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Genealogy and Local History

Our immediate family first got interested in Genealogy in the fall semester of 1998. Our daughter chose to do a Family History project for her Gifted Student project at school. When  she started, we didn't know much about genealogy, how to do it, what's needed for "good" genealogy, and even how to spell the word! But she did some great research, using the internet, local and regional libraries, personal interviews with living relatives and local "old-timers", mailings, cemetery searches, land records, historical museums and local history rooms. With the teacher's permission, we made this a family project, with our daughter directing the research. Within two months, she had researched and documented her ancestors back to five full generations! Most of the ancestors' information collected included Birth Date, Birth Place, Marriage Date, Marriage Place, Children from the marriage, Death Date, Death Place and burial site. We think she did a wonderful job.

 From the inception of her project, we all got hooked on Genealogy. We'd be driving through back country roads, and our youngest daughter (then 4), would shout "STOP! There's a cemetery we've never seen before!! Let's find some more relatives!" After more than two years, she still has her eyes open for more ancestor information and places.

The links below will take you to the genealogy pages we've created so far. As we find more information, and as we continue to work on other special projects, we'll add more links. Come back and visit often.

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Our Family Pages

Herman Tietjen Descendant Outline
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Descendants of Conrad Kaiser of Eisenberg, Germany
Wischmeyer Photos
Reference Books We Have
This page contains publications which we have in our home library. We welcome lookup requests for information in these books. Please provide as many details as you can in order to make our search faster for you. Use the e-mail link at the bottom of the "Books" page.

Special Projects

1912 Addison Normal School Yearbook

An original 1912 yearbook containing my grandfather and thirty four other young men. These men came from primarily the midwest and eastern states and Canada to attend school and become teachers. They were placed into (Lutheran) parochial schools throughout the world. One of the classmates was placed in New Zealand! This yearbook states that this is the first yearbook of the school's history. Within a few years the Addison campus was abandoned and the college moved to River Forest to become Concordia College.

Benton County Missouri Probate Index

This is an index detailing the files brought to the Probate Court in Benton County Missouri from about 1835 to 1920. While I don't have access to the actual Probate files themselves, this index can be very helpful to those seeking their Benton County ancestors. Probate records often contain wills, personal property listings, land information, next of kin, and the like. Guardianships of minor children were also handled through this court. If your ancestor was orphaned as a minor, there may be some valuable information in these files.

1860 Federal Census for Benton County Missouri

I've now completed the 1860 Federal Census transcription for Benton County Missouri. This census is about 225 pages long and has been posted on the US-Census ftp site. Click on the link above to view the listing of files. (An index is provided.) Check out the "Notes" page to cross reference German surnames with their spellings as they appear in the Census. Special thanks to Homer Ficken for his proofreading and his guidance.

1920 Federal Census for DeKalb County Illinois

I'm in the process of transcribing the 1920 Federal Census for DeKalb County Illinois from the microfilm. This census enumerated all the residents of the county. As I complete townships, I'll be adding them to the USGenWeb Census Online website. This is an ongoing project and will take some time to complete. There's a total of 505 pages on the microfilm roll, and each page is an 11x17 page with fine handwriting.
Townships currently on-line include Franklin, Malta, Mayfield, Milan, PawPaw, Pierce, Sandwich, Shabbona, Somonauk, South Grove, Squaw Grove and Victor. Click on the Index links to search all available townships. (As of 04/17/2003)

External Links:

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DeKalb County Genealogy Home Page - the starting point for your own genealogical research in DeKalb County, Illinois. A member of the Chicago and Northern Illlinois History Webring.

Dupage County, Illinois Home Page - A very nice site filled with information about Dupage County. Includes a very interesting "postcard tour" of historic Chicago through the use of historic postcards. A member of the Chicago and Northern Illlinois History Webring.

Benton County Missouri USGenWeb pages - for those of you with ties to Benton County Missouri

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office - A government site which has archived the original land patents from the 1800s and 1900s. These patents were given to veterans of wars in the early days of our county, and were exchanged for land ownership in the "new territories". For us, we were able to locate where our ancestors settled when they came to Illinois, and actually see an original 1846 log cabin still standing today!

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