of which she had been confined to bed, Miss Elizabeth SAMPSON, aged 28 years.

At Ludgvan last week, Mrs. Biddy BANFIELD, aged 32 years.

At Marazion, on the 23rd instant, the infant child of Mr. William THOMAS; and on Monday last, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. John DAVEY, mason.

At Bokenna, near Liskeard, on the 28th? Instant, Mrs. BONE, aged 58 years.

At Lerren, near Lostwithiel, on the 17th instant, William WENMOUTH, Esq., aged 42 years.

At Newport, near Launceston, on Sunday last, Mr. W. BURT, aged 31 years.

At Pillaton, on the 23rd instant, Mr. Thomas HIGMAN, carpenter, aged 53 years.

At the Upper Grange, Stroud, Gloucestershire, the residence of Mrs. GURNEY, widow of the late Mr. Gurney, surgeon, of Marazion, on Saturday last, suddenly, Jane PRIDEAUX, a most faithful and valuable servant, having lived in her service 26 years.


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