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5 MAY 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Friday last, Mr. James Woodley GREEN, butcher, aged 21 years.

At TRURO, on Tuesday last, Mr. W. G. (.........), aged 43 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Monday last, Edward Budd, son of Mr. J. J. MILFORD, of TRURO, aged 1 year.

At FALMOUTH, on Tuesday last, Mrs. EASTMAN, mother of Mr. William EASTMAN, schoolmaster, aged 90 years.

At HELSTON, on the 25th ult., Hannibal infant son of Mr. Henry PENBERTHY.

At GOLDSITHNEY, on Friday last, Mr, William ROWE, aged 40 years.

At REDRUTH, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. Robert WALLS, mason, aged 65 years.

At GWINEAR, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. James HOSKINS, aged 37 years.

At GUILFORD, near HAYLE, on Saturday last, Mr. John GLANVILLE, engineer, aged 57 years.

At ST.IVES, Mr. Thomas MATHEWS, shipwright, aged 88 years; the infant son of Mr. Samuel UREN, and William, son of Mr. Wm. TREVORROW, aged 3 years.

At MARAZION, on Friday last, Mr. Thomas RICHARDS, blacksmith, aged 38 years.

At PENZANCE, on the 27th ult., Mr. T. HOSKING, blacksmith, aged 79 years; on Saturday Mr. Thomas BREWER, aged 64 years; and on Sunday the wife of MR. Jonathan BLAKE, of the Fountain Inn, aged 42 years.

At LOWER QUARTER, in the parish of LUDGVAN, on Tuesday last, the infant daughter of Mr. Francis NICHOLLS.

At ST.AUSTELL, on Friday last, Thomas DOVE, Esq., surgeon, in the 60th years of his life; in him were united, in an eminent degree, quickness of apprehension, soundness of judgment, and kindness of manner, qualities that endeared him to his patients, as his high tone of moral rectitude carried into every detail of his professional career, made him an object of esteem and regard to his professional brethren.

At CARTHEW, in the parish of ST.ASTELL, on Monday last, Mr. R. M. TINNEY, aged 33 years.

At ROCHE, on Sunday last, Mrs. ROWE, aged 27 years.

At CHARLESTOWN, on Monday last, Mr. John REYNOLDS, formally of the smack "Laurel," of that place, aged 56 years.

At PADSTOW, Mrs. RAWLINGS, aged 71 years.

At CARNE, in the parish of ST.MEWAN, on Sunday last, Emily, youngest daughter of Mr. G. ANDREW, aged 12 years.

At TEMBLCHAM, in the parish of LEZANT, on the 23rd ult., the wife of Mr. William BRENDON, aged 60 years.

At POLSCOE, in the parish ST.WINNOW, on the 27th ult., at an advanced age, the wife of Mr. Jacob STEPHENS.

At UPCOTT., in the parish of STOKE CLIMSLAND, on the 25th ult., Richard John PARSONS, Esq., aged 74 years.

At TREHANEST, in the parish of QUETHLOCK, on the 27th ult., Mary, relict of Mr. John POLLARD, yeoman, aged 73 years.

At the Navel Hospital, DEVONPORT, on Monday last, Dr. BROWNING, for many years in the Falmouth packet service, aged 50 years.

At LAMERTON, on the 18th ult., the Rev. Thomas Wood CLEAVE, second son of Benjamin CLEAVE, Esq., of NEWCOMBE, near CREITON.

At his residence, DALSTON, on Friday last, Samuel, youngest son of Henry OPPENHEIM, Esq., of WEST GREEN, TOTTENHAM, aged 37 years.

At BOMBAY, on the 7th of March, Mr. Edward Tucker BUDGE, second son of Mr. James BUDGE, of CAMBORNE, aged 25 years.

At Mount Annan Estate, TRINIDAD, on the 12th of March last, the wife of Charles TILLAR, Esq., and a daughter of Mr. S. JAGO, of FALMOUTH, aged 32 years.

12 MAY 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Tuesday last, Leonard, youngest son of Mr. Henry DUNN, grocer, aged 3 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Friday last, the wife of E. HILBORNE, Esq., Collector of Excise, aged 58 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Monday last, Henry NATION, Esq., M.D., aged 52 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Sunday last, Ann GILBERT, aged 56 years, twenty-seven of which were spent in the faithful service of William Broad, Esq., by whose family her loss is deservedly and deeply regretted.

At ST.ANTHONY in ROSELAND, on Friday last, Frederick, youngest son of the late John HILL, Esq., aged 17 years.

At ILLOGAN, Mrs. BENNETTS, aged 65 years.

At REDRUTH, Mrs. REYNOLDS, mother of the late Capt. James REYNOLDS.

At NORTH COUNTRY, REDRUTH, on the 29th ult., Mr. James BUTLIN, aged 57 years.

At SOUTH TURNPIKE, REDRUTH, Mrs. M. MIDDLETON, sister to the late T. TEAGUE, Esq., of Bank House, at an advanced age.

At CAMBORNE, on Friday last, Emily Louisa, infant daughter of Capt. GILBERT.

At GWINEAR, on the 3rd instant, the wife of Mr. Wm. DOBLE, aged 36 years; and on Tuesday, Benjamin, son of Mr. Joseph KNIGHT. Aged 2 years. At HAYLE, on the 3rd instant, Jane, daughter of the late Mr. William BASTIAN, aged 9 years.

At Hayle Foundry, on Friday last, Mrs. F. THOMAS, aged 75 years.

At PENZANCE, on Friday last, Elizabeth, only remaining daughter of the late Rev. John BORLASE, Rector of St. Mewan, aged 78 years.

At VELLANOWETH, in the parish of LUDGVAN, on Tuesday last, the infant son of Mr. Thomas FEETHY; and at CROWLAS, in the same parish, on Monday last, the infant son of Mr. Joseph CHAMPION.

At TREGULLAN, in the parish of LANIVET, on the 2nd instant, Epiphany, wife of Mr. Thomas BULLOCK, aged 72 years.

At LISKEARD, on the 4th instant, Samuel RUNDELL, Esq., a member of the Society of Friends, age 85 years; he was much esteemed by his fellow townsmen and contributed largely to the charitable institutions of the town - and the poor have lost in him a kind friend.

At Pentillie Castle, near CALLINGTON, on the 4th instant, Mary Ann, second daughter of the late John Tillie CORYTON, Esq., aged 37 years; she will be greatly lamented by the poor in the immediate neighbourhood, to whom she was always a kind friend.

At LAUNCESTON, on the 3rd instant, in her 82 year, Mary, widow of the Rev. Joseph BURGESS, late of PLYMOUTH. She became a member of the Wesleyan society when about fourteen years of age, and, during the long period of sixty-seven years, maintained a unblemished character. In all relations of life, as a daughter, a wife, and a mother, she adorned her christian profession, and was esteemed and beloved by an extensive circle of relatives and friends, her end was peace.

At BROADOAK, on the 29th ult., Mr. VANDERSLUYS, aged 65 years; for many of which he was clerk to the justices for the Hundred of West.

At DEVONPORT, on Monday last, Thomas Edward, son of Mr. TOWNSHEND, of the London Inn, aged 12 years.

At PLYMOUTH, on Saturday last, Mr. James WILLIAMS, late of Ebbw Vale Iron Works, MONMOUTHSHIRE.

At the Vicarage, WHITCHURCH, DEVON, on the 27th ult., the Rev. Peter SLEEMAN, aged 75 years.

At HONITON, on the 29th Ult., Mr. Edwin FLOOD, organist of St. Paul's Church, in that town - author of "The Sabbath Bells," &c., aged 24 years.

At CHUDLEIGH, on the 2nd instant, the wife of the Rev. Charles LYNE, late of TYWARDREATH.

19 MAY 1848, Friday

At SHORT LANE'S END, near TRURO, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. James BROWN, wheelwright, aged 23 years.

At Cawsawsen Farm, near CARELEW, on the 6th instant, Mrs. GEORGE, aged 94 years. In her, the domestic and social virtues, emanating from Christian principles, shone steadily, with attractive luster from youth to age.

At MENERDUE, in the parish of STITHIANS, on the 6th instant, Mr. John HOLMAN, aged 38 years.

At MARAZIAN, the wife of Mr. John CALLAWAY, aged 63 years.

At ST.IVES, on the 11th instant, Mr. John VEALE, aged 73 years; and on Sunday, the wife of Mr. James JENNINGS, aged 32 years; Mr. Wm. CHAMPION, aged 63 years; and the infant son of Mr. Wm. ROACH.

At PENZANCE, on the 10th instant, Margaret, wife of the late Rev. Nicholas TRESIDDER, of ENDELLION.

At PENZANCE, on Monday last, Emily Sarah, only surviving daughter of John LUKE, Esq., aged 25 years.

At ST, AUSTELL, on the 11th instant, Mr. J. B. CHIVERS, aged 75 years; and Mr. N. EVELIGH, Governor of the Union House, and formally a Captain in the Cornwall Militia.

At Benoak, in the parish of DULOE, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. Robert GRIGG.

At CHEW MAGNA, on the 9th instant, Edith, wife of John TAYLOR, Esq., of PENZANCE, and last surviving daughter of the late Thomas DOWLING, Esq., of the former place.

At MOUNT PLEASANT, SWANSEA, on the 9th instant, Stephen Williams, infant son of Mr. John ALLEN.

At SHOBROOKE PARK, DEVON, Charlotte, relict of the late Richard Hippisley TUCKFIELD, Esq., and sister of the late Sir Charles MORDAUNT, of WALTON, WARWICKSHIRE, Bart.

At King's Road, GUERNSEY, on the 6th instant, Jane Harriet Ann, only daughter of Edward H. STEWART, Esq., aged 11 years.

At GUYONG near BATHHURST, NEW SOUTH WALES, on the 9th of November last, William Henry, infant son of Mr. Richard GLASSON, formerly of BREAGE, in this county.

At LIMESTONE near MORETON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES, in November last, Mr James SIBLY, formally of ST.NEOT, in this county, aged 48 years.

26 MAY 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Sunday last, the infant son of Mr. Matthew COURTENAY, grocer and confectioner.

At ST.AGNES, on the 18th instant, Mr. Henry HARPER, aged 65 years; and on Saturday last, the wife of Mr. John STRIBLEY, aged 23 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Saturday last, Mrs. PASCOE, relict of Mr. John PASCOE. shoemaker, aged 76 years.

At HELSTON, on Tuesday last, Mrs. PERKINS, aged 60 years.

At ST.KEVERNE, on Wednesday last, Edward James, infant son of Mr. Samuel LORY.

At PORTHLEAVEN, on Saturday last, Mrs. THOMAS, aged 51 years.

At HAYLE, on Friday last, Elizabeth, Widow of the late Mr. Francis IVERY, of the "Fame".

At ST.IVES, on Monday last, Catherine, wife of Mr. William CARE, aged 41 years.

At MARAZION, on Sunday last, the infant child of Mr. Joseph RICHARDS.

At PENZANCE, on the 16th instant, the wife of Mr. JENNINGS, aged 30 years; and on Monday last, the infant son of Mr. Thomas DAVEY.

At PENZANCE, last week, Mrs. TRENWITH, aged 100 years; and on the 17th instant, Mrs. DONITHORNE, aged 98 years.

At the Vicarage, FOWEY, on Monday last, Fanny, wife of the Rev. John KEMPE.

At FOWEY, on Sunday last, the wife of Mr. John WATTY.

At TAVISTOCK, on Saturday last, the infant son of Mr. ELLIOTT, of the Bedford Hotel.

At SHRIVENHAM, on the 18th instant, of injuries received in the late accident on the Great Western Railway, Frederick Charles BLAIR, Esq., Commander R.N., aged 40 years.

At RICHMOND, on the 17th instant, Charles BULLER, Esq., of the East India Company's Civil Service, formerly one of the members for WEST LOOE, and father of Charles BULLER, Esq., M.P. for LISKEARD, aged 74 years.

On board a steam packet, from Ramsgate to Woolwich, on the 18th instant, John, eldest of Mr. N. WARNE, boot and shoemaker, EAST LOOE, aged 25 years.

At GOGINAN, near ABERYSWITH, on the 14th instant, Louisa, eldest daughter of Capt. BALL, of the Goginan Mines, aged 11 years; and on the 16th Frederick infant son of Capt. John WILLIAMS, of the Nantiglos Mines.

At PISA, ITALY, on the 12th instant, Fanny CUMMINGHAM, wife of Charles CUNNINGHAM, Esq., of ROBERTLAND, N.B., and third daughter of the late Sir John CALL, Bart., of Whiteford House, in this County, aged 68 years.

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