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*       The family William Wedgbury who emigrated from England to Illinois, USA, and married Elizabeth Wheatland.

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*       The family of William Wheatland and his descendants in the USA.

*       Eventually, this site will include William’s family in England and his ancestors.

*       Other Wedgbury branches of the family.

*       May eventually include contact information of living Wedgbury family members if interest is expressed.


USA information originally based on the compilation of Michael K. Wedgbury, 1976.  UK information originally based on the compilation of Michael K. Wedgbury, David G. Wedgbury, & Ron Ravenhall, 1980s.

Webmaster:  Rebecca E. Renteria


The Family History of

 William Wedgbury & Elizabeth Wheatland


William Wedgbury is the first known Wedgbury immigrant from England to the United States.  He was born June 15, 1829, in London, England, to William & Ann Wedgbury.  According to census records, William immigrated to the United States in 1842, at the age of twelve, but it seems without his parents.  It is uncertain as to who accompanied him, or what his arrangements had been for coming to America, but at age twelve, he seems to have done well.  According to obituaries and family letters, William spent several years first in the New York and Connecticut area. 


Our first known record of him is in the 1850 Census when he is in the home of Bronson Murray, a prosperous land speculator from Connecticut that became highly influential in the development of the University of Illinois and thusly the Land Grant Act that provided Federal lands for schools and universities nationwide.  Mr. Murray’s influence even extended to a friendship with President Abraham Lincoln.


Surely, Mr. Murray’s example was of some large value.  William himself became a strong advocate for public duty and local public education for his adult life.  After Mr. Murray died, William and his wife Elizabeth would later give the Murray name to their youngest child.


It would be interesting to know the exact happenings of William’s becoming involved with the Murray family.  He must have migrated from Connecticut with Mr. Murray.  In the 1850 Federal Census, William is living with his new wife Elizabeth in the Bronson home in LaSalle County, Illinois, working as a farmer.


Elizabeth Wheatland had come to America even before William.  Elizabeth was born to Isaac Wheatland and Ann Wright in Leeds, England, September 24, 1827.  After the death of her mother, her father remarried to Ann Forbes.  Isaac’s father, William, was a Methodist minister, and, with his wife Elizabeth Blackwell, migrated from England to the fertile lands of Piqua Township, Miami County, Ohio, in 1832.  Along with this couple were Isaac and his new wife and little Elizabeth. 


In Miami County, other children of William and Elizabeth settled: 


Jonathan, who married Phoebe French in Ohio;

Elizabeth, with husband Benjamin Merryweather; and

Jemima, with her husband William Nettleship. 


These adult children may have traveled with their parents across the Atlantic, but I have not yet researched their crossing.  They were not mentioned in Elizabeth’s account of the crossing, nor is the passing of their sister Hannah in England, but she did name her first daughter Hannah.


Our Elizabeth Wheatland recalled the crossing of the Atlantic, specifically the death of her grandmother on board the ship.  She recalled that they buried her grandmother at sea.  If this is true, then William remarried another woman named Elizabeth during his time in Ohio, because by 1835, he had settled in LaSalle County, Illinois, married to an Elizabeth, whom the great-grandchildren recalled as Grandma Wheatland.


Isaac’s siblings stayed in Miami County, Ohio, but he followed his father out to Illinois with young Elizabeth, his second wife Ann and their children William, Mary Ann, and John.  After establishing a farm in LaSalle, he and Ann had several more children:  George W., Albert T., and Helen D.  Sometime in 1845, Ann died.  Tradition has it that Isaac remarried to a woman named Abigail soon after.  Sadly, on January 15, 1846, Isaac drowned in the Illinois River at Ottawa during a crossing.  Apparently, a relationship between the Abigail and the children was not well established and the Wheatland grandparents were unable to care for all of Isaac’s orphaned children.  The children were fostered out to various LaSalle families.  As the older children came to adulthood, they in turn supported their younger siblings and brought them into their homes.  Most remained in LaSalle or neighboring Livingston County.


Wedgbury Residence Map:  LaSalle-Livingston County, Illinois, Township MapWilliam Wedgbury and Elizabeth Wheatland were married June 18th, 1850, in Dayton, LaSalle County, Illinois, (A) probably by Elizabeth’s grandfather.  Their first home was with the Murray family in the Farm Ridge Township (house #1).  In 1860, William is shown in his own home, farming the land (house #2).  It included their children William Isaac, Hannah Selena, Wesley Henry, Owen Washington, and twins Irvilla Elizabeth & Irvin George, and Mary Anna (Minnie).  Hannah recalled that in her early years, her mother’s grandparents Wheatland also lived with the family until their deaths.


In 1864, William moved his family to Livingston County, Illinois, near Pontiac, (house #3) following Elizabeth’s family.  Here, three more children were added to the family:  John, Jeanette (Nettie) Packwood, and Caroline Murray.  Sadly, the oldest child, William Isaac died after being kicked by a mule, and, at some time between the census taken in 1870 and 1880, John dies.  In 1870, William and his family are found in the southern part of Esmen Township.



By 1872, William established a farm in Stockland Township (south of Sheldon), Iroquois County (house #4); Elizabeth’s youngest sister, Helen, is married to Christopher Pearson and living nearby.  The 1880 census taker finds William there in Stockland Township, farming the land.  His sons Wesley, Owen, and Irwin are all participating in caring for the farm.  The years are quickly filled with marriages of the children, their own establishment of homes, and the deaths of Irvilla and Elizabeth.


Elizabeth died at home in Iroquois County, Illinois, on July 4th, 1885.  Her obituary called her “a true, faithful wife, a loving self-sacrificing mother and a kind hearted, obliging neighbor, and like Sarah of old she shone the brightest while entertaining the angels in her own home.”  (J.P. Forsyth)  She was apparently much revered by her family and community, for the procession to the burial site was “unusually long.”         


Immediately after Elizabeth’s death, William retired from farming and moved into Sheldon, living in over the store run by his son Wesley.  The two youngest daughters, Nettie and Carrie, were still unmarried, and resided with him there.  After they both married in 1892, William moved into the home of his eldest daughter, Hannah, now the wife of Henry Richardson in Sheldon, Iroquois County, Illinois (house #5).  He remained active by serving the local county public offices, participating in the growth of the school district, and practicing his strong Christian faith.  William’s presence in Sheldon is verified by the 1890 tax lists for the township, and then we find him in the 1900 & 1910 census records in Sheldon as well.  His death on November, 16, 1910 was well eulogized in the local paper:


      He has not only been a citizen but he has been a Christian citizen.  His life has been closely identified with the church.  Shortly after his marriage sixty years ago he together wit his bride united with the M.E. church, and until two years ago was a regular attendant.  At that time failing health compelled him to desist.  He has always been faithful and consistent.  Only a few days ago he was asked how long he had been a Christian, and his characteristic reply was:  "I cannot remember when I was not a Christian."  And then he added:  "I have always tried to keep my experience bright."

Tombstone of William & Elizabeth Wedgbury, Sheldon Cemetery, Sheldon, Illinois.      Mr. Wedgbury has served his day and generation, having filled his allotted place, and comes to his grave in peace.  So far as known there was no place in his death for vain regrets.  For months he has been ready and waiting the call.  He was a lover of his fellowman, a reader of the word of God, and an admirer of hymnology or the church of his choice.  And while not a singer, he sang the old hymns over and over till he literally wore the book out.  The selections to be rendered by the choir were made by him in anticipation of his death.”  (Author unknown)


Both Elizabeth and William were buried in the Sheldon Cemetery along side their daughter Caroline M. Wedgbury Taylor.



Descendants of William Wedgbury and Elizabeth Wheatland

(Click on links to further biographies and information about their descendants.)


1.  William Isaac Wedgbury           1851 – 1866


        William Isaac was the firstborn of Elizabeth Wheatland and William Wedgbury, being born in LaSalle County, Illinois.  He is found in the 1860 census living with his parents and younger siblings.  My father wrote that William Isaac was kicked by a horse and died on July 31, 1866, in Livingston County, Illinois.  He would have been just 15 years old.  However, I have been unable to locate his resource.


2.  Hannah Selena Wedgbury      1852 - 1940

                        +Henry Smith Richardson  1844 - 1913

                                        1.  Sallie Elizabeth Richardson           1879 - 1958

                                        2.  William Aaron Richardson            1883 - 1958

                                                        +Vera E. Smith      1889 – 1958


3.  Wesley Henry Wedgbury         1854 - 1936

                        +Mary Ellen Ferguson        1870 - 1940

Picture of Wesley Henry Wedgbury                                                1.  William Earl Wedgbury  1888 - 1952

                                                        +Ethelyn Gertrude Wilkinson            1887 - 1961                   

                                        2.  Clifford Clinton Wedgbury           1890 - 1962

                                                        +Ruth McNeally   1895 - 1967

                                        3.  Jeanetta Pearl Wedgbury              1892 - 1975

                                                        +Everett Francis Thompson               1889 - 1968

                                        4.  Hazel Elizabeth Wedgbury            1894 - 1986

                                                        +Franz T. Lameck 1883 - 1947

                                        5.  Clayton Sheldon Wedgbury         1911 - 2004

                                                        +Lois Maxine Buck              1918 - 1941

                                                        *2nd Wife of Clayton Sheldon Wedgbury:    

                                                        +June Lois Swihart              1918 – 1991


4.  Owen Washington Wedgbury 1856 - 1926

                        +Mary Elizabeth Taylor      1852 - 1924

                                        1.  Earl Ashby Wedgbury   1888 - 1922

                                                        +Opal Ivy Baker   - 1918

Owen Washington Wedgbury with wife Mary Elizabeth Taylor and grandchildren Elva & Russ Wedgbury


5.  Irvilla Elizabeth Wedgbury      1859 – 1880


Irvilla Elizabeth was the twin of Irvin George, born April 20th, 1859, in LaSalle County, Illinois.  Irvilla is entered as “Elizabeth” and “Arabella” in the 1860 and 1870 censuses with her parents.  Before the census taker could come around again, Irvilla died on May 6th, 1880.  She had long been sickly and had chronic hepatitis and never married.  She had been living on her parent’s farm home in Stockland Township, Iroquois County, Illinois.  She was buried in the Sugar Creek Cemetery.




Irvin George Wedgbury6.  Irvin George Wedgbury            1859 - 1904

        +Elizabeth Bellows               1857 - 1932

                        1.  Carrie Wedgbury            1885 - 1885

                        2.  Blaine Wedgbury            1886 - 1887

                        3.  Mabel Muriel Wedgbury               1888 - 1963

                                        +Arthur A. Pfrimmer            1880 - 1954

                        4.  Ida Mae Wedgbury        1890 - 1970

                                        +Tunis Riley Crawn             1885 - 1941

                                        *2nd Husband of Ida Mae Wedgbury:           

                                        +Earl Leslie Maxwell            1887 - 1932

                        5.  Scott Irvin Wedgbury    1892 - 1977

                                        +Laura Katherine Lincoln   1899 - 1989

                        6.  Ruby Helen Wedgbury  1897 -

                                        +Harry W. Litwiler               1898 - 1947

                                        *2nd Husband of Ruby Helen Wedgbury:     

                                        +Howard Randolph Hiestand            1891 – 1963


7.  Mary Anna Wedgbury               1862 - 1949

                        +Levi Zumwalt      - 1933

                                        1.  Maude Edna Zumwalt    1882 -

                                                        +William S. McKinzie          - 1906

                                                        *2nd Husband of Maude Edna Zumwalt:       

                                                        +John Logan Hunt              

                                        2.  Frances Elizabeth Zumwalt            1883 -

                                                        +Roy VanderMeer              

                                                        *2nd Husband of Frances Elizabeth Zumwalt:                                 

                                                        +??? Kirts             

                                        3.  Florence Pearl Zumwalt  1885 - 1936

                                                        +Clayton Louis Payne         1884 - 1961

                                        4.  Carl Willard Zumwalt      1889 - 1944

                                                        +Charlotte Blake  

                        *2nd Husband of Mary Anna Wedgbury:     

                        +??? Lamb            


8. John Wedgbury                1866 – between 1870-1880


Nothing is known of John except that he died quite young.  He is shown on the 1870 census as being four years old.  He probably was born and died in Esmen Township, Livingston County, Illinois.  There are no other records of him, but Elizabeth’s obituary indicates that three of her children were deceased prior to her own demise:  that would be William (the oldest child), John, and Irvilla.


(Note:  It would seem that John is an unlucky name for the family:  Elizabeth’s Uncle Jonathan Wheatland, her brother John, and her son John all met with youthful deaths.)


9.  Jeanette Packwood Wedgbury McGraw         1868 - 1943

                        +David Monroe McGraw    1868 - 1957

                                        1.  Clarence Lloyd McGraw                1892 -

                                                        +Genevieve Marie McDermott         

                                        2.  Eva Nina McGraw           1894 -

                                                        +Ben Othel Spidle               

                                        3.  Vera May McGraw          1898 - 1966

                                                        +Toy Cubert Wilson           1893 - 1945

The McGraw Family                                        4.  Minnie Elma McGraw     1899 - 1977

                                                        +Sherald Clarence Cook      1900 - 1940

                                                        *2nd Husband of Minnie Elma McGraw:        

                                                        +Clovis Merle Wyers          1908 - 1990

                                        5.  William Monroe McGraw              1901 - 1985

                                                        +Florence May Duncan      1906 - 1963

                                                        *2nd Wife of William Monroe McGraw:         

                                                        +Oma Lee Wilson               

                                        6.  Lowell Lester McGraw   1906 – 1989

                                                        +Anna May Gill    1908 –


        10.  Caroline Murray Wedgbury Taylor           1870 - 1892

                        +Winfield S. Taylor            

                                        1.  Vera M. Taylor                1890 – 1898





End Comes to Long and Honored Life, Sheldon, Iroquois County, Obituary clipping for William Wedgbury, (probably from local Sheldon paper).


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Obituary, Sheldon, Iroquois County, Obituary clipping for Elizabeth Wedgbury, (probably from local Sheldon paper).


United States Federal Census Records:  1850 – 1930

·         1850; Wallace, W.H.L., enumerator.  Farm Ridge, LaSalle County, Illinos.  October 4, 1850.  Household #1187-1199. “Wedgeham, Wm.”

·         1860; Earl, William, enumerator.  Farm Ridge, La Salle County, Illinois.  July 27, 1860.  Household #5101-5040.  “Wedgeberry, William.”

·         1870; Shaw, William, enumerator.  Pontiac Post Office, Esmen Township, Livingston County, Illinois.  July 2, 1870.  Household #161.  “Wedgebury, William.”

·         1880; Jones, John H., enumerator.  Stockland Township, Iroquois County, Illinois.  Date blank, 1880.  Household #163-163.  “Wedgbery, William.”

·         1900:  Bishop, Frank, enumerator.  Center Street, Village of Sheldon, Sheldon Township, Iroquois County, Illinois.  June 5, 1900.  Household #165-166.  “Wedgbury, Wm.”

·         1910:  Caine, F.R., enumerator.  1st Ward Sheldon, Iroquois County, Illinois.  April 26, 1910.  Household #149.  “Wedgebury, William.”


Wedgbury, Michael K.,  A History of The Wedgbury Family:  The Descendants of William Wedgbury.  1976,

        Anchorage, Alaska.



©       2008, by Rebecca E. Renteria

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