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7 MARCH 1856, Friday

At Truro, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. JOHN WHETTER, aged 69 years.

At Falmouth, on Sunday last, Mr. PETERS, aged 25 [?] years; on Tuesday, the wife of Mr. OWLD, aged 23 years, and on Wednesday, Mr. JAMES, relict of the late Captain JAMES, formerly of the Falmouth Packet Service, aged 75 years.

At Helston, on Sunday last, Mr. WILLIAM MEDLYN, aged 40 years; and Mrs. ELIZABETH JOHNS, aged 86 years; on Monday, ALEXANDER, son of Mr. A. STEPHENS, aged 1 years; and EMMA, daughter of Mr. WM. MATTHEWS, aged 1 years.

At Penzance, on the 27th ult., Miss BOASE, aged 73 years; and Mr. RICHARD TRESIDDER, aged 34 years; and on Sunday last, SARAH JANE, infant daughter of Mr. JOHN HARRY.

At Carnyorth, in the parish of St. Just in Penwith, the infant daughter of Mr. WM. TRESIZE; and the infant son of Mr. SAMPSON BOASE.

At Sowah, in the parish of St. Levan, on the 27th ult., the wife of Mr. JOHN SAUNDRY, aged 38 years.

At Noon Vere, in the parish of Zennor, Mrs. PHILLIS MATTHEWS, aged 75 years.

At Camborne, on the 23rd ult., the only son of Mr. JAMES PASCOE, aged 4 years; on the 27th ult., ELLEN, daughter of Mr. THOMAS COADE, aged 7 years; on Sunday, SUSAN JANE, daughter of Mr. JOHN MICHELL, aged 11 years; and HENRY, son of Mr. JACOB THOMAS, aged 4 years; on Monday, JULIA ALICE, daughter of Mr. THOMAS, aged 2 years; THOMAS HENRY, son of Mr. MUTTON, aged 3 years; and FRANCIS, daughter of Mr. EMANUEL BAZELEY, aged 3 years; and at Penponds, on Saturday last, AMEY, relict of Mr. WILLIAM MARTIN, aged 81 years.

At Redruth, on the 22nd ult., Mr. SAMUEL CLARK, aged 31 years; and on Tuesday, Mr. G. HICKS, aged 77 years.

At Sunny Corner, in the parish of Gwennap on Saturday last, ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. HENRY MORCOM, aged 57 years.

At Seveock, in the parish of Kea, on Saturday last, Mrs. MARTHA ROBERTS, aged 80 years.

At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. J. JENKIN, Chacewater, on the 8th ult., Mrs. ELIZA W. REED, second daughter of the late Mr. WILLIAM HILL, of Ashburton, at an advanced age.

At Newquay, on the 26th ult., MARY, wife of Mr. WM. OSBORNE, aged 64 years.

At St. Dennis, on the 26th ult., ANN, wife of Mr. ROBERT GRIGG, of Menna, in that parish, aged 67 years.

At Dunmeer, in the parish of Bodmin, on the 25th ult., Mr. ALLEN, aged 68 years.

At Camelford, on the 27th ult., Mr. BENJAMIN HAWKEN, aged 80 years.

At Tregoodwell, near Camelford, Mr. THOMAS ARNALL, aged 75 years.

At Treviawalls, near Camelford, Mrs. PHILLIPPA TREBILCOCK, aged 73 years.

At Liskeard, on Sunday last, the wife of Mr. JENNINGS, foreman of the foundry at Roseland.

In London, on the 14th ult., JOSEPH, eldest son of Mr. RICHARD THOMAS, baker of Penzance, aged 22 years.

In London, on the 19th ult., BETSY ANN, wife of Mr. EDMOND FARTHING, formerly of Launceston.

In London, on the 20th ult., Mrs. ELIZABETH CANN, formerly of Kilkhampton, in this county, aged 80 years.

At Wells, on the 21st ult., Mr. E. MEAD, of the Swan Hotel, aged 65 years.

At Boreham, near Warminster, Wilts, Mr. THOMAS REDDROP, aged 60 years.

At Bamarang, Shoalhaven, Australia, on the 18th of November last, Mr. RICHARD GLANVILLE, aged 50 [59?] years.

14 MARCH 1856, Friday

21 MARCH 1856, Friday

At Calenick, near Truro, on Friday last, SARAH, daughter of Mr. GEORGE PAINE, aged 18 years.

At Falmouth, on the 12th instant, SUSAN, youngest daughter of the late Mr. WILLIAM JENKIN CHESTER, aged 6 years.

At Falmouth, on the 13th instant, much respected, ANN, wife of WILLIAM DOWNING, Esq., aged 73 years.

At Garras, in the parish of Mawgan in Meneage, on the 11th instant, Mr. ALEXANDER WICKS, aged 69 years.

At Helston, on the 6th instant, Mr. JOHN VINNICOMB, aged 84 years.

At Goldsithney, on Tuesday last, Mr. JAMES GUNDRY, aged 78 years.

At Penzance, on Saturday last, WILLIAM JAMES, infant son of Mr. JAMES FOSS WALLIS; on Sunday, Mr. WILLIAM RODDA, aged 40 years; and on Tuesday, Mrs. JANE NICHOLLS, aged 80 years.

At Madron, on the 8th instant, Mrs. BLANCH BATTEN, widow of Mr. FRANCIS BATTEN, aged 48 years.

At Marazion, on Wednesday last, Mr. JOHN HOSKING, aged 80 years.

At Hayle, on Monday last, Mrs. B. DAVEY, aged 61 years.

At Camborne, on Saturday last, TRYPHENA, eldest daughter of Mr. AMBROSE BLAMEY, of Tuckingmill, aged 24 years.

At Redruth, on Sunday last, Mr. WM. ROWE, aged 34 years; Mr. JOHN HARRIS, aged 43 years; and Mr. SAMUEL COCK, aged 65 years; and on Monday, Mr. N. SINCOCK, aged 28 years.

At Chacewater, on Monday last, Mrs. MARY THOMAS, AGED 84 YEARS; AND ON Wednesday, Mrs. MARY ROBINS, aged 81 years.

At Creegbraws, near Chacewater, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. JAMES NORTHY, aged 46 years.

At Goonbell, in the parish of St. Agnes, recently, Mr. ABRAHAM PROUT, at an advanced age.

At Grade, on the 6th instant, Mr. JOSEPH RANDLE, aged 65 years.

At Newquay, on Sunday last, the infant son of Mr. JUDE HUBBER.

At Trestrayle, in the parish of Probus, on the 9th inst., LOUISA GERRANS, second daughter of Mr. M. HOTTEN, aged 20 years.

At Polmasick, in the parish of St. Ewe, on Sunday last, Mrs. SARAH WHITEHAIR, aged 77 years.

At Fowey, EMMA, daughter of Mr. EMANUEL WADE, aged 2 years.

At West Looe, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. THOMAS CHARK [?], aged 66 years.

At Dinham?s Bridge, in the parish of St. Mabyn, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. RICHARD GRIGG, second daughter of the late Mr. JAMES GLASSON, of Polmenor, near Penzance, aged 54 years.

At St. Cleer Village, on the 7th instant, Mr. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, aged 52 years.

At Tremar Coombe, in the parish of St. Cleer, on the 8th instant, EMMA, daughter of Mr. JOHN KELLOW.

At Liskeard, on the 7th instant, Mr. MARK HOCKING, aged 55 years; and on the 13th instant, Mrs. ELIZABETH BENNETT, aged 76 years.

At Poughill, near Bude, on the 12th instant, Mr. ALEXANDER CORNISH, aged 78 years.

At Plymouth, on the 13th instant, the Rev. SAMUEL NICHOLSON, sen., aged 55 years.

At Bolton, on the 9th instant, CATHERINE, second daughter of the Rev. E. J. STURGESS, Wesleyan Minister, aged 10 years.

At Lymington, Hants, on the 13th instant, EDWARD GLOVER, Esq., In London, on the 11th instant, JOHN, son of Mr. ROWE, builder, late of Penzance, aged 28 years.

At Dinan, in France, on the 12th instant, at an advanced age, Lieutenant Colonel JEAN FRANCOIS ROBION de la TREHONNAISE, Knight of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Louis. Deceased was the last surviving superior officer, who, at the head of the heroic Breton peasantry, took a leading part in the Vendean struggles, which Napoleon called the war of Giants.

28 MARCH 1856, Friday

At Truro, on Tuesday lst, HENRY, son of Mr. WILLIAM WOOLCOCK, of the Truro Police, aged 7 years.

At Truro, on the 27th instant, GRACE, wife of Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, aged 65 years.

At Old Church Town, Kea, Mr. JOHN GUNN, aged 94 years.

At Falmouth, on the 19th instant, MARTHA, wife of Mr. ARTHUR GEARING, Secretary of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, aged 33 years.

At Helston, on Sunday last, Mr. BENNET RICHARDS, aged 77 years.

At Penzance, on the 18th instant, Mrs. ELIZABETH THOMAS, aged 80 years; and on Saturday last, THOMAS HENRY, infant son of Mr. ROBERT BREWER.

At Newlyn west, on Friday last, ELIZA, daughter of Mr. JAMES ROWE, aged 11 years.

At Paul, on Friday last, Mr. JAMES CROCKER, aged 83 years.

At Rosevidney, in the parish of Ludgvan, on the 19th instant, Mr. SAMPSON TREGONING, aged 74 years.

At St. Just in Penwith, on Monday last, Mr. NICHOLAS SNELL, age 87 years. [It actually says 187 years, but I can't believe that so have transcribed 87 years!]

At Halsetown, JAMES, son of Mr. JAMES BERRIMAN, aged 4 years.

At St. Ives, the infant son of Mr. RICHARD HODGE BRYANT.

At Camborne, on the 20th instant, MARY, relict of Mr. ISAAC JENKIN, aged 76 years; Grace, relict of Mr. WILLIAM POOLEY, aged 72 years; and Mr. RICHARD RULE, late of Newton Moor, in that parish, aged 24 years; on Friday last, ESTHER ANN, daughter of Mr. WILLIAM OSBORNE, aged PHILIP JAMES, aged 11 years; and on Sunday, EDWARD JAMES, son of Mr. JAMES PASCOE, aged 4 years.

At Troon, in the parish of Camborne, on the 17th inst., MARY, daughter, of Mr. STEPHEN WATERS, aged 9 years.

At Redruth, on Tuesday last, Mrs. PHILIPPA GRYLLS, aged 86 years.

At White Hall, near Scorrier, on Monday last, Mr. WALKER HARRIS, aged 61 years.

At St. Day, on Sunday last, JANE, daughter of Mr. FRANCIS POPE, aged 3 years.

At Porth, in the parish of St. Columb Minor, on the 18th instant, Miss ELIZABETH MOFFAT, aged 67 years.

At Crafthole, in the parish of Sheviock, on the 15th instant, Mrs. ANN BATH, aged 69 years.

At Mevagissey, on the 19th instant, Mrs. HARRIS, of the Ship Inn, and formerly of the Queen's Head Inn, Truro, aged 77 years.

At Fowey, on the 20th instant, Mr. HENRY BRIMACOMBE, aged 53 years.

At Ponburthen, in the parish of Lanivet, on Tuesday last, Mr. CHARLES HICK, aged 79 years.

At Mr. DAVISON's Day School, Cellars, near Wadebridge, NOAH, infant posthumous son of Mrs. CROOK.

At Padstow, lately, Mr. JOHN HEATHERINGTON, aged 54 years; last week, Mr. W. H. THOMAS, aged 23 years; and on the 20th instant, WILLIAM, only son of Mr. W. B. HARDING, aged 24 years.

At Liskeard, on Friday last, PAULINA ANNE PHILADELPHIA, youngest daughter of FRANCIS RAWLE, Esq., surgeon, 80 Minories.

At Liskeard, the infant son of Mr. WILLIAM BOWDEN.

At Deans, in the parish of Stokeclimsland, on the 18th instant, Mr. W. E. DINGLE, aged 65 years.

At the residence of his brother, Hobbacott Farm, Launcells, Mr. WILLIAM SQUIRE, aged 27 years.

At Barons Woon, Zeal, near Crediton, the residence of her son-in-law, SARAH ANNE PROSSOR, widow of the late WILLIAM LYFE PEARCE, Esq., Kingsbridge, Devon, aged 74 years.

At Manor Cottage, Clist St. George, Devon, on Monday last, Mr. WILLIAM REED, auctioneer and surveyor, of the firm of REED and WARREN, aged 63 years.

At Government House, Devonport, on Friday last, having landed from H.M.S. "St. George," on the 19th instant, Sir HYDE PARKER, Bart., of Melford Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk, and Talton House, Worcestershire, aged 71 years.

At 15 Jewin Crescent, London, on the 20th instant, Mr. GEORGE HARPUR LEVERTON, son of Mr. Leverton, of Treheveras, near Truro, aged 24 years.

At Liverpool, on the 11th instant, HARRIET, wife of Mr. STEPHEN BODILLY, and daughter of the late Mr. RATSEY, R.N., formerly of Penzance.

At Valletta, Malta, on the 18th instant, Lieut. General the Right Hon. Sir HENRY POTTINGER, Bart., G.C.E [?], aged 67 years.

At San Francisco, California, on the 6th of January last, Mr. MICHAEL O'NIEL, of Penzance, in this county, aged 29 years.

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