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2 JUNE 1848, Friday

In King Street, Truro, on Monday last, MISS HANNAH FERRIS, aged 67 years.

At Falmouth, on the 25th ult., the wife of MR. JONATHAN DREW, aged 48 years.

At Helford, on the 25th ult, JANE, wife of MR. JAMES JAMES, collector of H. M. Customs, at that place, aged 36 years.

At Cusgarne, in the parish of Gwennap, on the 22nd ult., MR. PAUL PASCOE, aged 38 years.

At Pentire, in the parish of Wendron, on Monday last, MR. JOHN OLIVER, aged 88 years.

At Hayle, on Friday last, MRS. MARY STRICKLAND, aged 86 years.

At Gwinear, on Friday last, the infant son of MR. SAMPSON TAYLDER; and on Monday last, JOHN, son of MR. THOS. MICHELL, aged 3 years.

At Camborne, on the 22n ult., the infant daughter of MR. JOHN SIMS; on the 23rd, MR. JOSEPH SIMS, aged 46 years; on the 25th, the infant son of MR. THOS. MARTIN; and on Friday last, the infant daughter of MR. SAMUEL PEARCE.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, MR. JAMES LANDER, carpenter, aged 71 years; and MR. WM. TREVORION, aged 54 years.

At Penzance, on the 22nd ult., EMMA, daughter of MR. JOHN TRENWITH, aged 2 years.

At Penzance, on Friday last, MR. JAMES WARREN, rope maker, aged 20 years; and the son of MR. WILLIAM BALL, sawyer.

At Marazion, MISS ELISABETH SCADDON, aged 69 years.

At Sancred, MR. W. BARNS, aged 76 years.

At St. Mary's Scilly, on the 21st ult., MR. JAMES DUKE.

At St. Austell, on Saturday last, MR. BENETTS, of the London Inn, aged 43 years.

At Fowey, on Monday last, MISS MARY THOMAS, daughter of MR. EDWARD THOMAS, aged 19 years.

At Bodmin, on the 25th ult., MRS. MOODY, wife of the REV. MR. MOODY, Wesleyan Minister.

At Bodmin, on Sunday last, after a long and painful illness, the wife of MR. CLARKE, chemist and druggist, aged 51 years.

At Bodmin, on Wednesday last, much regretted by a large circle of friends, MR. GATTY, of the Town Arms Inn, aged 45 years.

At Insworth Barton, in the parish of Maker, on the 19th ult., MR. WILLIAM AVERY, aged 76 years.

At Mutley, Devon, on the 18th ult., MARY, daughter of J. REYNOLDS GWATKIN, Esq., aged 18 months.

At Sapton, on the 23rd ult., MR. JOHN PETHERBRIDGE, of Buckfastleigh, woollen manufacturer, aged 43 years.

At Bristol, on the 24th ult., JAMES MOGG, youngest son of the late JOHN JONES, Esq., of Shapwick, Somerset, aged 29 years.

At Brighton, on the 13th ult., MARY ANNE, widow of the late JONATHAN RASHLEIGH, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, aged 72 years.

At St. Helier's, Jersey, on the 16th ult., WM. CUMING, Esq., purser and paymaster R.N. aged 63 years.

At Gongo Soco, Brazil, on the 7th of March last, WILLIAM, infant son of MR. WILLIAM BURRELL, smith, late of Illogan, in this county.

9 JUNE 1848, Friday

At Truro, on Saturday last, much regretted, MISS JANE ROBARTS, a member of the Society of Friends, aged 46 years.

At Truro, on Saturday last, MR. GEORGE KNUCKEY, late grocer and tea dealer, aged 32 years.

At Carnon Downs, in the parish of Feock, on the 31st ult., MRS. ELIZABETH ALLEN, aged 78 years.

At Falmouth, on the 1st instant, ROBERT HENRY CHURCH, Esq., late of Granada.

At Falmouth on Saturday last, MR. WILLIS, for many years coachman of the Quicksilver Mail from that town to Launceston, aged 49 years.

At Helston, on Friday last, the wife of MR. DENNIS REED, woolstapler, aged 38 years.

At Mount Pleasant, Camborne, on Sunday last, GRACE, eldest daughter of CAPT. J. LEAN, aged 23 years.

At Puggis, Camborne, on Monday last, MR. JOHN FREDERICK, aged 77 years.

At Gwinear, on Sunday last, the infant daughter of MR. W. JAMES; and ARTHUR, son of MR. ARTHUR OATS, aged 6 years.

At Gwithian, on the 1st inst., MISS JANE CHRISTOPHER, dressmaker, aged 27 years.

At Hayle, on Sunday last, SARAH, wife of MR. JAMES RODDA, aged 64 years.

At Tregerthen, in the parish of Ludgvan, MRS. JOAN BAYNARD, aged 88 years.

At Penzance, on Monday last, FRANCES, daughter of the late REV. HENRY PENNECK, formerly Vicar of Paul, in this county and afterwards Rector of Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, aged 89 years.

At Penzance, on the 26th ult., ANN, widow of the late MR. JOHN COCKLE, aged 73 years.

At St. Austell, on Saturday last, MR. JAMES ROWE, hairdresser, late of Wadebridge, aged 32 years.

At Tywardreath, on Wednesday last, MARY, wife of MR. STEPHEN RUNDELL, of the Basset Arms Inn.

At Bodmin, last week, the infant child of MR. HENDER, ironmonger; and on Monday last, MR. EBER WEBSTER, aged 22 years.

At Bridgend, near Lostwithiel, on the 1st instant, MR. WILLIAM CRAGO, aged 27 years.

At St. Germans, on the 29th ult., JOSEPH UNDERHILL, son of MR. EDWARD GEAKE, postmaster of that place, aged 7 years; and at Treduan, in the same parish, MR. W. C. ROGERS, farmer, aged 63 years.

At Callington, on Saturday last, MR. JAMES HEARLE, aged 90 years.

At the Manor office, Devonport, on Sunday last, MRS. RUTGER, aged 76 years.

At Plymouth, on the 30th ult., the wife of MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, of St. Columb, aged 59 years.

At Torquay, on the 29th ult., the REV. FREDERICK PYM, Vicar of Bickleigh, near Plymouth, aged 44 years.

At Guernsey, on the 28th ult., MR. EDWARD JOHN, son of the late MR. RICHARD JOHN, woolstapler, of Helston, aged 46 years.

16 JUNE 1848, Friday

At Truro, on Monday last, MR. FRANCIS COUCH, late of Bodmin, aged 85 years.

At Newquay, on the 8th instant, MR. M. TUMMON, aged 34 years.

At Hayle, on Friday last, MISS ELIZABETH PENBERTHY, aged 58 years; and the infant son of MR. JOHN COCK, shoemaker.

At Gwinear, on the 6th instant, CAROLINE EMILY, daughter of MR. JAMES RULE, aged 2 years.

At St. Ives, MRS. PHILLIPS, relict of the late SAMUEL PHILLIPS, Esq., surgeon.

At Rosehill, near Penzance, on Sunday last, JOHN VIGURS, Esq., aged 70 years.

At Wheal Bolton, in the parish of Ludgvan on Saturday last, MR. JOHN PENHALE, aged 78 years.

At St. Erth Church-town, on Monday last, MISS MARY BERRYMAN, third daughter of the late MR. JOHN BERRYMAN, innkeeper, aged 52 years.

At Newlyn West, MR. JOSEPH JOHN, aged 82 years.

At Trevennen House, the seat of MAJOR W. SLADE GULLY, on the 8th instant, CAPT. HUTCHISON, late of the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers, aged 70 years.

At Carnsmerry, in the parish of St. Austell, on Monday last, MRS. BICE, aged 84 years.

At Mevagissey, on Saturday last, MR. JOHN POLLARD, aged 77 years.

At Bude, on Monday last, MRS. HEARD, aged 76 years.

At Milcombe, in the parish of Linkinhorne, on Monday last, the wife of MR. JOHN TREHANE, yeoman.

At Tregeare, in the parish of Laneast, ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. THOMAS ADAMS, and sister of JOHN ADAMS, Esq., of Cambridge.

At Stonehouse, on the 8th instant, from the rupture of a blood vessel in the heart, First Lieutenant and Adjutant FRANCIS POLKINHORNE, of the Plymouth Division of Royal Marines, son of the late Capt. JAMES POLKINGORNE, R.N., of St. Austell, aged 24 years. [names as printed]

In London, on the 1st instant, MR. CHARLES WILLIAMS, formerly of Falmouth, aged 73 years.

At George Street, Hanover Square, on the 8th instant, JANE ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of MAJOR GEORGE WYNELL MAYOW, of Bray, in this county, and third daughter of the late BISHOP of CORK.

At Halwell Rectory, near Holsworthy, on the 2nd inst., HONORA, wife of the REV. WILLIAM HOCKER, and eldest daughter of the late THOMAS KING, Esq., of Manor House, North Huish.

In London, on the 3rd instant, PHILIP HAWKINS, Esq., formerly of St. Austell, aged 68 years.

At Guernsey, on Saturday last, MR. WILLIAM TIPPET, superannuated officer of excise, aged 57 years.

At Gambia, in Western Africa, the REV. ROBERT LEAN, late of Whitehall, near Redruth.

In the Island of Trinidad, in April last, MR. JOHN McKINNAN, of Falmouth, master of the ship "Verren," of Glasgow.

23 JUNE 1848, Friday

At Carnsew, in the parish of Mabe, on Sunday last, MR. JOHN KNOWLES, yeoman, aged 37 years.

At Portreath, on Monday last, STEPHEN KNIGHT, Esq., aged 71 years, upwards of fifty of which he was a faithful and highly esteemed managing agent of Foxes and Portreath Company; by his death the poor have lost a kind friend.

At Camborne, on the 13th instant, MR. JOHN PERRY, aged 57 years.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, the wife of MR. JAMES BOWDEN, moulder, aged 44 years; and the infant son of the late MR. FRANCIS IVERY, mate of the "Fame".

At Hayle Foundry, on Friday last, MISS ELIZABETH HARVEY, sister of HENRY HARVEY, ESq., of the firm of Henry Harvey and Co., aged 70 years.

At Penpoll, near Hayle, on Sunday last, JANE, youngest daughter of the late REV. J. C. MILLETT, aged 21 years.

At Penzance, on Sunday last, MRS. GREEN, aged 72 years; and on Monday, MRS. MARTINS, aged 56 years.

At Boskennal, in the parish of St. Buryan, on the 14th instant, MR. WM. TONKIN, excise officer, aged 26 years.

At St. Columb Minor, on the 15th instant, DAVID, only son of MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, aged 7 years.

At Bodmin, on Tuesday last, MR. DOOGOOD superannuated supervisor of excise, aged 74 years.

At Raphel, in the parish of Lansallos, on the 14th instant JAMES, youngest son of MR. WILLIAM MAGOR, of Roskear, near Wadebridge, aged 22 years.

At Launceston, on the 15th instant, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES SHILSON, aged 76 years.

At Callington, on Tuesday last, URSULA, second daughter of MR. JOHN MARTIN, attorney-at-law.

At Collipriest, Devon, on Monday last, FRANCIS GAWEN, youngest son of the REV. THOMAS CAREW.

30 JUNE 1848, Friday

At Truro, on Tuesday last, beloved and respected by all who knew him, MR THOMAS GERRANS REMFRY, aged 76 years.

At Truro, on the 29th instant, the infant child of MR. THOMAS HOSKINS.

At Penryn, on Friday last, MR. JAMES HOSKEN, R.N., aged 92 years.

At Falmouth, on Monday last, THOMAS LOVELL BELL, Esq., aged 75 years; and MR. GEORGE MULLINS, traveler for the firm of Fisher and Co., booksellers, London.

At Helston, on Friday last, the wife of MR. JAMES ROGERS, aged 52 years.

At Peterville, St. Agnes, on the 17th instant, MR. JOHN NETTLE, innkeeper, aged 43 years.

At Crossboombe, St. Agnes, last week, JAMES, son of MR. JOHN ENNOR, aged 14 years.

At Gwinear, on Friday last, MRS. JANE MEDLIN, aged 75 years.

At Gwinear, on Monday last, the infant son of MR. ARTHUR OATS.

At Hayle, on the 22nd instant, SUSAN ANN, eldest daughter of MR. T. RICHARDS, blacksmith, aged 22 years.

At Marazion on Sunday last, MR. NICHOLAS MOON, aged 58 years.

At Penzance, on the 22nd instant, MARY, widow of the late MR. THOMAS HOSKING, blacksmith, aged 80 years; and MRS. JONES, mother of MR. JONES, mercer and tailor, aged 67 years.

At Polgoon, in the parish of Madron, M. JOSEPH THOMAS, gardener, aged 32 years.

At St. Just in Penwith, on Sunday last, MRS. GRACE GRENFELL, aged 84 years.

At Gorran, suddenly, on the 15th instant, from the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, MR. WILLIAM DUNCALF, saddler and harness maker, of Mevagissey, aged 64 years.

At Fowey, on Saturday last, MR. JOHN CRAGO, aged 22 years.

At Tregaret in the parish of St. Teath, on Wednesday last, MR. EMANUEL WAKEHAM, aged 87 years.

At St. Winnow, on the 21st instant, MR. JOHN MOON, basket-maker, aged 35 years.

At Launceston, on Friday last, JOSEPH FORD SMITH, Esq., surgeon, aged 46 years; an irreparable loss to his family and friends, and exceedingly regretted by all who knew him.

At the Parsonage, Bratton Clovelly, on the 20th inst., CHARLES LINNAEUS, youngest son of the REV. EDWARD BUDGE, Rector of that parish, aged 6 years.

At Wyndham Place, Eldad, on the 19th instant, the REV. G. PAYNE, L.L.D., aged 67 years; for twenty of which he was principal of the Western College of Exeter and Plymouth.

At Tavistock, on the 16th instant, MR. JOHN DAWE, jun., aged 25 years.

On board the ship "St. George," on her passage from Sydney to London, MR. WILLIAM AVERY COLMAN, eldest son of MR. WM. COLMAN, of Devonport, aged 36 years.

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