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3 MARCH 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Friday last, John, son of Mr. S. TRESEDER, gardener, aged 5 years.

At FALMOUTH, on the 24th ult., Jane, relict of Mr. John BENNETTS, aged 37 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Sunday last, Mary Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. F. WILLIAMS, sailmaker, aged 17 years.

At LOWER CRILL, in the parish of BUDOCK, Margaret, last surviving daughter of the late Capt., John GOODRIDGE, of FLUSHING, aged 91 years.

At HELSTON, Mrs. SMITH, sister of the late Mr. FLINDELL, aged 83 years; Mr. Richard PASCOE, carpenter, aged 87 years; and Mr. Michael STRONGMAN, aged 88 years.

At HELSTON, on Sunday last, Alice, relict of the late Peter Pender HODGE, Esq., aged 90 years.

At ILLOGAN, on the 18th ult., Mrs. RICKARD, aged 80 years.


At REDRUTH, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Henry LAUNDER, aged 66 years.

At GWINEAR, on Monday last, the infant son of Mr John DOBLE; and the infant son of Mr. Colan WILLIAMS.

At HAYLE, on Friday last, respected by all who knew her, Ellen, wife of Mr. A.J. ASHWIN, aged 33 years; and on Tuesday, Miss Grace THOMAS, aged 62 years.

At ST. ERTH church-town, on the 12th ult., Mr. John GEORGE, aged 37 years; and Mrs. Margaret VIVIAN, aged 77 years.

At CHENALLS, in the parish of ST. ERTH, on the 19th ult., Mrs. Peggy HODGE.

At PENZANCE, on Monday last, Miss Prudence HARVEY, aged 78 years; and Mr. William PENROSE, aged 82 years.

At St. AUSTELL, on Monday last, Mr. W. GLANVILLE, aged 66 years; and the wife of Mr. CORMELL, daughter of the above, aged 41 years; and on Wednesday, the wife of Mr. John BENNALLACK, market gardener, aged 73 years.

At MEVAGISSEY, on the 18th ult., Mr. Roger RAWLING, aged 88 years.

At LOOE, on the 18th ult., Mr. Walter STIVEY, aged 24 years.

At EAST LOOE, Ann, widow of the late Capt. R. BEST, of the schooner, "Patience," aged 56 years.

At DULOE, on the 21st ult., Mr. E. SKENTLEBURY, aged 88 years.

At NORTHHILL, on the 19th ult., Mr. William HOWELL, aged 46 years.

At TAVISTOCK, on the 20th ult., Mr. John ROBINS, solicitor, late of PLYMOUTH, aged 50 years.

At her residence South Parade, BATH, on the 22nd ultimo, at an advanced age, Mary, relict of the late Rev. William FLAMANK, of BOSCARNE, in this county.

At TIVERTON, on the 21st ult., Hannah, relict of the late Arthur BOASE, Esq., banker, aged 84 years.

At CANTERBURY, on Tuesday last, Anna Maria, second daughter of Wm. PETER, Esq., late of CALVERTON, in this county.

10 MARCH 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Sunday last, the wife of Mr. N. TRENCH, joiner, aged 33 years.

At PENDENNIS CASTLE, FALMOUTH, on Sunday last, Barrack Sergeant ROBINSON.

At HELSTON, on Sunday last, the wife of Mr. N. WILLIAMS, of the HELSTON Foundry, aged 67 years.

At HAYLE, on Friday last, Mrs. Elizabeth TREVASKUS, aged 66 years.

At ST. IVES, Martha, eldest daughter of Capt. John FRANCIS, of SWANSEA, aged 20 years; and John, only son of Mr. John VIVIAN, of ST. IVES Consols Mines, aged 21 years.

At ST. MARY'S, SCILLY, on the 22nd ult., Miss Thomasine ELLIS; and on the 26th, the infant son of Mr. Thomas EDWARDS.

At PARCOON, in the parish of ROCHE, on the 16th ult., deservedly esteemed by all who knew him, Mr. TRUSCOTT, aged 83 years.

At EAST STONEHOUSE, on the 29th ult., Mary, wife of Richard RODD, Esq., solicitor, and daughter of Richard SKUES, Esq., surgeon, formerly of HELSTON, aged 47 years.

At ST. GERMANS, on the 25th ult., William EWBANK, Esq., lat of FAREHAM, HANTS, aged 73 years.

At DEVONPORT, on the 1st instant, John BONE, Esq., surgeon, aged 69 years.

At BEDFORD, on the 1st instant, Mary, the beloved wife of the Rev. J. S. RIDSDALE, and sister of Mr. R. R. LANGFORD, of BOSCASTLE.

At MANNING TREE, ESSEX, on the 24th ult., Mr. W. H. ROGERS, draper, late of CAMBORNE, aged 28 years.

At SINGLETON, near SWANSEA, on the 28th ult., Jessie DALRYMPLE, the beloved wife of H. Hussey VIVIAN, Esq., aged 22 years. The sudden and premature death of this amiable and youthful lady has plunged the family into the deepest affliction, and produced an universal feeling of sorrow and sympathy throughout that town and neighborhood.

At MADEIRA, on the 31st of January, Henry Walcot SIMCOE, Esq., a magistrate of this county, and eldest son of the Rev. Henry Addington SIMCOE, of PENHEALE, near LAUNCESTON, aged 25 years.

17 MARCH 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on the 9th instant, Mr. Richard CORNISH, aged 44 years.

At DEVORAN, on Wednesday last, the infant daughter of Mr. William BROWN, chief mate of the "Paragon."

At BERKELEY VALE, FALMOUTH, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. Elizabeth HINGSTON, aged 76 years, much respected by a large circle of friends.

At FALMOUTH, on Wednesday last, the wife of Mr. George CORAM, mason, aged 78 years.

At ROSEMUNDY, ST. AGNES, on Friday last, Capt. William STEPHENS, aged 78 years.

At CARHARRACK, on Saturday last, Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr. Michael WILLIAMS, of SWANSEA, aged 37 years.

At HAYLE, on the 8th instant, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Henry RULE, aged 23 years; on Sunday last, Richard BANFIELD, son of Mr. William MICHELL, aged 2 years.

At CROWLAS, in the parish of LUDGVAN, on Tuesday last, Mr. William JAMES, aged 73 years; and at Chapel Square, CROWLAS, in the same parish, Elizabeth ROBERTS, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard JONES, aged 18 years.

At ROSEWORTHY, in the parish of GWINEAR, on Monday last, Mrs. Martha GLASSON, aged 82 years.

At ST. ERTH, lately, Mrs. CARDELL, relict of the late Mr. Christopher CARDELL, of TRANNACK, in that parish, aged 84 years.

At PENZANCE, on Tuesday last, Mrs. GIDDY, relict of the late Capt. Giddy, R.N.

At PENZANCE, on the 9th instant, Mr. Henry EDMONDS, aged 70 years; on Saturday, Miss Mary OATS, aged 63 years; and on Tuesday, Mr. Lemon WOOLF, aged 66 years.

At ST. JUST IN PENWITH, on Friday last, Mr. Nicholas BOYNS, aged 45 years.

At BOSCARNE, in the parish of St. BURYAN, on Monday last, Mr. James MITCHELL, sen., aged 78 years.

At LISKEARD, on Sunday last, the only son of the Rev. J. TODD, Vicar of that place, aged 1 year.

At WADEBRIDGE, on Monday last, Mr. Sylvester TREFFRY, of NANSCAWEN, aged 53 years.

At KINGSTON, in the parish of STOKECLIMSLAND, on Saturday last, Mr. John SPEAR, yeoman.

At LANLIVERY, on Monday last, Mr. Thomas COOKE, aged 79 years.

At VENN, in the parish of SOUTHHILL, on Friday last, Mrs. Mary HAWKEN.

At the Vicarage, TINTAGEL, on the 3rd instant, Sir Edwin SANDYS, father-in-law of the Rev. R.S. BREE, aged 75 years.

At LAUNCESTON, on Saturday last, Mr. William HENRY, Wesleyan Association Minister.

At DEVONPORT, on Tuesday last, the infant son of Mr. Samuel ORAM.

At BOCKING, ESSEX, on the 3rd instant, Mr. John PEARSE, second son of the late Mr. Wm. PEARSE, of NEWPORT, LAUNCESTON, an active and useful Wesleyan local preacher in the CHELMSFORD circuit, aged 52 years.

In LONDON, on the 7th instant, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Martin SHOLL, formerly of TRURO, aged 70 years.

At NEW YORK, on the 5th of February, Mr. Thomas RODDS, butcher, formerly of the parish of PAUL, in this county.

24 MARCH 1848, Friday

At the residence of her sister, MISS HALSE, Truro, on Tuesday last, sincerely and most deservedly regretted by her family and friends, ELIZABETH, relict of HUGH LEY, M.D., late of Penzance, in the 83rd year of her age.

At Truro, on the 15th instant, MRS. CLYMA, aged 79 years.

At Truro, on Tuesday last, MRS. WROATH, aged 67 years; and on Wednesday, ANNA, youngest daughter of MR. JOHN BLEWETT, aged 4 years. [might be WREATH]

At Higher Carnon, in the parish of Kea, on the 14th instant, SUSAN, only child of Mr. GEORGE SOWDEN, miller, aged one year and a half; and on Saturday last, CATHERINE, wife of MR. G. SOWDEN, aged 25 years; also, at Little Kellew, in the same parish, last week, MRS. CORNISH, aged 90 years.

At Illogan Church-town, on Wednesday last, MR. WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY, beer shop keeper, aged 52 years.

At Treverry, in the parish of Mawgan, on Wednesday last, MR. WILLIAM WARREN, yeoman, formerly of St. Keverne, aged 88 years.

At Hayle, on the 16th instant, the infant son of MR, THOMAS HOSKING.

At St. Ives, Mr. JOHN THOMAS, shoemaker, aged 35 years; Mr. CHARLES ANTHONY, aged 41 years; and the wife of MR. RICHARD EDWARDS, aged 35 [or 85] years.

At Gwinear, on the 14th instant, MR. GEORGE TAYLDER, aged 67 years; and on Saturday last, MRS. JENEFER POLLARD, aged 78 years.

At Penzance, the infant son of MR. NICHOLAS KENDALL.

At Mousehole, on the 14th instant, MR. P. BLEWETT, aged 49 years.

At St. Austell, on Tuesday last, MRS. SARAH WHITE, aged 84 years.

At Chaple, in the parish of Lower St. Columb, on the 15th instant, MR. WILLIAM DAVIS, aged 65 years.

At Bodmin, the infant son of FREDERICK S. PARKYN, ESQ., and on the 15th instant, MR. THOMAS POPHAM, aged 56 years.

At Lerren, near Lostwithiel, on Friday last, MRS. WENMOUTH, aged 80 years.

At Duloe, last week, MRS. GRIGG, relict of the late MR. ROBERT GRIGG, of Bodbrane, in that parish.

At St. Germans, on Friday last, MR. WILLIAM PHILP.

At Stoke, on Saturday last, MR. WALTER BANKS, son of the late Mr. GEORGE BANKS, of Devonport, aged 30 years.

At Plympton, on the 14th instant, MISS HEARLE, late of East Looe, aged 68 years.

At Bartholomew Street North, Exeter, on Friday last, MR. WM. ROWE, late of North street, aged 62 years.

At Melton Place, St. Pancras, London, on the 12th instant, MR. J. LANYON, formerly of this county, aged 69 years.

At Lambeth, on Saturday last, LOUIS CHARLES, only child of MR. ALFRED RAVENSCROFT, aged 2 years.

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