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Welcome to my genealogy world.  I have been researching my family history for many many years.  My goal, is to gather truthful & accurate information on my family lines.  Not just the boring facts but the stories that tell us who these people were.

I'd like thank all of those people who have contributed to this web page.  I would also like to thank my family (you know who you are) especially those of you who have gone to do research with me.  Without their assistance, these pages would not be what they are.

Thanks to the generosity of Cousin Means I am adding a lot of information pertaining the to the Quisenberry and Moberly families of Missouri and Kentucky.  Cousin Means responded to a post I made on a genealogy web page almost a year later.

Please feel free to email me with any corrections, additions or questions you may have.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Stop by often, I will be adding new material as time allows!! See what's NEW - last update 08/15/03

 Enjoy your visit!   Pam


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What's New:

All kinds of things updated and added 8/15/03
Legal Documents Page - added 6/11/03
Benjamin Moberly Sr. Will - added 1/12/03
Marriage Bond for Moberly/Simpson - added 1/12/03
Marriage Bond for Quisenberry/Moberly - added 1/12/03
Jackson Quisenberry - Application for Letters of Administration added 1/12/03
Sally Ann Moberly - information about her family added 12/09/02
Walter & Lela Weakley - Remarriage confirmed - added 11/25/02
Lucy Threlkeld Weakley Ransdell - Tombstone Picture added 11/25/02
Details Page - updated 11/25/01
Updated Family Details - 9/12/02

Added Details to Family Details - 7/17/02

Added Details and Made Corrections Family Details - 7/5/02
Picture of Tombstone and M. Allen Varner - Added 7/5/02
My Favorite Links - Added 6/28/02
Added Frames and Merged Details/Notes pages - 6/21/02 - DELETED Frames 6/11/03
Can you help me identify these pictures?? - added 6/14/02 - DELETED 6/11/03
Added Property tags to all pictures - added 6/14/02
Guestbook - Added 6/12/02
Added Children to Francis Logan Varner Family - added 6/8/02
Added Children to Thomas Weakley Family - added 6/8/02

Added links to Details Page - added 5/24/02

Update Family Info and Notes for Thomas Pritchett - added 5/24/02
Picture of Varner Children - added 3/19/02
Fixed HTML errors on Divorce RecordCourt Case and Moberly Court Case and corrected link errors on Name Index - 3/16/02
Summary of Land Records - added 3/14/02

More Tombstone Pictures - added 3/1/02

Details Page - Updated 2/10/02
Moberly/Quisenberry Tombstone Picture - added 2/7/02
Details Page - updated 2/7/02
Another Moberly Court Case - added 2/7/02 (help me solve a mystery)
Moberly vs Moberly Court Case - added 4/30/01
Walter & Lela Weakley Divorce Record - added 4/25/01